Have You Been Called An Old Soul? Here’s What That Really Means

Sam Boomer


A young man gazing into the horizon, with the spiritual image of a older wiser soul next to him.

When you think about it…

You’ve probably always felt detached from others like the world was operating on a different frequency – or you from it.

There’s always been that sense of not entirely fitting into any defined role.

Your family never really understood you, neither did many of your friends and if you wanted to do anything you liked, it was in the company of one.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Like many others who make their way through life with that same feeling of listlessness, it could be that you’re simply an old soul – one that’s been around the galactic and universal block a few times!

Your character doesn’t make you an outcast or socially inept; you’re simply at a different stage of your soul’s development than most other people.

You’re older, wiser, and aren’t as easily taken in by the temptations that younger souls might fall victim to – you know exactly what you want.

At some point, you have probably been unfairly criticised for expressing yourself those needs in the past.

And if you’ve been left wondering how to make sense of your place in the world, the following character traits will probably resonate with you on some level.

1. You’re Probably an Introvert and Value Alone Time

A man by himself appreciating the scenic view.

If you’ve been on the reincarnation cycle for a long time, you’ll most definitely have a strong urge and need to shut yourself away from the outside world.

The sense of peace that comes from being in your own space, away from the white noise of other’s demands on you, is priceless.

That doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy the company of others, but it’s not a necessity. And you get a lot of ‘contentment miles’ out of each social event you attend.

You’ll attend these gatherings but eventually reach a tipping point where you must make your exit strategy.

Another name for this personality type is an ambivert – someone who enjoys the company of others but needs to take alone time to recharge mentally afterwards.

You’ve probably found that you prefer one-to-one interactions rather than group events.

2. You’re the Black Sheep in Almost All Social Situations

Small talk is something you cannot stand – not one bit.

When you’re in larger social settings that require you to mingle, you come off as a little awkward. You’re not, of course. It’s just the idea of talking about the weather and people’s jobs bores you to tears.

You’re always looking to engineer discussions that are actually of interest to you – those that have either global or real-world significance.

You’ll skip the pleasantries and go in hard and fast with the real talk straight away.

Some people will get it and roll with you, but for others, it’s too intense.

But in its own way, it serves as a vetting process. It sorts the wheat from the chaff. Or those who are willing to deep dive into what’s really going on in the world.

3. Pop Culture Seems So Fake to You

A man tries to get away from pop culture and technology by sitting in nature.

Everything about it just screams vanity and superficiality to you.

Celebrity culture and idolising individuals for one-dimensional talents confuses and saddens you deeply. How can sports stars be paid so highly when there is so much hunger in the world?

Why is the over-sexualisation of the divine feminine form used to sell the world everything they don’t need? And why are women complicit in this?

Why is the entertainment industry run by a patriarchy that subjugates real talent in favour of profiteering off of the lowest common denominator?

You find the levels of violence in all media is something that greatly turns you off from watching TV or movies.

Trending topics, fashion, and all of the above make you think, ‘So What?’

4. You Delay Gratification

You don’t need to have everything in the here and now.

You recognise the value of putting in the work to gain your rewards and that everything ultimately happens in its own time in divine synchronicity.

For you, delaying gratification means you don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the smash-and-grab of the instantly gratifying mindset of modern culture.

Material possessions are there to serve a purpose, not define your character. You don’t need the latest iPhone. You don’t go fishing for likes on social media. You don’t need anything to augment your personality.

You plant seeds and watch them germinate into beautiful experiences within your work, social, and personal life.

Because that is what you find ultimately gratifying, seeing the results of your labour.

5. You’re a Deep Thinker and Profoundly Opinionated

A man uses spiritual energy to overcome tough problems.

Ideas are the currency that you trade in.

Whenever there’s conjecture or the chance to flex your intellectual muscle, you’re the first to offer an alternative point of view. Not from a sense of ego. But from a space of wanting to play around with a concept and see what can be gleaned by looking at it from all angles.

Your intention isn’t borne from the need to be right. You’re just a curious soul.

Unfortunately, others don’t always see it this way, and you may have developed a reputation for being pedantic, cynical, or even a bit of a know-it-all.

But really, you’re just addicted to the free exchange of ideas.

Others who aren’t as assured see this as an affront to their ideals. They can’t take having their ideas challenged.

6. You Observe Before Taking Action

Contrary to offering your opinion – you aren’t in any great rush to go all in.

You have a sense of restraint, which means you don’t get sucked into arguments all that easily.

You listen to what people are saying from both sides and give a balanced view on what you think might benefit all concerned.

You might be triggered occasionally, just like everyone else, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

That conservative streak also comes out when you’re getting to know people. You never give too much of yourself away in a first encounter.

You’re inquisitive; ask questions of people and let them reveal themselves before you decide whether you want to open up or not.

7. You’re a Peacemaker and Peacekeeper

A man as the peacemaker releases white doves into the air.

You don’t choose to be a Peacemaker or a Peacekeeper – you just are.

Any dense, low vibrational, and negative energies must be dealt with quickly and decisively. You can’t stand for there to be any animosity in the air.

You find the process of confronting issues head-on much easier than suppressing them.

But you handle this with dignity. You diffuse situations – you don’t escalate them.

In some instances, you don’t need to say anything. Just your very presence and emanation can be enough to manifest peace.

8. The Solution to the World’s Problems Seem So Simple

This is a source of incredible frustration for you.

You just can’t wrap your head around why so much food can be thrown away when people are starving all over the world.

You ask…

Why, when the estimated cost per year of ending starvation is $30 billion, and the US defence budget is $1 trillion, can nothing be done to help those people?

3% of the US defence budget would end world hunger!

Why are we fighting each other when we should be fighting poverty?

And why do we continue to use non-biodegradable plastics when hemp-based materials have been proven far more durable and sustainable?

And on and on it goes…

Issues like this, with such common-sense solutions, create equal parts sadness and anger within you – sadness for the planet and anger towards those destroying it.

9. You Act from Your Heart Space

Woman giving a flower to a boy, with her heart lit up.

Every action you take always comes from a space of love.

There is no deception or deceit in you.

Acting from your heart space means you’ve not only learned how to treat others but also how to provide yourself with the proper amount of self-nurture and self-care.

Being aligned and living from your heart space means you’re able to give yourself more fully to others. With greater personal power and authenticity without burning yourself out.

And by practising self-love through regular meditation and nurturing practices, you’ve amassed a lot of credit in your spiritual bank account, which you gladly share with those around you.

Doing so is only possible by being rooted in your heart space.

10. You’re Driven by Acts of Service

Offering yourself in service to others is something that’s instinctive. You don’t need to rationalise or justify taking positive action. It’s an automatic response.

And these acts of service don’t need to be on a large scale. Most of the time, they can be in the form of small gestures in your everyday interactions. It is an attitude more so than it is a specific action. Any sincere offer of service counts.

If you’re genuinely committed to a life helping others, you may be involved in a profession where you can receive that fulfilment on a daily basis.

But sometimes, the need to be there for people can see you overextend yourself. Although you don’t mean it, you can end up trying to rescue people and step over their boundaries.

11. You Shift the Energy When You Walk into a Room

A man at a party lighting up the room.

As a high-vibrational being, you have a strong presence.

People can feel your energy before they come into contact with you, and it stays with them long after you’ve left.

Your aura shines so brightly – you act as a beacon for others. You may not be aware of this, but you can still have this effect even if you’re not read into any spiritual concepts.

It is all about your intentionality – and the good you do for others.

People may have commented that you seem to have something about you, but they don’t know what… You may experience an unusual number of strangers talking to you or people involuntarily opening up about themselves and then wondering why they’ve done so out loud.

It is your aura, your energy, and your vibration.

You affect the space that you’re in, and people feel a magnetic pull towards you.

12. You Have a Strong Set of Principles

It’s unlikely that you’ll hold many conventional points of view, and because of that, you’ll probably be highly principled.

You constantly strive to treat others as you wish to be treated, even if the respect you’re affording someone is a quirk of your own personal preference that doesn’t mean anything to them.

But you do it anyway out of your sense of fairness.

You won’t allow yourself to be swayed by anything that would be considered dishonest and see your character and set of values as the only real possessions that you own.

If they become damaged or lost – in your eyes, you’re bankrupt.

13. You Have an Enormous Thirst for Knowledge

A woman reads in the forest surrounded by books.

You’re insanely curious by nature.

When you become interested in a subject, you don’t just want a brief synopsis. You want to take your knowledge in that area to the nth degree. After all, ideas are your currency. 

Although this appetite for learning is a great strength, it can often lead to overwhelming yourself. Your reading pile is ever-expanding, and a new topic is always ready to take your interest.

But that’s all part of the fun!

Life is a learning game, and you’ll grab any opportunity you get to immerse yourself in another world with both hands.

14. You Gravitate Towards Older and More Mature People

What you’re really searching for here is wisdom and insight.

The thought of hanging around with people with little to offer doesn’t interest you in the slightest – you’d rather spend time alone.

You want to talk about ideas and concepts – not gossip about people.

You may have found when you were growing up – especially if you had an older sibling – that you always wanted to be included in what they were doing with their friends.

People in your age group might have been too immature and only interested in superficial interests compared to those older.

This might still be the case for you now.

You gravitate towards those who you perceive will serve you on your spiritual journey. It might be on the conscious or subconscious level. But if you’re an old soul of any description, this will probably make a lot of sense to you.

15. You Value Experiences Based on Their Potential for Spiritual Growth

A man stands watching on the top of a canyon.

This doesn’t mean you won’t attend the family dinner or meet your friends in a bar…

But given the option of what you want to do with your own time, you’re almost sure to choose something that will further your journey or create a deeper soul connection.

Taking your vacation in an all-inclusive resort will probably be your idea of utter boredom.

You might be inclined to go on a 10-day meditation retreat or travel to the Amazon jungle to do an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Whatever you do, it’s something that has to have meaning.

16. You Have Few More Meaningful Friendships

You’ve always valued quality over quantity.

But as far as friendships go, it’s a requirement, not a preference.

You can’t stand having to spread yourself so thin around so many people. You’re not a bad person or overly guarded. You’ll always be happy to meet new people.

But as far as ongoing friendships go

You’d much rather have a handful of people you can depend on when you need them than a vast circle of acquaintances you barely know.

You don’t often let people into your inner circle, but they get full access and a lifetime membership when you do.

17. You Have a Deep Connection to Your Higher Self 

A man connecting with higher self, meditating, with a spirit next to him and a lake in the background.

Whether you have conscious communication with your Higher Self or not, it is providing you with guidance in all areas of your life.

Your inspired actions aren’t by chance, and your successes aren’t the result of happy accidents. There is a rhythm and a flow at play, even if you’re unaware of it. 

You’re extremely intuitive and live your life based on feel and what comes naturally to you. 

Being an old soul, you’ve undoubtedly mapped out a specific life path designed to bring you the greatest learning experience, which your Higher Self is helping you fulfil every step of the way.

18. Intelligence is More Attractive to You Than Physical Appearance

You need to be stimulated and challenged above all else.

When you’re looking for a partner, sure, there is always an element of physical attraction that figures into your ‘ideal match.’

But for you, the idea of shooting for the most attractive person in the room does nothing. If anything, it only debases and objectifies that person rather than acknowledging them as a unique personality.

Intelligence will always override physical attractiveness in a straight battle.

When you’re looking for a partner, you’re looking for someone who can challenge you, be your equal, and be supportive, not a mainstream interpretation of beauty.

You find real beauty in the experiences you create with someone based on mutual understanding, trust, and respect.

19. You Don’t See Challenges; You See Opportunity

You see the bigger picture in life.

Whenever there is an obstacle that you’re either trying to overcome or have just gotten past, you don’t ask yourself, ‘Why me?’

You really want to know, ‘What was this thing here to teach me about myself?’

It might not be apparent either during the event or in the immediate aftermath, but those experiences stay with you.

And a few months or maybe a year afterwards, you can begin to see how that challenge was actually preparing you for your next big experience.

You don’t experience setbacks in life – there is only learning.

20. Conservative, Traditional, and Old Ways of Thinking Don’t Make Sense

Political views are old-paradigm.

You can see how clearly the game is rigged and refuse to even engage with the system anymore – if you ever did at all. There is no middle ground between the left and right.

The idea that problems can be solved in such a binary fashion doesn’t fit with your worldview.

You refuse to accept things because that’s the way they’ve always been.

You question everything, even at the cost of turning people against you.

The most important thing in your eyes is to challenge the system and hold it accountable for every misstep it makes.

21. You’ve Longed to Go ‘Home’ But Don’t Know Where Home is 

This can sometimes be the most confusing of all.

It can see you looking for answers in all the wrong places and even be mistaken for being suicidal! You can be so convinced that you don’t fit into this world that you have genuine concerns for your mental health.

But the reality is you’ve spent so much time trapped in the reincarnation cycle of Earth and been separated from your soul family for so long. You long to be reunited with them.

As the Earth currently exists in the 3rd Dimension, it is incredibly dense compared to other higher-dimensional planets. The weight of emotions we have to manage here is extremely challenging compared to other worlds.

Not all souls are used to or equipped to deal with it when they incarnate here for the first time.

Our souls are not native to Earth. We’ve incarnated here for a specific purpose: to help raise the consciousness of the planet and to experience the ascension from 3rd-dimensional to 5th-dimensional consciousness.

So if you long to go home, it’s not because you’re ill or depressed – it’s because you are literally longing to go home, and that home is amongst the stars, but before you do, you have a special mission to complete.

And that should be a great comfort to you when you feel at your lowest.

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Sam works to assist others in their transformative journey, enabling them to tap into their fullest potential and embrace the best version of themselves.