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What Would You Be Able to Accomplish In Life Without Anything Holding You Back?


Have you had enough of searching endlessly for the ‘next big thing,’ that is going to solve all of your problems? Have ever you considered that the answers you’re looking for might already be within you?

We are all more than the physical body we inhabit here on this Earth. We are infinite spirit and have lived out countless lives before this one. But in doing so, we’re subjected to many traumas that go unresolved that we carry with us – lifetime after lifetime.

Beyond Quantum Healing aids you in throwing off those negative influences of the past. It allows you to reset yourself on the mental, emotional and spiritual level, so you can achieve exactly what you came to do in this life, embodying your true authentic self.





The potential for change has always been inside. All you have to do is look within

There is no magic formula for growth.
It starts and ends and by looking deep within yourself and asking, ‘How could I do this differently in future?’

What is Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis?

BQH is a form of regressive hypnosis that assists you in overcoming your current life challenges and limiting beliefs. By working through the events of your past, you’re able to address the root cause of the issues holding you back in the present.

Connect With Your Higher Self And Discover Your True Purpose for Being Here

Transform Your Life

Connecting with your Higher Self  is a transformative experience, and for those who’re willing to take the next step in their personal evolution and spiritual development, it can mark the beginning of a whole new chapter in life. Beyond Quantum Healing enables you to consciously make that connection and ask direct questions about anything from your life purpose, career and physical health to relationship issues and anything else you be struggling with.

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What People Are Saying About Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Sam is incredibly professional and generous. He holds a sacred space for deep emotional healing that is as powerful and comprehensive as the person is willing to go. I released wounds that I was unaware of, and some niggling emotions attached to painful memories that would loop in my mind when I was at my lowest. I can now look back at the same events with newfound detachment and acceptance. I highly recommend having a session with Sam if you are willing and ready to do some deep, challenging work to release pain from this lifetime and beyond.'

Taylor, United States

‘Sam is a natural empath without an inkling of a guru complex, and meets you at your level with humility, tons of compassion and understanding without judgment. He’s a great listener and gives you plenty of space for comfortable silences to fill with your self-expression at leisure. He is professional and attentive, able to taylor his practice to your particular personality style and emotional needs. This work is clearly Sam’s passion and life calling, and I feel privileged to have been one of his clients. I didn’t once feel embarrassed or ashamed in his company when sharing my stuff. I found the sessions we had quite revelatory, and was pleasantly surprised by the inner wisdom the technique allowed me access to via my higher self. Sam acts as a wonderful guide and prompt. It is really you yourself who holds all the keys… his work is to show you to the doors. It’s very self-empowering. Highly recommended!’

Christina, United Kingdom

"Initially, I went to Sam for help with chronic fatigue, depression, and PTSD.  As an honorably discharged US Army combat veteran, I had problems coping with past trauma that doctors from the Veterans Administration and hospitals in Thailand were treating me with strong pharmacological, addicting drugs.  I was desperate to try anything that did not involve drugs.  After the first sessions, I felt a connection with my higher self which in turn eliminated heavy blockages that I had not understood.  When Sam played back the recording of our session, it really blew my mind!  I had no known that I was regressed in my past, and I had connected with family that passed away and communicated through my higher self.  Listening to it would give anyone goosebumps...  It was like our session peeled away layers of my soul until I had reached some of the core issues that were preventing me from my own higher self.  Since our session, I have finally managed to wean myself off of antidepressants,  and benzo diazepam, which I no longer use!"

Mike, Thailand

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