How to Prepare for Your Beyond Quantum Healing Session

The one thing that is absolutely required if you do nothing else to prepare for your Beyond Quantum Healing session is to have a clear intention. This will not only assist you in achieving your desired outcome, but will allow you to receive more detailed answers from your Higher Self during the question and answer part of the session. The best way of preparing your intention is to write it down, and spend 5-10 minutes a day – or whenever you have some quiet time – either repeating it out loud or in your head if it makes you feel more comfortable. Another extremely effective way of affirming and reaffirming your intention is by holding it in your mind before you go to sleep. This connects your intention with your dreaming world and strengthens your power to manifest by imprinting upon your subconscious mind.

Preparing Questions for Your Higher Self

One of the most exciting aspects of having a Beyond Quantum Healing session is the ability to ask questions of your Higher Self and gain clarity on your most frustrating challenges. This is where many people find they gain the most value from their session, as it allows you to receive specific guidance that can be found no other place but within.

I do ask that the number of questions is kept to a maximum of ten, due to the amount of time it can take to work through such long lists. However, this is more than enough, as single questions often yield unexpected information, and many of those you want to ask will often overlap with one another. 

The key to creating a good set of questions is to make sure that they’re specific and related to you and your challenges. Avoid questions about other people. And remember, as is in real life – vague questions often result in vague answers! The topics that people tend to focus on most are their physical health, life purpose, career, relationships, personal development and spirituality. But it really is up to you. Here are some examples to give you an idea of what you should be aiming for:

Why am I having so much trouble doing X?

What can I do to improve X?

Why is it so difficult for me to X?

What is the best way for me to X?

Do I need to change career?

What should I be doing right now to improve X?

How can I resolve my relationships issues with X?

Is X my soul mate? Are they the right person for me?

Why am I here on this Earth?

What is my purpose in this lifetime?

Am I on the right path for my personal development?

Am I on the right spiritual path?

How can I connect more regularly with my Higher Self and my guides?

How can I improve my intuitive/psychic abilities?

How can I bring more abundance into my life?

Some Other Things to Consider to Get the Most Out of Your BQH Session

In the lead-up to your session, pay close attention to your dreams and try journalling them. They’re powerful sources of information, and there’s every chance patterns may appear that could either prompt a question to ask of your Higher Self or give greater context to an experience you have during your session. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but can certainly be useful material to draw on.

Please avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages the night before and right before your session is due to begin, as this can severely affect your ability to enter into the trance state. If you’re a regular morning coffee drinker and need it to avoid headaches and withdrawal symptoms, try and keep it to a minimum.

Taking time to ground before the start of your session is a great way to get yourself in the right frame of mind. Avoiding social media is definitely advised, as well as anything else that might prove to be a lingering distraction throughout your session. Creating some personal space by taking a gentle stroll or doing a short meditation is another way you might consider preparing yourself pre-session. Turning your phone off before we begin is a must!

It’s also advised that you consider clearing your schedule on the day of your session if possible. Not having any commitments to worry about pre- or post-session will allow you to engage much easier than if you’ve been rushing around, or know that you have obligations afterwards that might interfere with your ability to remain present.

Make sure that you’re in comfortable clothes that aren’t going to be distracting you throughout your session. Something loose-fitting that won’t constrict your circulation works best, as your going to be lying down from anywhere between 3-5 hours in total. The last thing you want is for your session to be ruined by a pair of skinny jeans!

Ensure you get a good night’s sleep the day before your session. Beyond Quantum Healing focuses on relaxation techniques, which could put you to sleep if you’re over-tired or underslept. And even if you can remain conscious, the chances are you’ll find it extremely taxing, and spend more time battling fatigue than you will being in the experience.

Try not to eat anything too heavy before we’re about to meet; having a belly full of food will make it much harder to go into deep trance. However, since your session can take anywhere between 3-5 hours to complete, you should eat something, as hunger can also be an equally unwanted distraction. Try and eat something light and give yourself at least an hour or so to digest before we’re due to begin.

Lastly and most importantly, it’s best to come to your session without being overly attached to having a specific experience. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be clear about your intentions. You should absolutely be clear about your desired outcome. But yearning to travel to a particular past life or have a mystical experience might leave you feeling disappointed. There are many different avenues a session can take, and you will always get the outcome you need but not necessarily in the way that you want.

Practising the Golden Light Meditation

If you’ve not already downloaded the golden light mediation, you can do that now by clicking here. The idea is for you to record the script in your own voice, and listen back to it as a meditation. This will help you become familiar with entering a state of deep relaxation to connect with your Higher Self. You don’t need to do this right before your session, but doing so at least a couple of times in the weeks and days leading up our meeting is a great way to prepare.

What You Can Expect After Your BQH Session

After the session has ended, you will be aware of everything you have just experienced and feel fully re-energised, revitalised and renewed. Quantum healing sessions are very much like taking part in a long, meandering daydream, and you will likely feel a sense of deep connectedness both towards yourself and the world around you, having journeyed and communicated with multiple aspects of your consciousness.

As I’ve mentioned above, it’s advisable to have the time and space to process your experience afterwards – it will be a huge benefit if you can do this for yourself. It’s also especially important to ground yourself before doing any strenuous activities in which you could injure either yourself or others. If you need to drive somewhere shortly after your session, maybe consider another form of transport or postponing whatever it is you have to do if you don’t feel able to engage with physical tasks or social engagements.

If you have no other option but to continue with your day after your session, having something to eat can speed up the process of grounding – you may find that you’re quite hungry from having eaten lightly beforehand, anyway. However, if you do have time to spend by yourself, walking barefoot on grass is an excellent way of literally bringing yourself back down to Earth. There is nothing that grounds more completely than feeling the Earth under your feet.

It’s also important to remember the experience will not yet be over in its entirety even after you finish your session. You will maintain a strong connection with your Higher Self for several days afterward. And as stated in the preparation section above, pay close attention to your dreams, as they may have additional messages and guidance for you, concerning the questions that you asked.

Also, remember to be open to receiving guidance in the form of synchronicities, as they may appear with greater frequency to guide you on the next stage of your journey. The signs you receive may be obvious and not so obvious, so be mindful and aware of everything you encounter and don’t write anything off as a coincidence! Connecting with higher frequency energies can bring about new and exciting discoveries. So be open to all possibilities.

Note: You may come away from a session feeling that nothing has happened, especially if the majority of your experience was spent exploring current life events. This can lead to doubts about yourself, the process, and whether any change has actually taken place at all. But be aware, much of the work that is done with the Higher Self takes place on the unseen levels beyond our 3D perception, and any changes may take more than just a couple of days to manifest in your life. Listening to the audio recording of your session can alleviate yourself of any lingering doubts by reconnecting you with the energy from your session. In fact, it’s advised to listen to it at least once, as you will forget many of the insights you can consciously apply to your life. 

After we’ve parted ways, I’ll save the recording of your session and send it by email as a downloadable link. But ensure you make a backup as soon as possible, as I can’t keep the file in storage indefinitely, and it will most likely be deleted within 30 days of being sent to you. Ideally, you want to listen to your session several times, especially the question and answer section with the Higher Self. There will likely be subtle layers you didn’t pick up on the first time, so even if you had an extremely lucid experience during your session, listening to it in the days, weeks and months afterward will allow you to understand specific insights in a way that might only be possible with the benefit of hindsight. Above all, working with the Higher Self in this way is about aligning with your purpose. So the more you’re able to ‘program’ yourself with these insights, the greater the benefit you will receive in the long-term.


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