DNA Activation: Rediscovering the Hidden Power of Your Ancestors

Your DNA is your road map of consciousness.

It provides the building blocks that not only inform how our bodies are created, but it serves the blueprint of our entire being – both physical and non-physical. Without it, we would be nothing more than empty shells.

There has been a lot made in recent years about DNA activation. It hit a high point around 2015 when we were starting to go through the first major shifts in our consciousness.

This was a time when our consciousness began accelerating at a rapid rate.

The talk of ascension was gathering pace, and we believed – rightly or wrongly – that it only a few short years away. And although this proved to be untrue – we still have a long way to go before ‘the event’ – DNA activation is still a very real thing.

It had a huge resonance at the time, but that doesn’t make it a trend or pseudo-scientific nonsense.

We’re all constantly going through activation and upgrades to our DNA.

It’s what facilitates our soul’s growth. What’s more, you don’t need to wait for it to happen

You can activate it yourself.

How Does Your DNA Work on the Spiritual Level?

How Does Your DNA Work on the Spiritual Level?

Your DNA is more than just the script for your biological growth. Only 5% of chromosomes are responsible for this function. The other 95% are considered non-functional and non-encoded, according to modern science. It’s junk DNA – except it’s not. It relates to more than just your genetics. In fact, you could call it ‘ener-genetic’ in nature.

DNA doesn’t just provide the energetic blueprint for your being. It’s only one layer of an ever-evolving consciousness and a form of spiritual technology that was conceived by beings of a much higher intelligence than ourselves. Your DNA is a multi-functional, multi-dimensional component of your being. And at its base level, serves as a repository of knowledge that’s passed on from generation to generation.

On the more etheric level consciousness, it’s the source of our light-body. It transcends our physical reality, allowing us to interface with spiritual beings on different levels of awareness. The energetic layer of DNA is what allows you to create soul family and gather soul codes. It enables you to traverse solar systems and incarnate on other worlds to engage in further consciousness exploration.

How Does Your DNA Work?

Your DNA is your connection to the spirit world, your dreaming world, your health, and your soul family. It holds everything there is to know about you, your abilities and the race(s) that you’ve been a part of throughout your soul’s journey.

At our current level of understanding, we only have access to two physical strands of our DNA. There are said to be as many as 13 on the etheric level. But over many thousands of years, our access to these strands have been restricted to keep us in servitude as a slave race. Our heritage has been denied us.

The reason why we can’t access the full spectrum of our DNA knowingness strands is because of the dense level of our consciousness. The 3rd-dimensional matrix is limiting our ability to perceive beyond the physical five senses.

But recently, a team of linguists and scientists have established that our DNA works in roughly 90% the same way that our modern language does. It’s possible for it to be broken down into a word, sentence and paragraph-like structure for study.

You’re probably familiar with the image of the double helix. But this is only the surface layer of what makes up the active strands of your DNA. These are the two physical strands that are currently observable using traditional measuring equipment. What is yet to be taken into consideration are the additional strands on the etheric level. These dormant strands are gradually being activated and are responsible for our latent psychic abilities and our cellular memories of our full lineage of DNA ancestors.

When a soul comes into Earth for the first time from another race, they bring their DNA wisdom with them through their light body – on the etheric level. This consciousness blueprint integrates with the DNA of the physical body they’re incarnating into.

The Starseeds that are migrating into the Earth’s incarnation grid are all doing this right now. Those children being born in our current generation are coming in with special talents or have a much more evolved consciousness. This is all because of their race DNA memories. They’re coming in with far more activated strands of DNA than many of us have in the present.

What is DNA Activation?

Your DNA activation is a process of bringing more light into your vital body and field of awareness. This, in turn, raises your vibration. You receive a literal upgrade in consciousness, which allows you think, act and perceive the world in a whole new way. It accelerates your learning as a soul.

To understand the function of DNA in its truest sense, you need to think of it on the quantum-level. It does have a physical component. But it’s still predominantly rooted in consciousness, and goes beyond the mind-body connection. It goes beyond being a simple internal process.

When you activate your DNA, you’re opening yourself up to increasing your spiritual potential. But it’s a gradual shift. It’s a sequential experience. You won’t activate any DNA that would compromise your spiritual journey. Everything comes in its own time – when you’re ready.

Each strand of DNA you activate provides you with a whole new layer of knowingness. But you must integrate this new knowledge with the previous layer(s). You can’t keep pushing blindly forward. It’s a measured process. You must go in order. Otherwise, they’ll be no true learning.

What are DNA Upgrades (And How Do You Gain Access to Them?)

What are DNA Upgrades (And How Do You Gain Access to Them?)

Upgrades are the abilities, perspectives, and benefits you gain through the activation process. They’re permanent changes that affect your entire being. It isn’t like going for a treatment that has a finite effect. DNA upgrades affect you on the soul level.

But these upgrades don’t come without some effort on your part. You need to put the time into your spiritual practice. When you do, you’ll reach a tipping point and go through an accelerated period of growth. You’ll go through a quantum leap and could manifest one more of the following abilities.

DNA Upgrade Abilities

  • Manifestation Abilities
  • Empathic Abilities
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Clair Senses
  • Increased Cognitive Functions
  • Changes in Perspective and Ability to Reason
  • Heightened awareness
  • Greater Creativity
  • Increased Physical Energy and Improved Health
  • Spontaneous Healing of the Body

How Do You Activate Your DNA?

How Do You Activate Your DNA?

There isn’t a definitive way of activating your DNA. There are many different techniques, and each have their pros and cons. What I would say is activating your DNA is more about creating a shift in attitude. You can practise these methods all you want. But if you’re stuck a mindset of expectation just waiting for it happening, you’ll be waiting a long time…

Spiritual awakening through DNA activation is a progressive journey. It’s something that unfolds in its own time. But you need to be doing your part to make it happen. It’s a co-creative process. If you’re still rooted in negative habit patterns and aren’t making an effort to change, you won’t reach the higher levels of consciousness. It just won’t happen until you engage in self-love.

The following list is by no means exhaustive. But it’s a great starting point to get you on the road to activate your full range of DNA consciousness strands.

Becoming More Heart-Centred

You’ll achieve little progress without getting in touch in your heart-space awareness. It’s already been mentioned. But if you are serious about your spiritual practice, you should be doubling down on acting from your heart on a regular basis. That means meditating on it, being of service to others, listening without judgment and engaging in proper self-care.

Sun Meditation

The sun is one of the most powerful ways to have an activation experience. Working with it in a conscious manner is like a form of spiritual photosynthesis. Look at the sun with your eyes closed and allow the area in your third eye to swell up. Then use guided imagery to send this sunlight to the back of your brain where the medulla oblongata sits. This purpose of this technique is to switch off your fight or flight response. Over time, this will allow you to become heart-centred, and become more receptive to DNA upgrades and downloads.

The Solfeggio Scale and 528Hz Frequency

The solfeggio frequencies are well-known for their spiritual effects. But they can also have a profound impact on your DNA. The 528Hz frequency has gained a reputation for its ability to heal and repair the biological body – namely the DNA. The way this works is through the formation of clustered healing water. 528Hz makes a six-sided – hexagonal – shape. This makes it much more effective at removing impurities. Since our bodies are 70% water and 90% on the cellular level, this helps the DNA cleanse and restore itself.

Beyond Quantum Healing

When you have a regression experience with BQH, it’s possible to activate dormant strands of DNA. Because you’re working with the vital (subtle) energy body, you’re able to reawaken parts of your cellular memory. Your past lives aren’t necessarily in regressive times. Many souls on Earth downgraded their consciousness to incarnate here, and if you’re able to connect with either a relevant past life or your star family, you can regain some of your latent abilities.

9 Symptoms of DNA Activation that Might Catch You Off Guard

9 Symptoms of DNA Activation that Might Catch You Off Guard

  • You may go through a short period of emotional detox
  • You may experience physical symptoms such as headaches and bodily pains
  • Your crown chakra will be very active, making you feel ungrounded
  • You may be apathetic to activities you love and also experience lethargy
  • You may experience strange anomalies and jump through timelines
  • Your consciousness may drift between 3D and 5D
  • You may have unexplained tingling sensation (especially around your crown)
  • You may have the perception that time is accelerating
  • You may experience lucid dreams and astral projection

Your Expansion of Consciousness and DNA

If you’re worried in any way about activating your DNA, don’t be.

The fact that you’re reading this post and have reached the end means you’re already on the path and may have gone through several upgrades already. You may just not have noticed.

Think back over the past couple of years, and about how much you’ve grown as a person.

Have you developed any new skills during that time that you can’t attribute to the experiences you had?

We’re in a constant state of flux. The law of perpetual motion means that we’re always moving towards some goal or other. Life isn’t a static experience.

But if you want to take your spirituality to the next level, you can engage with some of these practises and even come up with your own.

The more strands of DNA you can activate, the more you’ll embody your full potential as a soul spark having a human experience here on Earth.

There no limit to growth.

Let there be no limit to your effort.

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Michael Kirkpatrick
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You speak with clarity and with vision, bless you brother.

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i love what you have to say – it is so fascinating! bless you indeed!