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My journey into healing began all the way back in 2007… I’d just spend a less than fulfilling year studying for a music degree in Liverpool, and I badly needed to make a change. Institutional learning had run its course for me… I plotted my exit strategy with my then – and still current – best friend. New Zealand. A one-way ticket to the other side of the world and a chance to gain some much-needed perspective. I spent the summer months leading up to my departure saving up in my low-paying, low-grade, and highly-menial job – although it did at least have a welcome parting gift. I was offered by chance – or as I now know it, synchronicity – a free slot for a psychic reading that was organised by the company every year. Taking it was a no-brainer, as I’d always been interested in the paranormal; and amongst many other things was told that a spirit guide had entered the room with me… It was my first ‘Ah-ha’ moment. 


The touchpaper had been lit, and I obsessed over the concept for the rest of the day… What are spirit guides? Who are they? What exactly do they do? Who was mine, and how could I speak with them? My best guess was it was my Nana who’d passed on five years previously. But could it be? A guess was all it was… That evening I dropped £100 on books from Amazon on everything from spirit guides, to astral travel and other related metaphysical subjects. My journey into a wider world had begun…

Over the next five years, I read everything I could get my hands on and went through what I now know as my ‘first awakening.’ This point in my development was all about the expanding of my awareness, as I became conscious of the world around me and my place within it. I started a meditation practice, questioned all my previously held ideas and strove for a more ethical way of life… But it wasn’t until 2014 that things began to accelerate. I was shedding my old skin, but not quick enough and after suffering a severe mental, emotional and spiritual break from a failed Iboga ceremony, I hit rock bottom. I suffered indescribable psychosis that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But it quite simply had to happen. It was the breaking, but also the making of me… I was finally forced to address old habits patterns and limiting beliefs structures, as I swore off all intoxicants, stimulants, negative thought constructs and other longstanding attachments.

This marked the second stage of my awakening, as I began to consciously apply what I’d learnt, turning knowledge and understanding into tangible experiences. There was a great quickening that took place in my life, then. It was unmistakable. The synchronicities I encountered became ever more frequent. Some of them subtle nudges; some of them deafening calls to action. Everything from the rustle of leaves, to ‘chance’ encounters and recurring number patterns of 11:11, 222, 333, 444, 555… All were in constant dialogue, as if trying to read me into a coming event I couldn’t yet grasp. This period was bookended by another psychic reading – this time by an esoteric astrologer. I was told that being a Cancer Rising, I must “go and care where caring is needed,” and in doing so, my life path would truly open up before me… I completed my second university degree (Creative Writing) in 2015, within a month was volunteering at a homeless shelter, and by the start of 2016 had a full-time position supporting young adults with profound learning disabilities and challenging behaviours. It was an enormous growth experience being of service to such vulnerable people, and one that I hold extremely close to my heart.

The turn of 2017 saw the third and final stage of my awakening – ‘the realisation of purpose.’ I’d decided a year prior that I had no future in England… All my friends were leaving, and so was I… Anything I had of reasonable value I sold; I booked a one-way ticket to Thailand for January 2017 – and I was gone… By February, I found myself on the island of Koh Pha Ngan, where I met my teacher, Dr Mario Alam; a fully-qualified GP turned holistic practitioner. I attended his 6-day RESET program in which I received and learned how to facilitate his signature modality Soul Line Therapy™. This was my first introduction to working with the Higher Self – and it was nothing short of revelatory! I peeled away yet more layers that no longer served me, healed many past traumas that were holding me back and learned of my soul’s purpose in this lifetime. The experience was paradigm-shifting, limit-breaking and transformative in a way that no superlatives can properly describe… I travelled deep and travelled far with my Higher Self leading the way, as I was finally introduced to my spirit guide, who, after ten years of speculation had in fact been my Nana all along! Those six days completely altered the course of my life, and having made the commitment to “go and care where caring was needed,” here were the rewards for those acts of service to others, manifested in a way that I could never have dreamt possible. The path to follow had now been made crystal clear to me… I was to use this method of working with the Higher Self to help others to connect as deeply with their inner knowing as I had with mine.

I threw all of myself into this work, offering sessions to any and all who were interested. I considered it a gift, and so gave it to others just as freely. All I wanted was for people to know what I had known, and experience the same catalysing effect it had had on my life. All I wanted was to share this amazing feeling with others… I continued on this path and around twelve months later, discovered the Beyond Quantum Healing style of regressive hypnosis. As I continued my practice, I found this to be an even more expansive method of working with the Higher Self. The sessions were deeper, the potential for change even greater than I’d experienced before. This is what led me to start Awake and Align. It was time for me to share these amazing modalities with more people who were ready to take the next step in their personal and spiritual development. Although let me be clear, you do not need to adhere to a specific set of beliefs for Beyond Quantum Healing to work for you. You do not need to be religious, spiritual or any that stuff if it doesn’t resonate with you. All that’s required is your self-belief, that you have all the knowledge you’ll ever need within you, and you ca access it any time you like.

If you’re ready to explore yourself more deeply than you’ve thought possible, to release old traumas, and finally connect with your life’s purpose – you can. If you’re ready to take this incredible journey of self-exploration, self-healing and self-mastery, I’d love it if you’d join me, and I’d be honoured to be your guide.

In Love & Friendship,

– Sam Boomer



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What People Are Saying About Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Sam is incredibly professional and generous. He holds a sacred space for deep emotional healing that is as powerful and comprehensive as the person is willing to go. I released wounds that I was unaware of, and some niggling emotions attached to painful memories that would loop in my mind when I was at my lowest. I can now look back at the same events with newfound detachment and acceptance. I highly recommend having a session with Sam if you are willing and ready to do some deep, challenging work to release pain from this lifetime and beyond.'

Taylor, United States

‘Sam is a natural empath without an inkling of a guru complex, and meets you at your level with humility, tons of compassion and understanding without judgment. He’s a great listener and gives you plenty of space for comfortable silences to fill with your self-expression at leisure. He is professional and attentive, able to taylor his practice to your particular personality style and emotional needs. This work is clearly Sam’s passion and life calling, and I feel privileged to have been one of his clients. I didn’t once feel embarrassed or ashamed in his company when sharing my stuff. I found the sessions we had quite revelatory, and was pleasantly surprised by the inner wisdom the technique allowed me access to via my higher self. Sam acts as a wonderful guide and prompt. It is really you yourself who holds all the keys… his work is to show you to the doors. It’s very self-empowering. Highly recommended!’

Christina, United Kingdom

"Initially, I went to Sam for help with chronic fatigue, depression, and PTSD.  As an honorably discharged US Army combat veteran, I had problems coping with past trauma that doctors from the Veterans Administration and hospitals in Thailand were treating me with strong pharmacological, addicting drugs.  I was desperate to try anything that did not involve drugs.  After the first sessions, I felt a connection with my higher self which in turn eliminated heavy blockages that I had not understood.  When Sam played back the recording of our session, it really blew my mind!  I had no known that I was regressed in my past, and I had connected with family that passed away and communicated through my higher self.  Listening to it would give anyone goosebumps...  It was like our session peeled away layers of my soul until I had reached some of the core issues that were preventing me from my own higher self.  Since our session, I have finally managed to wean myself off of antidepressants,  and benzo diazepam, which I no longer use!"

Mike, Thailand

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