Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth and Be of Service to Earth and Humanity?

You feel like you’re here to do something greater than what you’re doing, right now…

That’s what you’re here for, right?

You know it…

You’ve felt it…

You’ve sensed it…

You’ve dreamt it…

You’re a multi-dimensional being.

One that doesn’t like being defined by the labels society has tried to brand you with for so many years.

It doesn’t resonate and it’s doesn’t align. It’s just not you. It never has been. Never will be…

Only now…

Things are different…

There’s been an awakening within you… An imperative to grow…

Sam Delivers A Brilliant Session

I could feel that Sam was fully engaged and invested in the process from start to finish. Sam is compassionate, wise, and thoughtful in his attention to detail. Sam expertly delivered a very profound and life-changing experience for me. All aspects of the session were amazing! I highly recommend Sam to anyone who desires a deeper understanding of themselves on a soul level.

Paula, United States

Out of your old limiting programs that have been holding you back for so long.

And now, it’s those programs that are at the forefront of your consciousness.

And the need to heal them has never been more urgent…

Because you’ve felt there’s enormous change happening in the world.

We are on the cusp of a great shift in consciousness. In truth, it’s been happening for a while.

But now, it’s starting to quicken…

And so, things can no longer remain the way they’ve been in your reality…

You’re being called to grow and become a match for the New Earth

You’re being called to up-level yourself, so you can help others do the same in your own unique way.

And it’s this process of self-discovery that defines your true character…

Not those limiting societal labels…

You Know You Need to Embody the Truth of Who You Really Are…

  • Your felt experiences.
  • Your journey.
  • Your growth.

Because you’re a soul of unlimited potential.

And this life is just one colour of the full spectrum of light that’s you.

You are the sum total of everything you’ve experienced over many lifetimes, and even more of what you haven’t yet imagined…

And it’s these experiences that are your real currency – the one true commodity you can exchange for value on the soul level…

This full spectrum of your knowingness that represents you far better than any label ever could…

Because your experiences are your true abundance.

And the financial abundance you seek is only to create a life of greater choice that can facilitate even more journeys of self discovery.

And to bring along those who you care about the most…..

But do you want to know how you truly manifest that life?

The real ‘secret?’

It’s being of service to the Earth and Humanity.

Because you’re here to be an up-lifter, an up-leveller, a healer, a teacher and storyteller.

Sharing your unique colours of experience.

You know deep down you’re here to be of service to others on the soul level.

And maybe that hasn’t quite surfaced within your conscious mind, just yet?

Well, you should know, you are here to make great change.


There’s catch…

That full spectrum of knowingness that’s the totality of you.

All of that light that’s within you is unable to emanate at peak brightness.

Because you’re being ruled by a sense of inner conflict that’s rooted in your past traumas…

And so, there’s a disconnect between the light of your leadership and your current decisions.

You don’t feel worthy of that mantle of responsibility, right now.

But you should… Because you are worthy. And you are needed.

You do have enormous value to offer. You just haven’t realised it, yet.

Truly Life Changing Experience

I feel such deep gratitude for Sam and the deep work he is doing. Since the session, I have been able to let go of deep guilt, shame, trauma, and self-sabotaging behaviours. I feel a profoundly deeper connection to my truth and soul’s essence. I have been able to transcend patterns that have existed for lifetimes and truly embody my pleasure, power, purpose, and service to the world.

Bobbie, Canada

But… You Feel Like There’s a Sense of Lack in Your Life.

  • Feeling Lost: You like there’s no instruction manual or road map for where you’re at right now.
  • Conflicted: You’re being pulled in multiple different directions over your next move.
  • Confused: You don’t know what’s truth and what’s not for you any more.
  • Disempowered: You can’t make the decisions to that will help you make real progress
  • Motivation: You don’t have the drive to step up and follow your dreams.

And so, you’re lacking direction.

There’s confliction over what you are doing and what you feel you should be doing,

You’re being pulled in multiple directions…

It’s almost like there’s a tug of war between your Conscious Self and your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self that’s trying to steer you towards your divinely aligned purpose and path…

While your Conscious Self – your egoic/shadow self – is rooted in endless negative mental rehearsals…

Relating to whatever your own personal core wounds and traumas may be…

Lots of Gratitude to Sam

I wasn’t feeling well about myself and my path in life for a while. I had issues with low self-esteem and anxiety. Since this session I’ve stopped associating with my suffering and started feeling pure and simple joy for the first time in a long time. Since then, lots of good things have been happening in my life, I feel more confident, and I started seeing a purpose in my life. I’m very grateful for Sam and I highly recommend him to anyone.

Olga, Russia

And So, What Are The Sticking Points in Your Life?

  • Doubt that’s preventing you from accepting how great you truly are what you have to offer
  • Trust in yourself and those around you that preventing you from creating deeper connections
  • Perfectionism that’s preventing you from making the kind of progress you desire in your projects
  • Imposter Syndrome that’s preventing you from taking that next level responsibility
  • Anger that’s preventing you from living a life of calm and peace within
  • Self-attacks that are preventing you from developing a true sense of self love in your life
  • Unawareness that’s preventing you from identifying your patterns
  • Self sabotage that’s preventing you from making progress in your life

And do you know what are these things costing you?

On the spiritual and metaphysical level, they’re preventing you from embracing the light that’s within and the real truth of why you’re here.

And on the physical, mental and emotional level, they’re creating massive distractions through:

  • Dysregulation.
  • Discomfort.
  • Dis-ease.

This leads to a mental and emotional fog taking up much of your capacity for creative thought

Making it that much harder to connect with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

This is the mechanic of how your consciousness has become suppressed.

Think of it like a computer chip –  your CPU.

There’s only so many tasks you can ask it to run at once before it reaches capacity.

And so, when you have all of these background programs running at the same time…

It leads to a slow down in performance.

You can’t do anything else with your computer until you close some of them down.

These programs are your core wounds and traumas, which are creating inner conflict on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Which plays out something like this…

Core Wounds & Trauma >>> Conditioning & Mental Programming >>> Inner Conflict >>> Negative Mental Rehearsals >>> Dysfunctional Behaviours >>> Further Inner Conflict >>> Self-Blame

Your traumas are not your fault. They never have been and never will be…

But… these cycles will continue to play out until you can successfully intervene…

Until you can heal yourself.

And this is a primary reason why you may be feeling so lost and can’t grasp your soul’s mission.

And why you might be finding it so hard to:

  • Step into your spiritual power so you can be the the person you came here to be.
  • Develop your psychic skills so you can be pro-active instead of re-active.
  • Actualise your potential so you can fulfil your mission here on Earth.
  • Truly be of service so you can offer the world benefit of your unique talents.

It’s because of all this white noise…

  • Distracting you on the mental level
  • Dysregulating you on the emotional level
  • Disempowering you on the spiritual level

And so, how do you get past all of this?

The answer…

Conflict Resolution.

It’s by doing the deep inner work and not just clearing – but resolving – these densities 888 that are symptomatic of your core wounds and traumas…

It all comes back down to healing yourself.

Healing enough of yourself so you can heal the world.

And yes, it can be hard work…

Doing this inner work by yourself is not easy.

But your light simply cannot be suppressed any longer if you’re going to achieve what you came here to do…

And So What’s Happening Right Now is Making You Feel Like…

  • You’re going around in circles trying to find the next ‘right thing.’
  • You don’t want to be a supporting character in your own life anymore
  • You don’t want your journey to happen to you
  • You’ve reached the point where enough is enough

And Life You Want to Create is One Where… (the place you want to reach)

  • You’re the main character in your own story
  • You’re the one making the decisions that progress your narrative
  • You become your own greatest source of strength
  • You become completely yourself.

And the way you start making those inspired decisions is by over-writing those programs that have been dictating your life for so long…

So you can step up and step into your own unique service to the Earth…

And it’s a journey…

But there is a way to accelerate the process…

That’s exactly what I did back in 2017 after being on my spiritual path for 10 years.

I’ve been in that place you’re in, too…

Transmuting the Darkness

Sam is an individual who speaks and connects to you from a place true respect. Each person is beautifully unique in their journey and Sam sees that beauty in you bringing it to the surface in its full glory. There are a lot of ‘healers’ out there in this day and age, Sam is the real deal. I was able to go deep within myself and pull from the experience a true grounded knowing, something that I felt disconnected from. I came out of the experience a changed person and I will always be grateful for the experience I shared. When people ask about my experience and who should they go see I will point them in his direction.

Julius, United States

I Was Also Making Slow Progress… Until I Discovered The Secret of Quantum Healing

And do you want to know what this did for me?

  • It changed my life and created an enormous paradigm shift
  • It opened me up to the world of spirit and consciousness exploration
  • It allowed me to connect with my guides and Higher Self
  • It made me realise the true value of healing on the spiritual path
  • It revealed to me my true purpose and service…

And so much more…

I’d been through several stages of spiritual awakening up to that point.

The 3 Stages of My Spiritual Awakening…

  • The first stage was an awareness-based awakening back in 2007 when I began to read and study about spirituality…
  • The second stage was an awakening of personal responsibility in 2014 and starting to do proper inner work…
  • The third stage was an energetic awakening in 2017…

There have been more since – they never really end. But that’s a story for another day…

This third awakening is what helped accelerate my path…

Do you want to know how this all played out?

I was guided to do a 5-day retreat called RESET while I was travelling in Koh Phan Ngan, Thailand at the beginning of 2017.

I’d attended a cacao ceremony hosted by a man called Dr Mario Alam, an Australian allopathic doctor turned spiritual teacher and healer.

He pitched the retreat at the end of the ceremony and didn’t really explain much…

He explained almost nothing actually!

But I felt a very strong pull to him… I believed in the guy so much. I signed up, immediately.

On the first day of the retreat, we were told we’d be learning a healing modality called Soul Line Therapy.

A regressive form of hypnosis with the power to heal some of the most painful traumas of your past…

Resolving those emotional densities…

Do You Want to Know What RESET Did For My Spiritual Growth?

There were 12 of us at the retreat.

We were divided into pairs and each took turns facilitating for one another.

And the next 5 days were an incredible unfoldment of awakening to our hidden potentials lying dormant within…

All through the act of healing each other.

It was a truly paradigm-shifting experience.

And on the second day, I finally made first conscious contact with my spirit guide…

The first of many…

This was my Nanna on my Dad’s side who’d passed away years earlier in 2002.

And here’s the kicker…

My first awakening of awareness started in 2007 when I had a ‘chance’ – synchronistic – reading with a psychic.

And the piece of information that triggered the inner seek within me was…

‘This doesn’t normally happen very often, but your spirit guide has entered the room with you…’

And that was it… I had to know more…

She couldn’t identify who this was at the time.

But I guessed it was my Nanna.

And now, 10 years later…

I finally had confirmation.

And so, my Nanna became the first of many guides that formed part of my spirit council.

She’s no longer with me now as I’m working with a different set of guides.

But that’s also a story for another time…

My Purpose and Mission Became Crystal Clear…

After the retreat was over, I knew with absolute certainty what I needed to do with my life.

I needed with all of my heart and soul to offer people the same incredible awakening I’d just experienced…

That become solidified as my mission. My purpose.

And that light so brightly within me, there was no way I was ever going to do anything else from that point onwards…

And that’s what I want to offer to you, right now.

Except you don’t need to travel to Thailand.

It doesn’t take 5 days.

And you don’t even need to be in the same country.

It can all be done online in 4 hours – in a single session.

What I’m talking about is Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)

This is the evolution of my practice as a quantum healing practitioner.

Healing with Sam!

My session with Sam was beyond amazing and multifaceted! With his calm and warm voice I was able to connect to my guide who provided a gentle alignment of my spine which I’ve been getting treatment once a week for the past 6 months with slow progress. The next day on my chiropractic session my doctor confirmed that my spine was in alignment except for a few vertebrates. Listening to the audio every night has provided inner-standing on why this continues to occur and the proper steps for complete self healing. My session with Sam has also brought me out of a paralyzing space of vulnerability where I now am able to publicly share my experiences and connect with others.

Gerolyne, United States

Are You Ready to Enter the World of Beyond Quantum Healing?

BQH allows you to voyage to the very core of your being…

Transcending the physical limitations of space and time…

It’s a Massively Multi-Dimensional Form of Healing… 

  • That empowers you to resolve your core wounds and traumas.
  • That puts you in charge of your own healing
  • That allows you to take back control of your mind
  • That allows you to become your own greatest source of strength

So you can work through and resolve the root(s) of your negative mental rehearsals which are symptomatic of your inner conflict…

Those things that are cause of your frustrations such as:

  • Self-doubt
  • Lack of self worth
  • Self sabotage
  • Trust

All of those programs creating white noise in your head, taking up all the mental bandwidth, which you could be using to channel your guides and your Higher Self.

It’s all there waiting for you once you get on the path of healing yourself.

So you can take up the mantle of your own unique responsibility and service to Earth.

To stop being a passenger and by stander in the great awakening…

And help facilitate that change for others, also.

What Specific Areas of Your Life Can Beyond Quantum Healing Help You With?

  • Relationship Issues
  • Career Decisions
  • Physical Health Issues
  • Life Direction and Purpose
  • Consciousness Exploration

The exciting thing about BQH is how open and free-flowing it is…

It can be entirely non-linear and non-prescriptive if that’s the experience your soul requires.

As it’s you and your Higher Self that decides that destination.

In short, it’s a regressive form of hypnosis that allows you to travel anywhere…

And it’s my role as your guide to help to you take the most inspired action within the story of your regression that will create the greatest amount of healing…

Because you are literally the hero of your own story within your session.

You make the decisions that allow you to heal yourself.

Because “all healing is self-healing.”

And it’s never been more true than it is within BQH.

Life Begins!!!

I wouldn’t have been where I am today without Sam. In my marriage, the relationship with my children, the unconditional love for myself. It has brought me something in every area and it has taken me further then that I could have ever dreamed of!

Nadine, Holland

So How Does Beyond Quantum Healing Actually Work?

At the beginning of your session, we’ll collectively state an intention using a water alchemy ceremony.

This will be the guiding light on your journey.

You’ll then be inducted into trance and progress into a deep theta state.

And there, you’ll find yourself in the most relevant time and place relating to the part of your inner being that most requires healing relating to your intention.

And this could play out in multiple scenarios, including:

  • Your Present Life
  • Past lives
  • Parallel lives
  • Live as animals, trees, and inorganic matter
  • Lives as off-world beings.
  • Metaphorical puzzle-like scenarios

Your session could include any and all of these…

Because you are far more than you’ve ever allowed yourself to believe.


If you’re coming with specific expectations about what you want to explore, it won’t necessarily play out that way…

But you will always have the experience you need…

Contact with Higher Self through Past Life Regressions

I was shown wisdom that was not asked for and other questions were seemingly overlooked. You get what you need, not what you think you want! Classic. Sam is a very clear soul who is 100% attentive and only wants the very best experience for you. I recommend a session with him! He excels as a space holder. You are safe to explore uncharted territory with him.

Christina, UK

This is one of the most powerful components of a BQH session. And it’s something I use personally in my own spiritual practice outside of sessions.

It’s that powerful…


There’s one more thing that makes BQH truly magical…

And it’s one of the primary motivations for why people choose to have a session…

It’s the ability to ask your Higher Self any questions you have about your current challenges.

And here is where you can gain additional layers of insight by tapping into the innate wisdom that’s always been inside of you.

The most common questions people bring to sessions relate to:

  • Spiritual growth
  • Relationships
  • Career-Abundance
  • Health-Healing
  • Confirmation

But really, you can ask anything. These are just the broad strokes.

This is what BQH can offer to you as a form of:

Bullets (Expand on these, use the keywords as beginnings)

  • Healing on all levels of your being multi-dimensional being
  • Consciousness Exploration that allows you to journey in new realms of space and time
  • Awakening to your true unlimited potential and what that means for you going forward
  • Guidance to help make some of your most pivotal life decisions

But there are so many colours of experience within each of these threads.

Each journey is its own expression. Because your needs are your own.

And each practitioner brings in their own unique approach.

If you’ve never experienced anything like this – or even heard of BQH before – think of it as like having a conscious dream with someone helping guide you along the way.

Except the result of that dream is:

  • Up-levelling
  • Resolving Your Trauma
  • Conscious Self Discovery
  • Figuring Out Your Next Spiritual Step

    Thanks a lot Sam!

    It was really an amazing session. I was very stressed at the beginning of the session, and Sam’s softness and kindness made me comfortable. I visited 3 other life, human and non human, and it was so relevant – i feel that what i have gained in this session will continue to give more and more with time. It was really something important. And for Sam, he is quite nice and calm, very dedicate to whats happening and to make a great and very transformative session. Merci Sam x

    Aude, France

    Because sometimes, to reach that next spiritual way-point on your journey…

    And to make that next quantum leap in your growth, you need some guidance to get there.

    One of the big misconceptions about spirituality is that it’s an alone journey.

    It’s not. It’s really not.

    I’ve benefitted from numerous healers and teachers. I’ve shared just one of my healing stories.


    • Sometimes, you need that outside objectivity.
    • Sometimes, you need a form spiritual intervention.
    • Sometimes, you need help from someone who’s been where you are.

    So they can help you get over those deep-rooted patterns that have been causing you dis-ease for such a long time.

    That’s what modalities such as BQH excel at…

    • Unentangling
    • Unravelling
    • Unwinding

    It helps you unentangle from your dysfunctional behavioural patterns and negative mental rehearsals.

    Improving the quality of your thinking, to improve quality of your decision-making, to improve the quality of your life…

    That’s practical spirituality.

    And it’s all right there ready for you to claim…

    Because it’s these patterns that are holding you back from embodying the person you came down here to be in this lifetime.

    And now is the time to start taking action in whatever expression that takes…

    Because when you get on the path of self healing, you start building up spiritual momentum.

    And once you build up enough of that momentum…

    You experience lift off and you travel further and further and further away from your limiting self beliefs, mental programs, and old habit patterns.

    You build up enough velocity to escape the gravitational pull of your old life.

    And you start travelling back towards the stars you were birthed from…

    To a time and a place where you can actually live the life you’re desiring…

    The life you deserve.

    The time for waiting on the universe to deliver the life of your dreams is over…

    The time for accepting your mantle of service to the Earth is NOW!

    Because your service is how you’ll manifest everything you want in life.

    And you become more aligned with your unique service through self healing.

    The opportunity to take that next step on your healing journey is here…

    Now is the time to be the hero of your own story – your very own HERO’S JOURNEY.

    In truth, it began long ago…

    It’s simply time to re-member, re-mind yourself and re-discover why it is you came to Earth in this lifetime…

    And what unique service you can offer to the humanity in this time of great change.

    Because make no mistake, you are needed.

    The world is waiting for you to step up and and step into your power.

    So you can help all those people who’re contracted to have experiences with you in this lifetime.

    So you can embody your very own expression of…

    The Healer who brings their unique soothing balm and gifts to the world.

    The Teacher who offers their personal lessons in whatever areas that may be.

    The Storyteller who offers their unique perspective through their colours of experience.

    The Map Maker who charts the way forward for others to follow in their path.

    The Code Breaker who breaks down old paradigms and create lucidity in truth.

    The Engineer who creates progressive solutions and systems for the Earth’s problems.

    The Alchemist who brings it all together in a balanced harmonious expression.

    • So you can become your very own Reality Weaver.
    • So you can share the spectrum of your own unique colours of experience with the world.
    • So you can help people fully embody their own full spectrums of knowingness.

    This is the way.

    And this is what’s inside of you just waiting to be discovered if you’re willing to take that journey.

    Because the journey onwards is the journey inwards…

    You are that great.

    Even greater than you’ve ever dared to allow yourself to believe at this point in time.

    But discovering that greatness is a journey not an event, which is why you may have become disheartened and fallen into apathy…

    And that’s why you may feel things aren’t working out in your favour.

    But I can tell you that they are

    You are being divinely guided on your path, and nothing happens by chance.

    There is no such thing as coincidence.

    Only divine synchronicity…

    You simply need to replace those self-limiting mental rehearsals keeping you stuck in cycles of…

    • I can’t…
    • Why me?
    • It won’t work for me…
    • It’s my fault…

    All of these are not your thoughts.

    They’re simply a part of the conditioning caused by:

    • Your upbringing that may have been dysfunctional, abusive and traumatic
    • Your peer group that may have been prejudice and closed minded towards free thinking
    • Your environment that may have been hostile and created fear inside of you
    • Your lived-in society that may have made you feel ostracised for being authentically yourself
    • Your culture that may have strict rules around what is and is not acceptable as lifestyle choices

    Unshakeable Knowing

    A short few weeks after fully committing to relaxing, I ran into Sam in perfect synchronicity. And knew immediately that what he was offering, to connect deeper with my higher self, was precisely what I had been preparing for. In the months since my session with Sam, I’ve been able to process my experience during that session. I had previously been focused on actively healing the pain of my past, as my growth. During my session, I was assured that this portion of my journey was complete and my focus was better placed elsewhere. That I was to begin setting aside limiting beliefs and begin focusing on my desires, my excitement, my creative passion. I’m so grateful to share, that having practiced focusing on what feels good, what excites me, has led me back to excitement and enthusiasm for life.

    Chris, Canada

    All of the things you’re here to heal in the world – except you need to heal them in yourself, first.

    Because you can reconcile and resolve those pieces that are causing you inner conflict and preventing you from stepping into your power and service…

    You can reach a place where you’re free from adversity.

    You can journey your way out of them…

    And by doing so, you let go all of the peripheral distractions suppressing the light within…


    Until all that’s left is the true divine essence of who you are on the soul level…

    As you reveal to yourself why you’re here.

    You don’t wait for you that purpose to be handed to you.

    The heavens don’t part and you don’t receive a memo from Source about what you should be doing.

    You go through the process of self-discovery by doing your inner work…

    You peel away those layers of distortion keeping you in mediocrity.

    You go through the process of re-membering, re-minding and re-discovering why it is you came here…

    You reveal your purpose to yourself

    That’s the journey of becoming an awake and and aware being.

    That’s how you awake and align.

    You go through a continuing process of awakening – piecing together your purpose.

    That’s why your purpose hasn’t fully revealed itself, yet.

    You either haven’t been digging deep enough or have been using the incorrect tools for the job.

    Tools and techniques you may have outgrown without realising it.

    You’ve been using a pickaxe and shovel…

    And you’ve found all the gold that’s just below the surface.

    But now there’s no new discoveries for you to make on this level – the next layer of aha moments are several layers deeper down.

    So you need to adopt a different approach.

    You need heavier machinery… New spiritual techniques.

    And BQH is one of those tools you can use to reach that next level of spiritual gold.

    But it isn’t the only approach you’ll ever need in your spiritual growth.

    I don’t want to frame this as the ‘ONE THING You Need to Awaken Spiritually!!!’

    That’s spiritual clickbait and I’m not about that crap one bit.

    It’s just one colour of experience within the wider spectrum of healing modalities…

    Alongside building a consistent spiritual practice that suits your needs.

    But what it can be is the next step on your journey.

    BQH won’t solve all of your problems in one fell swoop.

    To imply that would be to give you a false impression and mis-represent this incredible modality.

    And I would never want to damage its reputation or any other regressive modalities in this space.


    I can say this with absolutely certainty…

    • It can be the next way point on your path of spiritual development.
    • It can be a catalyst for you on your spiritual journey.
    • It can facilitate great change in your life.

    If you’re ready to take the next step in your conscious evolution, I’m right here ready to guide you into the very core of your beingness…

    Are you ready to journey?

    Are you ready to heal?

    Ae you ready to be of service to Earth?

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