Past Life Healing: Discovering the REAL Cause of Your Challenges

 It’s a very real phenomenon.

Past Life Healing has been around for much longer than you think and originally came to prominence back in the 1920s with great American psychic Edgar Cayce.

Cayce was the first in the West to give past life readings on a large scale. He provided people with incredible information relating to their physical health, helping them to get over long-term and chronic illnesses.

Maybe you wouldn’t consider the exchange of information and imparting of knowledge to be healing. But isn’t that what a doctor ultimately prescribes – knowledge that is acted upon to achieve the desired outcome?

Healing is a loose term, and perhaps the interpretation the first comes to your mind are physical wounds that require attention more so than mental and emotional scars.

It’s an almost intangible concept.

Throw past lives into the mix, and all of a sudden, the concept of healing becomes even more convoluted. How does that fit into the equation?

The answer is more ways than you think…

Why the Case for Reincarnation is More Compelling Than You Think

009 - Why the Case for Reincarnation is More Compelling Than You Think

The concept of reincarnation is an integral part of many cultures and has been for thousands of years. It is only in the West that the idea is such a polarising topic.

And the exploration of past lives dates back to the mystery schools of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Yogis of India.

For example, did you know….

The position of Dalai Lama within Buddhism is filled by a process that involves seeking out the new-born vessel that the soul of the Dalai Lama has reincarnated into after his last physical transition.

This has gone on for generations and will continue to do so for many more.

Then, there are the stories of young people with extraordinary tales of past lives, who’re able to recount specific details about their family, and in some rare cases even exhibit the same bodily markings from their previous incarnation.

Past Lives, Belief Structures and the Purpose of Reincarnation

Past Lives, Belief Structures and the Purpose of Reincarnation

You return the physical plane as part of your soul’s journey and evolution towards attaining enlightenment and progressing to the next phase of our existence.

The adoption of the human form is like coming to school and taking part in prearranged lessons we’ve mapped out for ourselves hundreds and sometimes thousands of lives ahead of time.

These learning experiences are meant to challenge us, which often results in painful or traumatic events to help integrate the wisdom they’re intended to impart.

They’re catalysts for growth, shaking us out of our old-paradigm ways of thinking. It forces us to adapt and create new skills that we then carry with us into future lifetimes. It is the nature of our spiritual growth.

We set up these emotional teachings through soul contracts with those who are on a similar trajectory to us. But unfortunately, not all of those contracts are fulfilled or bring about the desired result.

Sometimes, we might have to face a lesson over several incarnations because we can’t complete it the first time around. All those failed attempts can leave their mark in the form of emotional densities.

How Do Past Life Regressions Create Such Profound Emotional Breakthroughs

How Do Past Life Regressions Create Such Profound Emotional Breakthroughs

Past life healing works in a similar way to psychology by identifying a root cause, which you detach yourself from by unpicking the emotional threads.

And the same kinds of mental and emotional issues that benefit from psychological methods respond equally as well to past life regression techniques.

The challenges that affected you in your past lives are exactly the same ones that can affect you in the present and include:

  • Commitment Issues
  • Interpersonal issues
  • Broken Promises
  • Unrequited Love
  • Unfulfilled Potential
  • Social and Cultural Stigma
  • Racial Bias and Persecution

These issues are often the root cause of your traumas. They imbed themselves deep with your psyche and play out as the limiting belief structures relating to:

  • Relationships
  • Abundance
  • Motivation
  • Career
  • Self-Esteem
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness

You’re probably aware these are only the most commonly experienced issues. The concept of limitation can affect virtually all areas of your life.

It’s your past experiences that form your perception of your present and future. You project onto your current experience what you imagine will take place based on what’s gone before.

What separates traditional psychology from past life work is the difference in scope. Psychology is incredible. I’d be a fool to discount the good it does, and in some cases, such as work on behavioural problems, it’s the best road to take.

But past life healing can go places where psychology can’t and won’t. It’s a different model, working under different, which ultimately means a whole new set of possibilities.

Why Past Life Regressions Don’t Always Result in Healing Your Past Lives

If you’re genuinely interested in past life healing and not a recreational past life exploration, you should be aware that not all regression work focuses on healing.

They can be beneficial experiences in their own right. And the observational point of view can bring about a measure of self-awareness, but it isn’t doesn’t represent a complete healing experience.

When deciding who you want to go and see, you should be mindful of the title of the person you’re going to see. You’ll want to ask whoever you’re seeing about results with previous clients. The title of the person you’re looking to work with is a past life therapist, not a past life regressionist.

You could also explore the modalities such as Beyond Quantum Healing and QHHT. Both modalities focus on addressing these types of issues in the same way.

How a Skilled Practitioner Can Heal Your Past Lives

How a Skilled Practitioner Will Heal Your Past Lives

Healing your past lives in a regression setting happens through experiencing itself. But this involves more than observing the events of your past as they unfold. You must make the conscious connections between your challenges in those lifetimes to those in the present.

Each practitioner will have a particular manner and style of working, especially within Beyond Quantum Healing. But the key facet that both past life regression therapy and BQH share is the exploratory aspect.

The aim is to discover where you are, who you are, the reason for coming to that life and the lessons it holds for you. In this sense, your practitioner is not so much a healer as they are an investigative reporter.

It’s their job to help you bring those memories to the surface. This is the real work of healing and how therapeutic regression experiences differ from recreational forms of hypnosis. It’s an entirely co-creative process that you will be guiding as much as your facilitator.

Here are some of the methods and techniques that are typically used to create past life healing.

Understanding and Reframing Your Past Lives

After you’ve established the when and where, the next phase is finding out why you’re in a particular scene. You’ll identify the most relevant person to that situation/challenge.

Much of this information will often flow freely and without prompting, but to address the trauma/blockages/limiting beliefs that are rooted in this lifetime, you need to engage in dialogue with those person(s).

You’ll be asked to bring the person you’ve identified to stand in front of you and express your feelings about the event in question, relating to how you feel and how it’s affecting you on the emotional level etc.

You’ll then receive a response from that person. This isn’t always a positive communication, but it does begin the process of understanding why someone may have acted towards you in a certain manner.

It allows you to shift your perspective from one of objective self-centredness to a wider understanding and appreciation of other’s reasoning for acting the way they did. This ultimately seeds compassion for others, which is the first step of forgiveness.

By having these conversations, it creates the realisation that what you experienced was just a lesson. It was simply part of a soul contract you made with another soul to co-create a learning experience together.

***This is my particular way of exploring past lives. The method that other practitioners use may be different. 

Conscious Removal of Blockages

During the unfolding of your past life journey, you may perceive what appear to be blockages in certain parts of your body and/or chakra system. You don’t feel these as pains, but more as a thickness or sensation, indicating that something is blocking that energy meridian.

Identifying these blockages is actually pretty straightforward, and there are several ways they can show up. These relate to both the past life as as a whole as well as the characters in the experience.

The way I like to work, once we’ve established the time and place the session is grounded in is by asking directly where the emotions you’re feeling are present within the body.

When you move onto the dialogue with the person that most represents the trauma/challenge of that past life, you’ll be asked to visualise an umbilical cord connecting your naval to theirs and to describe its colour and flow.

After you’ve gone through the initial exchange, you’ll then have a further dialogue from your respective Higher Selves before being asked to view the umbilical cord once again.

And let’s say, for example, you initially saw it as red and black and that the flow was stagnant, the idea is to see a cord that as a translucent or a white light that flows freely from you to them.

If the energies are still stuck after the dialogue, you’ll be guided to breathe some of your own energy into it to transmute those dense energies.

You’ll then breathe in all of those transformed energies back into the areas of your body where the emotional densities were present before severing your connection to that person and trauma. 

Calling in Assistance from Your Angelic Team, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters

At any point during your past life regression session – although admittedly this is more common in Beyond Quantum Healing – your practitioner can call for assistance from your guides, guardians and angels.

There is no definitive answer to how this will be used or whether it will be at all, as it will depend on the training and judgment of the practitioner in the moment. Some may call on your guides at every interval to bring in healing energy, while others may call for assistance when a session is stuck.

I don’t feel it is necessary to call in guides all the time, as their energy is with you throughout the entirety of experience as we invoke them at the beginning of the session.

If there is a discrepancy or something that needs direct attention, then I will make a direct request for assistance, but this is a fairly rare occurrence.

Calling in Healing from Source-Light

The reason there is less of a reliance on guides and guardian spirits is because of the powerful healing energies that can be brought in through the Source-Light

Again, this is more of a Beyond Quantum Healing techniques, but other past life regression specialists may use similar approaches.

I’m relating this to you, as it’s one of the most powerful aspects of a past life regression/quantum healing hypnosis session and something I always include regardless of the session type.

Source-light can go by many names, chi, prana, lifeforce, golden light and is utilised in more modalities than we have time to cover.

It is pure, photonic light-source energy that is sent to you by an extended visualisation process, and serves as the last step before the close of the session.

I use this approach to wipe away any lingering energies that might still be holding onto your field. People often cite this is the most transformative part of their session as it can lead to profound mystical experiences with guides and guardians. 

The Profound Change that Occurs After a Past Life Regression

The Profound Change that Occurs After a Past Life Regression

A past life regression really has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. When you identify and clear a significant block in your past, the feeling you gain is one of internal freedom. 

Your attitude changes, your behaviour changes, and so does your life.

It’s not only a voyage of discovery but one that has serious real-world benefits. You can literally reinvent yourself through past life exploration.

Seeing – and realising – that you’ve lived before and will undoubtedly live again can be a huge breakthrough moment for many people – even those who already believe in reincarnation. 

Belief is not the same as unshakable knowledge.

That is additional layer of knowingness is what past life healing offers.

You may clear emotional traumas and draw parallels to your current struggles in this lifetime. But as enlightening as that is, it often pales in comparison to the realisation of the cosmic nature of your soul’s journey.

The thought that you’re an eternal being.

One that can never truly die in the way that we think of in the physical sense.

There is only exploration, learning and infinite growth. 

If that idea scares you, maybe it’s the thought of old age, and the degradation of your physical body and mental faculties that puts you off. But those concepts don’t apply to your soul.

When you come to realise this – the size and scale of the game you’re involved, it creates a profound ‘aha moment.’

It creates a thirst for more knowledge and a deeper understanding of where you’ve been, who you were, and where you’re heading.

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Take Control of Your Future By Exploring Your Past with Beyond Quantum Healing

Are you struggling to take the next step in your life? Are you in need of healing, rejuvenation or simply an avid consciousness explorer? What if I told you it was possible to achieve all of the above with a single approach? Too good to be true? Believe me when I tell you, it’s not!

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) expands on the work of Dolores Cannon, the original pioneer of Quantum Healing Hypnosis with QHHT®. In just one session, you can find out why you’re here on Earth in this lifetime, heal old wounds and tap into the infinite wisdom of Your Higher Self.

Are you ready to let go of the past and embrace your unlimited potential?

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