The Truth About Your Past Life Karma (and How to Clear it)

Sam Boomer


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Karma has become such a throwaway term.

In some ways, it’s lost a lot of its original meaning. You’ve probably referred to something unfortunate taking place in your life as ‘karma’ on more than one occasion. It’s become a phrase that we defer to without much thought.

But there is much more to karma than just perceived bad luck. It’s not destiny or fate. However, it is closely intertwined with both. And it isn’t a malevolent force that’s sabotaging your life. It is an immutable law of the universe.

Karma is so much more than a duality of good and bad. In fact, when you explore how karma works, you realise it’s a facilitator of experience. It’s only your human mind that attaches the concept of judgment.

The creation of past life karma is what keeps us honest on our spiritual journey. It exists as a concept and also an exchange between two souls.

What is Past Life Karma?

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You could think of karma as an unofficial bartering system within the spirit world. It’s how we make arrangements with one another to create growth experiences. It holds us accountable for our actions.

When you make a soul contract, you agree to fulfil a specific role for someone in a shared physical incarnation. Sometimes, this might involve playing the antagonist. When you do this, you’re providing a service. And the soul you’re working with will have to repay that favour for you in a later life.

The misconception surrounding past life karma is that it’s a judgment system. It’s not. It’s far from it. For karma to be a system of justice, there must be a winner. But there is no losing in the game of life. There is only learning and experience gained. Karma isn’t something we’re desperately trying to avoid. We embrace it as a part of our journey.

On the soul level, we’re all too aware of its effect. Karma is as natural to the advancing soul as oxygen intake is to our physical bodies. It’s an unquestionable part of our experience. Without food, your body would perish. And without the creation and resolution of past life karma, we would experience very little progression as souls.

Karma and the Law of Cause and Effect

If it wasn’t obvious already, karma and the law of cause and effect operate under the same rules. But there are a few things to be aware of. All karma is rooted in the law of cause and effect, but not all cause and effect can be karmic in nature.

Cause and effect state that everything that is going on in your life is the result of what has come before. The effects that you’re experiencing now came about through the choices you made in the past.

For example, if you’ve just got a new job, you gained that new position through the enactment of your free will choice. There is no adverse karma at play. However, if you had to look for that job because you were fired, then there’s likely an element of karma attached to your circumstances.

Past Life Karma and Reincarnation: The Twin Laws of Spiritual Growth Reincarnation 

A calm river flowing through a valley. Beneath the water's surface, figures of people from different times, signifying the continuous flow of reincarnation and the lessons derived from past life karma.

Your past life karma is the result of living through many hundreds and thousands of lifetimes. The process of reincarnation makes your advancement as a soul possible. Because of it, you have a never-ending capacity to grow and evolve.

You’re connected with source consciousness when you’re a disincarnate soul – a soul without a body. You have a complete awareness of your place within creation. And you exist free of negative human emotions such as fear, anger, and hate. In the spirit world, you only know divine love and oneness with the creator.

This is why reincarnation is such an important concept. By incarnating in the physical, you forget your divine origins. It allows you to have an experience free from the bias of your eternal knowing. You have to learn how to be loving and compassionate without already having access to that knowledge. That’s the challenge of incarnating into a physical body.

But there are hazards. The Earth is an unforgiving environment. And there is no guarantee that you’ll be successful. In fact, it’s not unusual to repeat the same experiences over multiple lifetimes until you’ve resolved a specific aspect of your karma.

How is Past Life Karma Created? 

You should be aware of two types of karma: intentional and unintentional. We’ve already touched on how you set up soul contracts before entering a new life. But just to clarify further… By entering these agreements, you understand you’ll be taking on the karma with full knowledge of the consequences. That’s how you create intentional karma.

When you create unintentional karma, it’s the result of your day-to-day actions. In this case, Karma is the effect of your conduct towards others outside of your soul contracts. When you decide to cheat someone in the spur of the moment, you’re not thinking of the karmic blowback. But in the end, it always comes. There is no escaping karma at any level of the game.

Positive and Negative Karma (Karma and Dharma) 

If you’re wondering at this point whether all past life karma is negative. It’s not. Of course, it’s not. How can it be? We live in a world of duality and polarity – a world of opposites. For negative karma to exist, there must be a positive iteration.

The essence of karma is you reap what you sow. So, if you choose a path that involves hurting others in whatever form that might be, you’ll experience a karmic blowback. But if you decide to be of service to others and act from your heart space, you will amass good karma – otherwise known as Dharma within Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

Does Bad Karma Only Happen to Bad People? 

Karma is all about perspective. What you may view as bad in the present might actually be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes, drastic change must take place to get to where you need to be. But if it’s somewhere that’s going to benefit you in the long run, is it really bad?

How Long Does it Take to Resolve Karma? 

Because of the quickening and rising vibration of the planet, karma is being resolved at a rapid pace as we get closer to the 5D Earth. When the ascension does happen, you cannot take your karmic debts with you. They must be resolved before the shift.

What’s the Difference Between Bad Karma and Bad Luck? 

Bad luck can be the result – or effect – of bad karma. But it can also be a sign from the universe or your guides that you’re not on the right path. It can be their way of creating a roadblock intended to get you back on the course you’re meant to be on.

Is Karma the same thing as Fate? (and What About My Free Will…) 

You have free will, regardless of karma. It’s entirely possible for you to map out a life path before you incarnate and choose a completely opposite direction. You’ll always be guided towards the path you envisaged. But you don’t have to walk it.

How Do I Stop Creating Karma and Release the Load I Have? 

You stop creating new karma by living from your highest intent. You need to become mindful of your actions and how they’re affecting others around you. The more you continue to act in unawareness, the more you’ll create further missteps.

Does Each Life Have Its Own Karmic Theme? 

Yes, each lifetime you come into will have its own specific lesson(s) you must master. You will set up the specific circumstances through soul contracts before you incarnate. And you’ll continue to repeat the experience until you’ve fully integrated the teachings.

Personal Responsibility vs Individual Karma: Is Your Inaction a Crime?

Two doors, one bright, one dark.

What if you find yourself faced with a choice that can affect someone else’s life? If you see someone being mugged, do you allow it to happen because it must be their karma to have that experience?

Really, this begs another question… Would you be able to live with the consequences of not helping that person? If you’re capable of helping someone who’s being threatened and do nothing, you become just as culpable as the perpetrator.

Maybe it was only that person’s karma to feel fear and not to be robbed of all their possessions. Moralistically speaking, think of the karma you would take on for not coming to that person’s aid. Where helping others is concerned, it’s not our place to be judge and jury. It is our duty to help whenever and however we can.

That is how you create the compounding of positive karma, by going out of your way to help others when there is nothing to gain for yourself. That’s how you bring the law of compensation into full effect and reap the benefits of a virtuous life.

How Do You Clear Past Life Karma (And Can It Be Done in This Lifetime?)

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Your karma is the baggage you carry with you, lifetime after lifetime. It is imprinted on your soul. So when you reincarnate, you bring the totality of your karmic experience with you. However, you won’t be forced to resolve it all in just one life.

There are some drawbacks, though. The formation of your karma often involves going through emotional trauma, which can affect you over multiple lives. So, while your karma itself might not be an issue, the wounds you carry from previous soul contracts might.

There are ways for you to get over those blocks. Because of the metaphysical nature of these problems, western medicine can’t help you. However, many healing modalities look past your physical symptoms to alleviate trauma.

Past Life Regression and Beyond Quantum Healing 

Since your past life karma is imprinted on your soul, it’s possible to access it with the right approach. Your conscious mind is only one part of your inner being. You can unravel these traumas when you connect to the higher aspect of yourself that’s aligned with your knowingness.

Past life regression (PLR) and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) both work with this part of you. Your Higher Self. It holds the knowledge of everything you’ve ever experienced through your existence as a soul. And by connecting with its energy, you can resolve anything negative that may have happened to you in a previous life.

But you should know working with these modalities won’t absolve you of your negative karma. If you’ve brought harm to or abused another soul, you’ll have to work it off as a karmic debt. What PLR and BQH can help you with is getting over the negative trauma associated with the harm that has been done to you.

Past Life Karma is Not Something to Worry About

Contrary to what’s been said about the effects of past life karma and the need to clear it, you’re not in a race against time. You’re not going to fall victim to karma – it’s not out to get you.

It will resolve itself organically when the time is right.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to fret about what you might or might not have done in a past life. In most cases, you’re worrying over something you have no concrete knowledge about. You can’t know what karma you have without doing some serious consciousness exploration.

If you’re preoccupied with the idea of past life karma, there’s a chance you’re over-intellectualising it as a problem that needs your immediate attention.

That said, there is one way you can work with karma without constantly looking over your shoulder.

Use it as motivation for being of service to others. Don’t think about what could happen for what you’ve done in the past. Look to plant new seeds so you can reap the rewards in the future.

Some people like to call it karma yoga.

I just like to call it basic goodness. That’s all it is.

We don’t need to overcomplicate the act of simply being nice to one another.

So stop focusing on what you might have done in the past.

Root your actions in what you can do for those around you in the present.

Karma will take care of the rest…

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