Soul Types and Archetypes: Their Origins, Mission and Challenges

You’re fascinated by what makes you tick…

We all want to unravel the mystery of what makes us who we are.

The Earth is like a stage play full of actors. And just like in those huge productions, you need a varied cast of characters. You can’t have a planet full of villains, or even heroes and villains with nothing in between.

What would we be without our differences?

They’re what separates us, but also what brings us to together to learn from one another.

Our uniqueness is our currency in this life and beyond.

And each of us can be defined by a soul type and soul archetype.

At least, to a greater or lesser extent…

The Four Main Soul Types and Where They Fit into the Earth’s Drama

The Four Main Soul Types and Where They Fit into the Earth’s Drama

Your soul falls into one of these four types. But it’s possible some of them may crossover with one another. For example, if you’re a Starseed, it’s almost certain you’ll be an old soul. But also, if you an old soul, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an advanced soul.

1. Native Earth Soul 

As a native Earth soul, you experienced your original incarnation after coming from Source on this planet. It’s quite rare to have this type of soul. Only around 25% of the people incarnated on the planet are native. The remainder comes from other stars system. Races such as the Pleiadians and Arcturians are all well represented Earth.

2. The Old Soul

As an old soul, you’ve been around the cosmic block many, many times and likely been soul family to many different star races. You’ll have experienced tens of thousands of lives over a time reaching million years old. However, you should know, just because you’re an old soul, it doesn’t make you a wise soul.

3. The Advanced Soul

As an advanced soul, you could either be young or old. It has nothing to with age and everything to do with your progression and purpose in your current incarnation. Advanced souls usually come in with a very specific mission. They plan their lives out hundreds and thousands of lives in advance complete their missions.

4. The Walk-in

A walk-in is someone who’s soul has departed and been replaced by a different and oftentimes more advanced soul. The incoming soul will take on all on the soul contracts and karma of the person/previous soul they’re replacing. This could be done for several reasons. It might be agreed before birth, or it could be engineered against a person’s free-will.

The Starseed (Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal)

You can broadly think of a Starseed as a soul who’s come in another star system to incarnate on Earth. But that applies to around 75% of us here right now. It’s a little meaningless in that sense. The true definition of Starseed is a type of soul that’s recently incarnated on Earth for the first time. They’ve come in with a specific mission to assist in the ascension to 5D. These are sometimes known as the Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal Children.

The 8 Most Common Soul Archetypes: Which One Best Describes You?

Your soul archetype defines your personality. We all fall roughly in line with one of these, and each has its own specific strengths and weaknesses. It’s what makes the game of life so interesting. We need scientists and scholars just as much as we do the rebels and creatives. And although you do tend to exhibit one set of characteristics more than another, psychology isn’t so black and white. You can develop traits of the other archetypes as you mature. Life isn’t a static experience. You learn to be the person you are, and that growth doesn’t stop until you pass onto the next plane.

1. The Server (A.K.A The Caregiver)

1. The Server (A.K.A The Caregiver)

As a server, you’re always willing to put others before yourself. It’s an in-built trait. You don’t have to think about the pros and cons of helping someone. You do it out of compassion and duty to your fellow human.

But your good nature makes you vulnerable. People can see your eagerness to help and may try to bend it to their will. You can also find yourself overextending your help to others when your assistance isn’t needed.

Weaknesses: You don’t have it in you to put your own needs first. Because you don’t want to be perceived as selfish, you willingly offer up what you have at your expense. This affects your ability to provide yourself with proper self-care and self-nurture.

Challenge: You need to learn how to step back and let others take control of their life. Sometimes the best service is letting people figure things out by themselves. You can sometimes be guilty of stepping on the journey of others.

2. The Creative Free Spirit

2. The Creative Free Spirit

You’re creative in every way it’s possible to be. Life is like a piece of performance art, and you’re the one throwing the brush strokes. You bring a style and a flair to everything you do and are talented in more than just one area.

You could be just as proficient at writing, drawing, and music although you’ll tend to gravitate towards one more than the other. Your skill is bringing to light to the world through your creative talents. You inspire others with your originality

Weaknesses: The creator’s perfectionism is their biggest weakness. They find it hard to let go of work that doesn’t meet their standards. It can sometimes take the joy out of their passion and make them hard characters to deal with.

Challenges: The main challenge of the creative free-spirit is to get over their internal self-judgment. The constant need to be original can them back from finding the magic in what they’re doing. Their biggest lesson is in allowing their process to occur naturally.

3. The Warrior Spirit

3. The Warrior Spirit

The Warrior is the one who never gives in. No challenge is insurmountable, even if the odds are stacked against them. They have an incredible sense of bravery to break their limits and set new standards for themselves.

But with this courage comes arrogance. The Warrior can sometimes be guilty of making rash judgment calls. Their commitment and bravery can also be their undoing. The main lesson of the Warrior is to learn balance.

Weaknesses: The Warrior solves problems by looking at the from the macro-scale. They see the broad picture, but that can often lead to unrefined thinking and using brute force. They’ll never back down for fear of being perceived as coward.

Challenges: The Warrior is always in need of their next big challenge. They’re always looking for the next mountain to scale. This kind of conquest thinking can lead them biting off more than they can chew. The Warrior, above all, needs to learn patience.

4. The Sage (The Free Thinker and Innovator)

4. The Sage (The Free Thinker and Innovator) - The Progressive

The Sage embodies the quality of wisdom. Their primary interest is the search for meaning in everything they encounter. It’s a compulsion to make the unknown known. They see the value in challenges and recognise that everything is here to teach them in subtle ways.

Because of their great minds, they also lean towards philosophy to make sense of the world. Their main strength is their intuitive nature. If they develop their skills, Sages can become powerful psychic healers.

Weaknesses: The Sage can sometimes be too introspective. They can shut out the outside world so much they become dogmatic. Once they establish a belief system, it can be very hard for them to deviate from their path.

Challenges: The main challenge of the Sage is acceptance. They need to come to the realisation that there are many more truths than just their own. Truth isn’t an absolute. It’s specific to an individual at a particular time.

5. The Priest (The Magician/Motivator)

5. The Priest (The Magician/Motivator)

The Magician is the most spiritual of all archetypes. It can cause them to become very insular, forgoing any sense of personal kinship with those around them. They prefer to be alone. The space it affords to connect with themselves on a deeper level is far more valuable.

These characters are often seen as visionaries. People who make great change through their drive and ability to see things in a way that few others can. They’re here to raise the consciousness of the planet and will do so in their own unique way.

Weaknesses: The Magician has high expectations. Not only do they set a high bar for themselves, but they also expect others to reach the same standards. They won’t accept failure, and when it does happen, they can become a martyr.

Challenges: The Magician needs to overcome placing expectations on others. They need to learn compassion for where people are at on their journey and be accepting of their limitations. They need to learn how to stop being triggered and giving into judgment.

6. The King (Leader)

6. The King (Leader)

The King needs little introduction. But they’re not just confined to positions of royalty. The Kings and Queens amongst us are the leaders of our world. They’re the people who lead from the front, and others are drawn to for inspiration.

Leaders take on this responsibility, willingly. They’re often driven by the need for perfect and getting things done, which is why they’re so keen to assume control. It isn’t power they’re seeking. It’s setting standards. Leaders are the big-picture thinkers of life.

Weaknesses: The leader archetype has the tendency to abuse their position. It takes a special type of person to lead. There is a difference between being in charge and being a true leader. Many notable characters in history have been guilty of letting their power corrupt them.

Challenges: The biggest challenge of the ruler is giving up control. No one can be in charge of every minor detail. It’s exhausting. The great lesson of the leader isn’t to create more followers, but to create more leaders.

7. The Heart-Centred Soul (The Lover)

7. The Heart-Centred Soul (The Lover)

The heart-centred soul has love and compassion for all living beings. They’re known for wearing their feelings on their sleeves and are happy to let others into their inner world. In fact, just like the Magician, they expect this level of openness from others, as well.

This soul rides on their emotions. They can be elated one minute and then brought crashing back down to Earth the next. You can recognise them as being extremely empathic. They’re always in tune with the needs of those around them, but sometimes becoming entangled in their energy to the point of exhaustion

Weaknesses: The Lover can be too much of a people pleaser. Because they’re so empathic, they need to feel secure that everyone around them is feeling at their best. But this can sometimes lead to them being manipulated.

Challenges: Sometimes, the Lover needs love to feel loved. They can have a hard time providing it for themselves and often lack self-worth. They base their worth on other’s perspective of them. They need to learn how to see themselves objectively.

8. The Maverick Free Spirit

8. The Maverick Free Spirit

The free spirit lives by their own code. Sometimes for better or for worse. They’re the ultimate non-conformists and can’t be placed in a hole by any system. They need to be free of rules and institutional thinking to express themselves and reach their full potential.

They bring a huge amount of disrupter energy that can be channelled to do a lot of good. But this makes them extreme sceptics. They question everything that doesn’t have a clear reason. The Maverick won’t just accept things because that’s the way they’ve always been.

Weaknesses: Mavericks can be fighting so hard for a cause that they veer away from the facts and drift in zealotry if they lack proper self-awareness. They find it incredibly hard to trust others and delegate tasks. It makes them challenging leaders to work with.

Challenges: The Maverick needs to broaden their perspective. They can exist so much within their inner world that they isolate themselves from those who’re able to help them. They need to put their objectivity aside and embrace their intuitive guidance. They need to let go.

Don’t Let Your Soul Type or Archetype Define You… Too Much

We’re all searching meaning and identity. When you strip away all of the superficialities of life, that’s what we’re really interested in.

Discovering who you are can be extremely validating. It can represent the end of a long search. But remember, these archetypes, aren’t absolute. They’re simply reference points for your character.

The human expression is too dynamic to ever be truly defined by such a list of personalities. Sure, you might lean more towards one than another.

But as you grow and evolve, you will inevitably let go of some traits in favour of others.

Interests change, prioritise change, you change. That’s life.

Don’t allow yourself to become the obstacle that’s standing in the way of your growth.

Do you really want to colour within the lines?

Set your own boundaries.

And be well.

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