What is Your Soul’s Journey (And Where is Your Final Destination?)

Your soul.

Where do you want it to take you?

Do you want to know?

It’s taking you everywhere. It’s the leading light that’s guiding you from lifetime to lifetime via the spirit world and has a hand in every inspired decision you’ve ever made.

What is your soul’s journey?

It’s the journey of many lifetimes, stretching over aeons of time.

Every action you take, every word you speak is a contributing part. The real question of the soul’s journey isn’t about what defines it. The question is, how are you going to define yours?

If you become aware of that the inner voice, you’ll find yourself in places you never imagined.

Just allow yourself to be guided.

Your soul never lies…

What is the Journey of a Soul?

What is the Journey of a Soul?

Your soul’s journey is the path you take from conception to fully empowered creator being. It’s the overarching narrative that includes both your physical incarnations and your life within the spirit world.

The path each soul takes will be unique. There is no set course that has to be followed. Each of us is born with a unique set of traits that marks us out as being better suited for some tasks more than others. Some will be teachers, oracles, and seers. Others will specialise in the arts and so on…

The diversity of soul paths is near limitless. You can choose to specialise in any area you want. You can change course, take on multiple interests, diverge from what is expected of you at every turn and create your own narrative for how you want to progress. It’s entirely within your free-will.

Soul Journey vs Spiritual Journey: How They’re Both Separate and Connected

Soul Journey vs Spiritual Journey: How They’re Both Separate and Connected

Your spiritual and soul’s journey are closely related and are both a part of the same whole. But there are some key differences between the two. Your spiritual journey is largely concerned with your path throughout each physical incarnation. It’s the path of the “I AM” expression of your soul consciousness.

Your spiritual journey is a gradual awakening process. You come into each new life in a state of amnesia, tasked with the mission of remembering your divine origins. It’s the reason why you continue reincarnate lifetime after lifetime. By transcending the limitations of your physical body, you can realise your unlimited potential.

This part of your development is about introspection. It’s where most of the grunt-work is done that contributes to your soul’s journey. Being on a spiritual path is about introspection, doing the deep inner work and discovering your true essence. It’s about you and your journey. That doesn’t mean it’s selfish or self-centred in a negative light. It’s simply self-focused.

The way you progress on your spiritual path is through tackling the immediate challenges that are holding you back. These are usually mental and emotional and relate to your interpersonal relationships and how you perceive your self-worth. The more layers you peel away of instant gratification, judgment and anger, the quicker you’ll go through the great remembering of who you are.

By contrast, your soul’s journey is the overarching narrative of your entire journey as a soul. It takes into account your birth as a soul, your development in the spirit world and the connection between each of your incarnations leading to where you stand, now.

Your Soul’s Origin and Connection with Source Consciousness

The soul birthing process has a lot in common with the stages we’re familiar with in the physical. There’s a form of insemination, an incubation period and eventual birth, which results in the creation of an infant soul.

One thing that marks out the soul birthing process is the lack of conception as we know. There is no mating process. Everything that is created come from source consciousness. In a way, you could think of it as an asexual birthing process.

When a new ‘batch’ of souls is ready to be created, a burst of light energy is emitted from Source. These shards of light are projected towards designated nursery areas in the spirit world. Here, these souls enter in an embryonic state and are cared for by souls known as ‘Incubator Mothers.’

The newly ‘conceived’ souls reside here in honeycomb-like structures until they’re ready to hatch and become a fully-fledged soul. Once they enter into full consciousness, they’re given the same motherly energy that you would expect in a physical expression of being.

Although the way in which souls are birthed is asexual, the same need for feminine care remains. This involves several mechanical processes, such as the disconnection of an umbilical cord, but also of basic attention, expressing warmth and acceptance.

Coming into Your First Incarnations and Finding Your Soul Group

After you become cognizant of yourself as a sentient being, you aren’t rushed off into your first incarnation straight away. You’re given time to acclimatise to your surroundings and recognise your divine nature as a soul birthed directly from Source.

When you are ready for your first steps in life a physical setting, it’s very rare that it’ll be as a hominid – human – being. Most souls begin their journey in the plant and mineral kingdom, progressing to the animal kingdom before taking on a human life.

By progressing this way, it allows a young soul to become familiar with physicality without the burden of dealing with complex human emotions. Starting life as vegetation, for example, means you can go through rapid life cycles, which can amass more experience than you think.

Everything in existence has consciousness. And by choosing to be a plant, you’re volunteering to be a part of the food chain. That means when you plant body containing your soul essence is consumed, you meld with the being consuming your flesh allowing you to partially integrate their wisdom, also.

After partaking in several on these preliminary lives, you’ll experience your first life as a human/hominid either on this world or another. These will generally be less challenging live to help ease you into the life as an incarnate soul having to deal with complex emotions, social structure and culture.

All these experiences are what will decide which soul group you will be placed in. The purpose of this method is to make sure that souls are placed in groups that are balanced in terms of advancement, ability, attributes and specific goals.

Creating Soul Family, Amassing Soul Codes and Furthering Your Journey

It’s easy to limit our perception of what possible to what’s in front of us. But the totality of creation extends far beyond our Earth, our Solar System and even beyond the universal level we exist on. Creation is in an infinite concept that knows no bounds.

The galaxy and wider universe are teeming with life. The fact that we haven’t been formally introduced to it yet doesn’t invalid its existence. There are many other human and hominid races that predate our own by millions – even billions – of years. We’re just the latest development in that chain of evolution.

All these bodies need souls for them to function, and there is no rule saying you can’t experience life as another race. The potential for your experience as a soul is entirely up to your own free-will. In fact, it’s pretty much a requirement for your progression.

Just as we work our way through the stages of mineral and animal kingdom experiences, leading to a variety of human incarnations, we also need to go through life on other worlds, galaxies and universes to round out our skill set as a soul.

In the first instance, we travel from solar system to solar system creating soul family with the native species that reside there. We do this by incarnating into their DNA skinsuit, which then gives us access to their race DNA memory and soul/solar codes.

These codes valued currency within the context of a soul’s journey. They’re a form of spiritual technology that allows travel between different solar systems by allowing you access through the sun’s stargate.

You cannot come into a star system and incarnate without either having a soul code to enter, relevant soul family members that are already or have incarnated there. If you don’t have these soul codes, it is still possible for you to enter the planetary consciousness and incarnate by invitation – although this is much rarer.

The reason for spreading your wings is obvious. Just as we travel the Earth to experience different cultures and perspective, so do different races across the galaxy have their own perspectives. In fact, many of us can trace our galactic origins back to people’s such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians, and Orions.

We have only come to Earth as one part of our journey to complete a set of soul codes that will allow us greater freedom to travel the universe and create even more learning experiences. All of those will eventually lead to our development on the individual and collective level.

Why Ascension is the Never-Ending Quest of Your Soul’s Journey

Why Ascension is the Never-Ending Quest of Your Soul’s Journey

Your soul is in a constant state of forward momentum. It doesn’t matter how fast you’re going; you’re always reaching for the next level in your evolution. And the bridge between where your soul resides now and the next frontier of consciousness exploration is the ascension process.

Ascension is how you transcend your current level of awareness and embrace a whole state of being. When you ascend, it means you’ve mastered a set of criteria that make up the concept of the particular dimension you were previously inhabiting.

As we’re now in the 3rd dimension/density, – technically 3.5d, due to the impending ‘event’ – the concept we’re trying to master is unconditional love. Each time you engage in the act of self-love or service to others, it helps raise your vibration and helps align your frequency with the next dimension.

For us, that is the 5th dimension. The universal laws state that you can only ascend one level at a time. However, due to the bottlenecking of consciousness that has taken place on our planet, we’ll skip the 4th dimension, otherwise known as the Astral Realm and go straight to the 5th.

This is the natural order of your soul’s journey. At present, there are 12-dimensional levels that can be experienced with a 13th one currently in creation and 17 universes with an 18th one also under construction – these relatively small number with scope expansion being literally infinite.

It’s your soul’s sovereign right and duty to itself to incarnate within and explore all of these realms and levels of consciousness so you can add your own contribution to the story of creation by taking on the mantle of becoming your own creator being in the distant future.

Your Soul’s Journey Through a Single Incarnation

Your soul moves through several phases during the incarnation process in the spirit world before moving into the physical and returning to back your guides and soul group for your life review. It’s a far more involved process than you might think.

1. Life Choice/Body Selection

You’re permitted to spend as much time in the spirit world as you need to recover and review your previous life. But after a certain length of time, you’ll either be gently encouraged towards taking on another life or will start getting itchy feet and want another physical experience.

When that happens, you aren’t just handed the next available life and sent on your way by your guides. It’s a carefully orchestrated and co-creative process. You work together, first to find the life path you want to play out and then to find the most suitable body and circumstances that will allow you to achieve your goals.

2. Creation of Soul Contracts

Once you’ve outlined what you would like the theme of your next incarnation to be, you’ll then create contracts with those in your soul group and neighbouring soul clusters to perform specific functions for one another during your next life.

This may involve the creation of new dramas to be played out in family settings, work or otherwise. Or it could be the resolution of old past life karma that is now being called in by an old soul because it represents the perfect life to create a karmic resolution between you both.

3. Preparation with Soul Group and Guides

In every incarnation, we are the main protagonist in our own stage play with a cast of supporting characters around us – who are also the main focus of their own story. However, some of those we have the most important agreements with won’t be in our life at birth.

Before you embark on your reincarnation process, you will go through a preparation class with other souls who’ll appear within your life. The purpose is to plant seeds of knowingness within your subconscious for you to recognise which people are important to your journey. These cues will take the form of synchronicities, déjà vu and other ‘coincidences’ that draw you towards another person.

4. Final Departure with the Elder Guides

Before you’re ready for the rebirthing process, you’re taken before the council of elders. These are a group of guides who oversee the wider organisation of the spirit world. They’re not dictatorial or bureaucratic. They simply have a larger amount of responsibility.

It’s their job to see that you understand what your goals are in the lifetime you’re about to undertake and to make sure you’re aware of your duties and responsibilities. Here, you’ll be given a final chance to make any amendments to your choice and even refuse to go forward if you don’t feel it’s the right thing for you to do.

5. Your Rebirth and the Mind Meld Process with Your Chosen Body

This is the point you finally separate your consciousness from the spirit world. Although a part of you will always remain in some capacity to work on other projects, you’ll take the bulk of your awareness with you into your incarnations.

When you do enter into the womb-time experience, it’s through a tunnel similar to the one you pass through at death. Once there, you have the oppurtunity to meld with the body, which has a consciousness all of its own. You’re free to come and go as you please in the first 2-3 months of the foetal development. But beyond that point, you make the bond more permanent between your new body.

6. Your Physical Incarnation

Once you’ve entered into the physical world, all your planning will effectively go out of the window. You come into each incarnation with a state of amnesia to prevent you from ‘cheating’ on your journey through life.

You will still have plenty of cues to help guide you on your way from dreams, synchronicities, déjà vu, and other mystical experiences. But you don’t have to follow them. You can always choose a different path according to your free-will.

7. Death and Transition Back to the Spirit World

In most cases, there will be a smooth transition for the physical to the spirit world. People generally report detaching from their body and being called towards a white light. Some feel this light around them while others feel it off in the distance as calling to return ‘home.’

Depending on your level of development, you may be met at this point by someone close to you who’s already passed on, or a spirit guide. But if you’re more advanced, you’ll likely make this journey back to the spirit world unaccompanied.

8. Returning to your Soul Group and Life Review

If you’re not greeted by a guide immediately upon passing, this will usually be the first being you’ll encounter when you re-enter the spirit world. From there, you’ll then be guided back to your soul group for your homecoming and to reunite with those in your previous incarnation.

You’ll then have your final life review with the council of elders who were your last contact in the spirit world before entering into the physical. You’ll be able to pinpoint exactly when and where your greatest victories were and where you could improve next time before you go on further study to prepare for your next life.

The Infinite Nature of Your Journey

The Infinite Nature of Your Journey

The journey of the soul is infinite – we’ve already said that much. But not only does it have the scope for never-ending progression, you choose whichever path you want to follow.

There is no one pressuring you. There is no one insisting that there a specific role that needs to be filled. You’re celebrated for your individualism with each step you take on your journey.

And you don’t ever need to worry about failures, setbacks and errors because in truth none of these exist on the soul-level. They’re constructs of our limited human perception. In the world of spirit, there’s only learning.

Each experience is valued for what it brings to the narrative of your journey. There has to be a balance. You can’t experience good without knowing its opposite.

Your soul’s journey is one of discovery and learning.

But the format is a far cry from the institutionalised settings we’re used to in our physical lives.

The spirit world works in a far more supportive manner.

Your free-will is paramount.

And you’re always in control.

Because it’s your journey.

Safe travels…

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Sammy-kun! how do you know all these things in such detail?? with the help of astral projection? It’s amazing!
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Read “Journey of souls” by Michael Newton.