11 Undeniable Signs You’re a Lightworker

Perhaps you’ve always known you were different, or maybe you’re only just realising that you’ve never quite fit in. Lightworkers rarely do…

They’re sensitive souls who have come to assist the Earth shift through the separation of densities from the 3rd to the 5th Dimension. If you’re a lightworker, you’ve incarnated on the Earth at this time for a very specific purpose.

You’re here to help anchor the light for those who don’t have the spiritual capacity to match the rising vibration of the planet as we move towards ascension.

That doesn’t mean you have to be in a position of leadership or in the public eye.

Lightworkers operate on all different scales.

We need boots on the ground doing the front-line work of healing the population and our planet just as much as we do famous spiritual teachers.

In fact, we need them more so than ever.

Here’re 11 signs you’re a lightworker here to contribute to raising of consciousness on the planet:

1. You Don’t Fit into the Regular Structure of Life 

You’re the archetypal black sheep of society. You’ve just never lived up to the expectations that were placed on you. School was a drag, your parents never really got you, and the friends you do have are all kind of like you. You gravitate towards the unusual.

You may have already carved out a niche for yourself doing your own thing. But if you are stuck in a regular work environment, it sucks all the energy out of you. You’re looking for a way to get out and make a break for it as soon as you can.

2. You’re a Seeker of Truth and Won’t Accept Lies

You’ve been a curious soul from an early age. There’s something within you that yearns after truth. Anything that has an air of mystery about it causes you to do mental somersaults trying to figure it out. You have to know the meaning behind everything.

You’re hyperaware of your conversations with other people. Any slight infliction or misplaced word causes you to ponder the meaning of what they were trying to hide. Nothing slips past your discernment filter. You want what’s right and fair for all.

3. You’ve Had a Sudden Spiritual Awakening

You may not have been interested in spirituality at all for the vast majority of your life. But then, bam! It hits you like a ton of bricks. Your whole world is flipped upside down, and it can seem like you’re in the middle of an existential crisis. But you’re not…

The reason the sudden awakenings happen is that you need to become aware of your purpose in this lifetime. You may have missed some of the guiding signs, or you may have pre-arranged your awakening to happen this way. But it’s vital that you wake up ASAP.

4. You’re Connected Deeply with Spirit and Have had Contact with Your Guides from an Early Age

But then, you may have always had a strong connection with spirit. Your guides, guardians, and angels may have figured in your life from an early age. But there’s a part of you that’s taken this for granted, or been too afraid to embrace your experiences until now

If this describes your circumstances, you almost certainly have an important role to play in the ascension to 5D. Souls who come in with innate psychic talents have often come in as Starseeds. They’ve incarnated at this time to guide the planet in the shift to unity consciousness.

5. You’re Drawn to Help Other’s at the Expense of Yourself

If you haven’t felt this already, you may have noticed a strong shift towards wanting to be of service to others. You see how much suffering there is in the world, and your own needs start to feel insignificant compared to others.

The competition-based nature of our society makes your heart sink. You don’t see why we should have to live in a world of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots.’ You may even volunteer at non-profits, help people on the street or even set up your own initiates.

6. You’re Driven by the Need to Create Positive Change

The system of control we live in saddens you, greatly. You know there’s a better for us to co-exist without having to give so many of freedoms away. You demand change. You can become so impassioned – your friends may have called you a dreamer or unrealistic.

But you know what’s right, and you see those who shout you down as making excuses for not wanting to take action. Their inaction frustrates you. But you can see that it’s only because they’re operating from a limited perspective.

7. You’re Compelled to Work with Healing Modalities, Crystals And Anything Spiritual

You’re fascinated by anything mystical. If there is there a mystery, hidden meaning or the chance for growth, you’ll investigate it. You want to have access to any and all things that’ll help you on your soul’s journey. You’re like the proverbial sponge.

Once you get on the path of learning, it becomes an addiction. You can’t know enough about any subject you turn your interest to. You become incredibly invested in what you’re doing and leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of growth.

8. You’re a Natural Empath and Have a Deep Compassion for the World

You may have felt from an early age that people didn’t like you. Anxiety may have been an almost ever-present feeling. But those feelings aren’t your own. If you’re an empath, you will have been intuitive – empathing – other’s emotions and misinterpreting them as your own.

As you mature, you’ll have recognised your ability and learned to become entangled on the mental level. You see what you have as a skill. One that you can use to relate to the challenges of other people in a deeper, more authentic and compassionate way.

9. You’re the One People Turn to When They Have Issues in Their Life

You’re that person. The one that everyone turns to when they need advice. You don’t invite these people. They just feel naturally drawn to your energy. You find them just wanting to open up to you and share themselves in a way that they wouldn’t with others.

When you hold space for people in this way, you’re anchoring the light for them. You’re allowing the freedom to express themselves without fear of judgment or condemnation. That, is one of the primary skills of the lightworker. They listen from the heart.

10. You Receive Incredible Synchronicities Guiding You Towards Your Goals

You notice small things in your life that are beyond coincidence. You see repeating number patterns, metaphorical signs and have synchronistic meetings with people. And this happens to you all the time. You feel as though you’re being pushed forward by some invisible hand.

All of these are signs from the universe that are leading you towards a specific end. They’re guiding you. But they’re also providing confirmation and affirmation that you’re on the right path. Over time, they’ll become bigger and more noticeable until you can’t help but take action.

11. You Feel Like You’ve Been Put Here for a Very Specific Reason

Finally, you’ve probably always felt deep down that you’re here to do ‘something.’ Even if you’ve only just come onto a spiritual path, you’ve just had this feeling that you came here with a specific mission. But you don’t know what it is…

This is where you allow synchronicity to guide you. Being open to the flow of the will allow you to embrace your infinite potential. But do so without expectations. Don’t force your journey. Let it unfold at its own pace, and be in a position to heed the calls to action when they come.

The Lightworker’s Mission

Your mission here is unique to you.

If you’ve been drawn to search for this question, you’re undoubtedly a lightworker. And many of the signs above will have given you confirmation and affirmation of that.

So what’s the next step?

Ask yourself, ‘what are your special talents?’ What can you do that now that one else can?

Finding your inner genius and sharing it with the world is what will take you from a place of dreaming to a place of union and communion with your Higher Self.

Remember, you don’t need to be the one stood on the podium, rallying people.

If that is your calling, great! Go and do it!

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by what a lightworker should be. Just by being here alive in this moment, you’re already serving as a lightworker, helping millions of people in the astral world resolve their soul contracts.

You’re far greater than you can even imagine.

If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way.

Go inside and meditate.

Do the inner work.

Be well.

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John Jenkinson
March 5, 2022 10:26 am

I could really relate to this sam. I especially like the part at the end about our souls mission. Will subscribe to your blog.

March 7, 2022 6:09 pm

I love it n really need it right now, thank u u confirmed my purpose of life

March 22, 2022 8:49 am

Only one of those on that list I feel definitely apply to me. With one or two maybes. I’m relieved then, that I’m evidently not a Lightworker with the burden of those responsibilities. Good luck to those of you that are though !

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