BQH vs QHHT: An Honest Review of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques

So you’ve heard all about quantum healing hypnosis, and you’ve decided you want a session, but then you hear about another modality Beyond Quantum Healing.

You were going to go for a QHHT session, but then if there is such a thing as Beyond Quantum Healing, surely that’s better?

Are they even both the same thing?

The short answer to your question is yes, they’re virtually identical in the results they give, but differ slightly in their approach.

However, neither QHHT nor BQH is better than the other.

There is no perfect way of doing anything in life; there’s only the way that suits you and your circumstances. Both are incredible modalities.

The real question is which one suits you and your particular needs?

Let take a deep dive and find out…

What is QHHT® (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)?


QHHT is a regressive form of hypnosis that was created – or discovered depending on your perspective – by the late Dolores Cannon in the 1960s. She began experimenting with hypnosis techniques after being exposed to the clinical side of nypnothera[y due to her husband having his own practice.

This led to an incredible discovery.

Dolores found she able to regress her clients all the way back before the point of birth and to their past incarnations!

And through this came the realisation that these past lives held many unresolved traumas that serve as the root cause and anchor point for the challenges we all face in our day-to-day lives.

By helping those who came to her reconnect with these events, it allowed them to overcome their challenges in the present, and take huge leaps forward in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

And so, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) came into being as a modality.

However, it wasn’t until 2002 that QHHT was made available to the public within a certified teaching program.

It was offered by Dolores in her home of Arkansas in the United States with the opportunity to progress all the way to a level 3 practitioner.

The whole ethos behind opening up these teaching to others was that “anyone can do this work,” as Dolores used to chime in her many interviews.

It may deal with aspects of multidimensionality, quantum events, non-linear time, and other events that are beyond our comprehension.


You do NOT have to be special or gifted to practice it yourself. You only have to be willing to engage with the process and believe that it will work.

Dolores taught QHHT to all those who were willing until her passing in 2014 and was succeeded by her daughters her still offer the same training in exactly the way it was conceived.

And with that being said…

What is BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing)?

What is BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing)?

As you might be expecting or already know…

BQH is also a form of regressive hypnosis that also allows people to explore their past lives.

It shares many similarities with QHHT, but has its own set of guiding principles that set it apart from its relative – a very literal statement.

Beyond Quantum Healing is directly related to QHHT, and is an off-shoot from the original teachings of Dolores Cannon, preserving all of the core mechanics.

The creation of Beyond Quantum Healing was a direct response to changing times, and how the needs of people seeking out these kinds of healing experiences had shifted.

The concept was birthed by Candace Craw-Goldmanwho practiced under Dolores Cannon, attaining a level 3 practitioner certification before assisting her at live events before her passing.

After spending many years offering quantum healing sessions, Candace began to add her own flavour when and where she felt intuitively guided.

Over time, her approach became a modified version of the QHHT, which went ‘beyond’ the confines of the original quantum healing. Hence the moniker Beyond Quantum Healing was coined to describe this new iteration of the modality.

But just to be clear, BQH is not in competition with or looking to outdo QHHT.

It an evolution of the work, not a revolution.

BQH still very much honours what came before it, because without the original quantum healing techniques there would be no Beyond Quantum Healing.

Not in any form.

The whole point of creating this updated version of the modality was to offer more, not take away or needlessly revise what already worked.

The most significant of these additions was the allowance for BQH to be offered in an online format – something that was and still is strictly prohibited in QHHT.

That, and the accepted use of other complementary modalities that would help enhance the experience of the client. What you might refer to as intuitive energy healing.

Which at this point must leave you wondering…

What Does a QHHT Session Like Look?

What Does a QHHT Session Like Look?

The format for a QHHT session, as we’ve just alluded to is in-person only.

It was Dolores’s belief that this type of work should only and could only be delivered in a face-to-face environment.

As with all talk-based modalities, the session always starts with a discussion-based interview.

This gives you the chance to become comfortable with your practitioner before you begin, and to let go of any lingering apprehensions about the process.

From your practitioner’s point of view, it allows them to find out exactly why it is you’ve come for a session. And the more detail you can share about your challenges here, the better.

These answers will help steer the direction of the session by allowing your practitioner to ask more revealing questions during the exploration phase of your journey.

Before you begin, you’ll also discuss what kind of assistance you’re seeking from your Higher Self. This takes the form of a list of questions you’ll have brought along with you, which may be edited for brevity and conciseness.

A specific induction script is then used, beginning with the visualisation of a red bird.

It then cycles through a series of everyday images to get your mind used to the process of experiencing without the need for external stimulus.

You’re given reassurance at every step of the way, as you’re led through an invocation of connection with your spirit guides, which then closes with an ascending visualisation up into the clouds before arriving in the most ‘relevant time and place.’

And from there, the regression portion of the session then begins.

You may experience one or more lifetimes, depending on the pacing your practitioner sets, how quickly you’re able to relay information, and also how much value there is in continuing past your initial experience.

Having a quantum healing session can be quite taxing, and less is sometimes more (and all that is needed).

Before the session is closed off, the Higher Self will then be called in to answer any questions you brought with you.

And from there, you’ll return to everyday awareness and debrief with your practitioner before going on with the rest of your day.

So, comparatively speaking. 

What Does a BQH Session Look Like?

What Does a BQH Session Look Like?

A BQH session begins the same as a QHHT one does

There is an in-depth discussion between yourself and your practitioner discussing your reasons for being there.

But here is where it deviates from the original Quantum Healing model.

Whereas with QHHT, the induction technique would have been used right out of the gate, in BQH, there several additional – but optional – steps.

Although these steps are taught in the course, there’s nothing that states they’re required. This is in keeping with the ‘open-source,’ and flexible nature of modality.

These are the Water Alchemy and Heart and Mind Coherence techniques.

The first of these was developed by Pamela Aaralyn, someone who those of you that are a part of the quantum healing community may be aware of, already.

It’s a simple invocation technique, which involves the setting of your intention for the outcome of your session with the use of water.

This is then followed by the Heart and Mind Coherence which is a form of progressive relaxation often common throughout other hypnotherapy practices and is used to align your energies before you invoke your connection and protection with your spirit guides, guardians, angels, and ascended masters.


It’s time for your induction into the deepest part of the trance-state and the full regression experience.

The vernacular and phraseology used to induct you may different from the QHHT version, but the essence is the same. Guided imagery is relied on heavily once again to help you move beyond the confines of your physical senses and perceive the unseen world.

This is where the magic happens… Your past, present, and future lives can all present themselves and even more besides!

The exploration phase is where a BQH session begins to resemble a more traditional QHHT session. That is – if it’s practiced with no additional modalities.

Here, you’ll discover why it is you’ve been led to the time and place you’ve found yourself in as a narrative takes shape that will often have many direct parallels to your challenges.

The primary goal of the exploration phase is to create a conscious link between your current life issues and how your past previous experiences either affirm or contradict your current thinking and behavioural patterns.

Another addition that brings about profound soul healings is the use of source-light energy – specifically, the galactic central sun meditation – which can often lead to unique experiences with your guides and guardians.

As with QHHT, the Q&A section with the Higher Self takes centre stage at the end of the session and is largely the same format. You can ask for advice on anything relating to your soul’s journey, soulmate connections, any inner work that would benefit you, and even about the ascension to 5d.

There really are no taboo subjects as long as you’re asking from a place of sincerity.

After being brought back to full physicla waking consciousness, The usual debriefing will take place, and grounding where necessary if you’ve travelled in-person and will driving not long afterward.

So that’s how both approaches look like when placed under the microscope.

But what about application?

How Does a QHHT Practitioner Work?

As I’ve alluded to, there are some guidelines that must be adhered to if you want to practice QHHT as a professional practicing practitioner – say that three times fast!

The first is that QHHT practitioners are instructed not to give you any advice at any point during their session, even if you’re qualified to do so. i.e you’re already a qualified psychologist or mental health practitioner. It is still strictly forbidden.

Within a QHHT setting, all information relating to the wellness and the improvement of your circumstances must come directly from you and/or your Higher Self.

There is no deviation from this – at all.

And in fact, this is very similar to the approach that counsellors use during their sessions.

They simply feed back/mirror what you’re saying, so you can reach your own conclusions about why you’re in a given situation. it might appear restrictive, but in actuality, it does promote self-empowerment.

Although we’ve touched on the fact of Dolores Cannon encouraging experimentation, this was only intended to be within the model of Quantum Healing that she advocated.

The use of additional modalities was not allowed during her lifetime and is still discouraged by her family that continues on the work she began.

The final stipulation that QHHT practitioners must adhere to is the use of technology to conduct sessions.

This means taking sessions online or in any other remote format is strictly prohibited, and all those who take the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique training are asked to sign legal documents stating they’ll comply with this policy.

I’m not intending to portray this or any of Dolores Cannon’s work and legacy in a negative light by telling you this. You should just be aware that if you do want an online session, finding one within a QHHT format will be impossible because of their suggested practices.

It’s the way Dolores Cannon chose to uphold the integrity of her teachings, as do her family that continues to teach the QHHT model.

It’s entirely their free-will choice to do so, and I respect it, completely.

So then…

How Does a BQH Practitioner Work?

How Does a BQH Practitioner Work?

The short answer would be to say in completely the opposite fashion.

But then, that would neither do Beyond Quantum Healing any favours, or say much about the benefits of QHHT.

And more so than that…

It’s not quite true, anyway….

Beyond Quantum Healing at heart, is at once a technique in its own right, but also a framework and a platform for others to add their own skills, modalities and teachings.

As we’ve said more than once, it’s open-source.

Each practitioner brings their own style and flavour, meaning that every quantum healer will bring their own unique perspective to a session.

The steps within the core toolbox of BQH can already be used in a non-linear fashion so it only makes sense that this would lead to further experimentation.

The practice of Beyond Quantum Healing is very much like an open conversation.

There are core principles, but its strength lies in the sharing of ideas to help one another further their interpretation of how the modality can be delivered. The Quantum Healers forum founded and run by Candace Craw-Goldman is home to a thriving community of liked-minded quantum healing practitioners of all descriptions.

There are also no strict guidelines that prevent a practitioner from offering you advice if they’re qualified to do so. This way of thinking slots neatly in with the more flexible approach that BQH encourages.

This, of course, does need to be managed though, and the giving of advice and/or asking leading questions during the exploration/Higher Self phase might influence the information that is brought forward.

And lastly…

You can give and receive online and remote sessions with BQH!

This is a very important development in the area of quantum healing in general.

Many more people are being drawn to metaphysical and intuitive energy healing modalities for a variety of reasons. It could be for past traumas, physical health issues, consciousness exploration or personal development.

The problem is…

You may not live within easy driving distance of a certified quantum healing practitioner, which can mean swallowing huge travel expenses to have an in-person session.

Beyond Quantum Healing recognises this and looks to make the experience available to all those who want it regardless of location or circumstance.

So, let’s wrap this up with some…

Final Thoughts and Which One is Better?

If the game wasn’t already given away at the beginning of the post, there is no best modality. There is only the right one for you and your circumstances.

Now, that might seem like a bit of fence-sitting cop-out.

But let me explain…

do have some insight that will help you choose the right model for you.

Both QHHT and BQH work towards the same end – to connect you with your past experiences and your Higher Self so you can find remedy and resolve to your current life issues.

And they both work wonders, but what I’d say is more important than the modality itself is the practitioner who’s facilitating for you.

So, hypothetically speaking…

Let’s say you live in a big city with a thriving healing community, and you’re lucky enough to have the choice between QHHT or a BQH practitioner. After reading this post, you might be inclined to think you’d get more from a BQH session, as it’s more expansive.

You’ve looked up the two practitioners you’re deciding on whether to work with. The BQH practitioner has several years’ experience, a ton of positive results, and seems like the best fit. The QHHT practitioner, on the other hand, has only just gone professional and has virtually no client testimonials.

However, you find after speaking with both of them on the phone that you don’t resonate with the person offering BQH, but do strike up a great rapport with the QHHT practitioner.

So now you have a dilemma…

Which one do you choose?

The choice is simple; you always go where your heart and your excitement leads you. The person who will give you the best session will ALWAYS be the people you have the strongest heart connection with. And that’s just about as consistent a rule as there can ever be in life.

Quantum Healing isn’t open-heart surgery. You don’t need to practice for years before you’re considered competent. People can take to it very quickly and become very proficient almost overnight. Experience is obviously desirable, but it’s not everything.

So don’t get too hung about which modality is better. Focus on finding the right practitioner.

That said if you do have requirements that mean an online session is not only preferable but a necessity, you’ll sway more towards a BQH session.

But for overall quality, effectiveness, and experience, Quantum Healing Hypnosis in all its guises is an uplifting and oftentimes transformative experience.

You simply can’t lose either way.

If you’re going to choose anything, choose action over indecision.

Take Control of Your Future By Exploring Your Past with Beyond Quantum Healing

Are you struggling to take the next step in your life? Are you in need of healing, rejuvenation or simply an avid consciousness explorer? What if I told you it was possible to achieve all of the above with a single approach? Too good to be true? Believe me when I tell you, it’s not!

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) expands on the work of Dolores Cannon, the original pioneer of Quantum Healing Hypnosis with QHHT®. In just one session, you can find out why you’re here on Earth in this lifetime, heal old wounds and tap into the infinite wisdom of Your Higher Self.

Are you ready to let go of the past and embrace your unlimited potential?

Click Here to Begin the Next Chapter of Your Spiritual Evolution


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Candace Craw-Goldman
May 11, 2020 9:32 pm

I love love love this in depth article. Thank you Sam!
And thank you so very much for supporting our Community.


Chrysilla Lewies
July 22, 2020 11:50 pm

I love this article and refer to it all the time. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

Michala Masarykova
Michala Masarykova
May 4, 2021 9:35 pm

Thank you very much for this article Sam. Made it a no-brainer when deciding which modality to study 🙂