About Us

Two people watching a sunrise over beautiful scenery

Welcome to Awake and Align.

You have arrived at a place for those who believe there’s more to life than just the routine. Each day brims with simple wonders, from breathtaking sunsets to heartwarming conversations with friends.

Discover and Connect. Our mission is to illuminate the beauty in life’s small moments. We guide you towards a deeper understanding of the world and your unique place within it. Whether you seek insights, tranquility, or inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Embrace Your Potential. Everyone possesses inner wisdom, but it can often be overshadowed by the chaos of modern life. Pausing with us allows you to reconnect and unveil the best version of yourself.

To us, spirituality isn’t about intricate terminology or rituals. It’s about discovering meaning in the mundane. We aim to help you discern the connections and truths in everyday moments that might otherwise be overlooked.

Pause. Marvel at the world. Forge your journey. Each simple moment carries a lesson.

Join us in celebrating the exquisite beauty of everyday life.

Our Team

Lauren Williams

Digital Artisan & Spiritual Explorer

Lauren, the guiding hand behind Awake and Align’s recent transformation, is our team’s latest addition.

With a genuine desire to guide others towards their fullest potential, she offers clear direction and steadfast support for those beginning their spiritual explorations.

Lauren possesses a deep appreciation for hand-painted artworks. Yet, her creativity truly shines when she combines traditional art techniques with modern digital approaches. This fusion results in visuals that seamlessly intertwine spiritual themes with contemporary expression, resonating with a broad audience.

Outside of her work, Lauren frequently finds herself on hiking trails, immersing in nature and drawing inspiration from the world around her. Yoga and meditation remain integral to her daily routine, grounding her and promoting her overall well-being.

Lauren holding a mysterious glass ball
Sam looking into the camera.

Sam Boomer

Founding Spirit of Awake and Align

Sam is the original founder of Awake and Align. His journey of self-discovery began in 2007 after an unsatisfying year studying music in Liverpool. A chance psychic reading led him to question the greater forces at play in his life, sparking a series of awakenings.

This process of exploration took him across many continents, leading him to question long-held beliefs, confront personal traumas, and embrace a deeper understanding of his place in the world.

After a pivotal experience in Thailand’s connected him deeply with his inner self, solidifying his belief in the presence of a guiding spirit.

This transformation inspired Sam to establish “Awake and Align”, a platform dedicated to helping others embark on their journeys of self-exploration.

Regardless of religious or spiritual background, Sam welcomes all seekers looking to unearth their inner knowledge and purpose.

Begin Your Journey with Awake and Align

We truly believe in the impact of self-reflection and personal growth. If you’re ready to explore a deeper understanding of yourself and find your individual path, our team is here to support and guide you. Start this adventure with us, and together, let’s uncover what makes you unique.