Here’s Exactly How to Embody Your I AM Presence (And Improve Your Quality of Life)

Sam Boomer


A man stands on top of a mountain with arms outstretched to I AM in the sky.

There are many different meanings to the I AM Presence.

It is one of those spiritual concepts that embodies so much that many people have their own interpretation of what it means.

This doesn’t make any particular teaching better or worse than another interpretation. It simply means – as in many cases with spirituality – that each person is holding their own piece of the puzzle and has their own unique perspective of understanding.

So what is it?

Taken literally, your I AM presence is your presence. It is the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being. But it is also your connection to source, your ability to manifest and co-create with the world around you.

Your I AM presence is how you think, act, and interact with the world.

It is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, multi-functional spiritual concept.

It is the core of your being.

What Does it Mean to Connect with Your I AM Presence?

Making the connection to your I AM presence isn’t a singular event

It isn’t something you find but is a state of being you cultivate with practice throughout your life.

Connecting with your I ‘AM-ness’ is what takes place when you start down a path of spiritual awareness and personal development, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

You find it when you take on the responsibility for your actions and acknowledge how they affect and co-create with the world around you.

How to Increase Your Connection with Your I AM Presence

A man journals by the lake.

So, how do you actually do it?

The immediate answer is being aware of your thoughts and consciously applying what you perceive as your highest intent in all aspects of life.

Whether in your spiritual practice, interpersonal relationships, or on a larger scale, all of those areas of life can be rooted firmly within your I AM presence.

But let’s look at awareness before we go any further

There can be no progress or evolution of yourself without having an appreciation of where you’re at in the moment. And developing a practice of mindfulness of how you act and re-act is the first step in being able to modify your behaviour and bring it in line with your Higher Self.

This is a daily practice and isn’t something you dip in and out of when the mood takes you.

At this point, you might be turned off by the prospect of doing the inner work.

But the fact is, nothing worth striving for ever comes easy, and the concept of work is something that we affix ourselves to. It’s not definitive. It’s all about perspective, and just as much as you can choose to think of this path as work, you can also reimagine it as something joyful.

Your spiritual practice should never feel like a burden, but something you want to engage with, and that comes by…

The Importance of Acting from Your I AM Heart-Space Presence

Woman giving a flower to a boy, with her heart lit up.

One of the most immediate ways you can embody your ‘I AM-ness’ is by bringing that heart-space awareness to your daily interactions with others.

Your spirituality practice is equally – if not more – about relating to others as it is an internal process.

And without the willingness to exercise these heart-spaced actions, all that would exist would be concepts without the experience to back them up.

You need to break free from the chains of spiritual being and become a spiritual doing.

The first of these concepts is listening from the heart.

In more grounded terms, this means being fully present with those you’re engaging with and not merely waiting for your turn to speak. However, the term listening from the heart isn’t purely a figurative expression.

It is a practical “I AM” teaching.

When you’re trying to give someone your undivided attention but are finding it challenging to maintain focus, simply focus on your heart as you listen to that person.

This is a simple but highly effective technique I come back to often, not just to be present with myself. Through focusing on your heart, it assists in dispelling any anxiety of the person who’s speaking.

It creates a safe, energetic space for a mutual exchange of sharing.

You can extend this concept further with a second I AM teaching of:

Relinquishing and Judgment and Accusatory language

When we’re exchanging ideas, it’s not always possible to reach a middle ground.

This is especially true in times of confrontation.

But there are ways to get around this, by communicating effectively and without judgment. When we’re emotionally triggered and enter into an argumentative state, the tendency is first to blame and then shame the other person.

When you’re rooted in a me-centric state of mind – or ego – the inclination is to resort to the accusatory ‘you.’

“You did this, you made me feel this way, it because of you…”

This does nothing but inflames the ego of the person you’re speaking with, causing an already fraught situation to escalate further…

The way around this is simple. Non-Violent Communication.

Use phraseology that takes away the pointedness of those remarks. Present the behaviour as the problem instead of the person, and you create a platform for reconciliation and resolution that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

So the phrase that would have gone ‘you said this to me’ then becomes:

‘When I hear those words, they make me feel devalued, can we think of another way to communicate when we’re unhappy with one another?’

Notice this not only places emphasis on the behaviour but also creates a shared sense of responsibility with the inclusive term of ‘we.’

Using both of these heart-spaced ways of communicating combined will transform the dynamic of your interpersonal relationships and help strengthen the connection with your “I AM” presence.

The Call of Your “I AM” Presence and Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness refers to the oneness that comes from attaining incremental degrees of enlightenment on your spiritual journey.

The state of non-separation and non-duality comes from integrating the concept that there is no division. Because ultimately, we all originate from the same source-light and share the same divine connection to one another

We are all an aspect of the same whole, divided into many trillions of parts, experiencing itself objectively. So each individuated part of the greater whole might achieve the same godhood as its creator.

Coming to this place of universal understanding means you must continually engage with the cyclical letting go and revising of ideas and concepts as you outgrow them.

Virtually all teachings have a limited value and, at some point, need to be let of or looked at as having had relevance but no longer being necessary.

Not becoming attached to your beliefs is an important facet of continuing to grow with your “I AM” Presence, which was worded beautifully by the teacher of Vipassana SN Goenka when he said:

“Attachment leads to misery.”

You embody your I AM-ness by coming into this place of oneness, of letting go and acting without judgment.

Your I AM Presence and its Role in the Ascension to 5D Consciousness

3 people ascending to 5d

The ultimate purpose of any spiritual process is progression.

You don’t engage with these concepts and put all your time and effort into practice without there being a tangible result at the end of it all.

Your I AM presence is a multi-dimensional aspect of consciousness.

Your past, present, and future thoughts and actions make up the totality of you as an expression of consciousness in your physical body.

Put simply, how you engage with your ‘I AM-ness’ now directly affects how and when you will experience the shift to 5D when the time comes.

To make the ascension to 5D, you must be of a sufficiently high vibration to transcend this current 3D matrix and become a vibratory match for that new level of consciousness. You do that by making positive contributions and serving those in need, but without compromising their journey or free will.

And the frequency that will raise your vibration quicker than any other is the vibration of love.

This is where the concept of your I AM presence comes full circle in its multidimensionality.

As we are all one, connected to each other through the same source-light connection, anything we do and give to another is reflected directly back onto ourselves.

That is the beauty of giving and doing for others through being of service.

It is an act of self-service and self-love that does just as much for our soul’s development in the immediate sense as it does for those you’re helping.

So give as willingly and as freely of yourself as you can because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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