Spirit Guides: 6 Ways to Make the Connection (Beginner and Advanced)

You’re desperate to make the connection to your spirit guides…

It’s seen as a kind of holy grail experience. Why can some people do, and others can’t? You see people who look as though they’ve been doing it their entire life, and ask yourself, ‘why them and not me?’

But truth is…

Although a select few are naturally talented, the other 99% of people had to learn how to hone their skills. It’s not an experience reserved for a select band of the population. We can all connect with our guides.

Which means, so can you.

All it takes it requires is your effort, and of course some of the exercises that we’ll get to a little further down the post.

You can skip ahead if you like.

But you might find some the setup quite interesting if all this is new to you.

Let’s begin…

What are Your Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are a type of soul who operate from the spirit world. Their purpose is to assist you with the challenges you face as you progress on your soul’s journey. You can think of them as mediators between yourself and spirit.

From the moment you’re born, you have a spirit guide by your side. In fact, you’ll have many throughout your life. Each one will come when they’re needed, depending on your goals at that time. Many more will come without you knowing to assist in specific lessons.

Despite the turnaround, you’ll always have one guide who’s a constant throughout your journey. But in addition, you also have a guardian angel who’s watching over you at all times. These angels are not the same as your personal guides. It’s rare you would have contact with them unless you made a concerted effort. They’re less concerned with your day-to-day affairs and will only step in if there’s a pressing issue. Even then, you may not be aware of their presence.

In short, your guides are always here to help you. They will never convey negative messages. They will never belittle your efforts, and they will never compromise your free-will – meaning they will never hand you the answers to all your problems. Your guides are here to ‘guide’ you. They’re not here to complete your spiritual journey for you.

9 Types of Spirit Guides and How They Assist You from Behind the Scenes

9 Types of Spirit Guides and How They Assist You from Behind the Scenes

You can expect to encounter spirit guides in multiple forms once you start practising how to make contact. In fact, they might come in many guises, depending on the nature of their message. They also base their appearance on the best way to catch your attention.

Here are the nine most common types of spirit guides you’re likely to encounter, although this is by no means exhaustive or is any particular order relating to hierarchy.

1. Animal Spirits

You might not see an animal spirit as being the most desirable guides due to the supposed lack of language barrier. But there is great wisdom held within the character of all animals. They all have something unique to teach us if you’re willing to open yourself up to their message. The Native American shamans revered many creatures native to their land and asked for their assistance when performing ‘soul retrievals.’ This was a ceremony designed to reunite people with their lost soul fragment, which could be dangerous work for the untrained. They would often call their animal totems to provide spiritual protection to ensure safe passage.

2. Personal Guides

This is the guide that you’ll have the most contact with on your journey. Your personal guide is usually someone who you have strong past life connections with. They may be a member of your soul group who’s moved on ahead of you to adopt more of a teacher-guide mantle. It also could be that they’re disincarnated during the time of your current life, allowing you to make a soul contract with one another for them to be your guide. These are generally considered as low-level guides and are there to help you resolve your karmic issues and help you develop spiritually.

3. Message Guides

These spirits are usually much more evolved than your personal guides. Their main purpose is to help you develop your psychic gifts. Once you’ve progressed far enough on your spiritual journey, you’ll go through a series of awakenings to allow for easier contact with your guides. This will only happen when you reached a certain level of spiritual maturity. You’ll be helped by guides to improve your intuition and discernment as well as the clair senses, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairaudience.

4. Chemist Guides

The Chemist guide specialises in helping you alter your body, so you adapt and become a clearer channel for communicating with those in the spirit world. These guides are known to work with those who’re professional medium and psychics, needing to fine-tune their body relay messages to those who seek them out.

5. Doctor Guides

This guide is most prominent in the lives of those who’re full-time healers. They can be associated with medical doctors, bodyworkers, spiritual healer and other energy workers who focused on healing the physical body. In cases of traditional medical approaches, it’s unusual for them to make their presence known due to the prevailing belief system amongst these types of practitioners. But for those who diagnose using psychic means, they’re very active in the process. The medical medium is an example of someone who’s undoubtedly in contact with one of these doctor spirits.

6. Gate Keepers/Protector

Your gatekeeper is with you from birth until the day you pass back to the spirit world. They’re your first line of defence against anything that would seek to harm you. The gatekeeper has the final say on who can and cannot communicate with you in the spirit-level. If you ever go for a reading with a medium or psychic, there has to be approval from the gatekeeper before any information is brought forward. It goes some way to explain why some people can have an incredible reading with a psychic while the next can receive almost nothing of note. It’s the will of your protector and gatekeeper spirit.

7. Angels

Angels hold a unique position on this list in that they’ve never incarnated on Earth or any other physical planet. They have never been human. They’re their own concept separate from the human spirit. Each one of us has an angelic guardian, although they’re not our individual guardian in the way that our personal guides or gatekeepers are. Angels are extremely powerful beings and can be in multiple places at once, appearing to many different people. But they won’t necessarily appear to you in the form that you associate with an angel. They’ll always choose the form or medium that will gain your attention quickest.

8. Ascended Masters

Ascended masters are those who have walked the Earth in the past and have reached a state of enlightenment that means they no longer need a human form. They’ve transcended physical matter. These beings are extremely evolved spirits. Unless you’re on a divinity path yourself nearing the end of your journey or have come in special mission, it’s unlikely you’ll have direct contact them. However, they’re still a part of your spirit team. And if you want, you can still try to invoke their energy if you feel you’d like assistance. Some examples of ascended master include Jesus, Buddha, St Germain and Padmasambhava.

How Are Spirit Guides Assigned to Us?

How Are Spirit Guides Assigned to Us?

A spirit guide will choose to work with based on the compatibility of your energies and how they feel they can best serve you. There is no sense of elitist selection that goes on. You’ll simply be paired with the guide that is most appropriate for you to work with at that time. They’ll make their decision based on your shared humanity. Their main concern is your willingness to stay true to your highest good. That doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes. They wouldn’t be there to guide you if you were perfect. But it’s expected that your intentions are pure.

Preparing for Contact with Your Spirit Guides

Before you can make active contact with your guides, putting in a little groundwork can pay huge dividends. It can actually be the difference between having a lucid experience and struggling to get past the white noise and intuit the messages that are coming through. The following are some of the basics. At the bare minimum, cleansing your auric field and practising mindfulness are the two most beneficial practices. But note, these are the bare minimum. They’re important but are really only foundational aspects of your routine.

Cleansing Your Aura

Your aura is a bio-magnetic field that surrounds your body. It’s your subtle energy body that serves as an extension of your soul and helps you interact with the unseen world and empath the emotions of others. The stronger and more vibrant your aura, the better you’ll be able to communicate with spirit. If you want to build a healthy aura, you’ll want to remove things from your life such as drugs and alcohol, stress, bad habits and look to improve your diet by removing processed foods and red meat. You don’t need to go fully plant-based. But a diet that is built around those foods would be extremely beneficial.

Cultivating a Practise of Mindfulness

The term mindfulness has become a very catch-all phrase and has lost some of its original intended meaning in recent years. But it’s a vital skill for making communication with your guides. You need to be able to discern how you’re feeling/sensing and whether these sensations are coming from an external source. There are two types of mindfulness. These are mindfulness of the body, and mindfulness of your cognition/mental states. By training yourself to become more attuned with these aspects of your being, you’ll be better equipped to intuit what cues are present when your guides are trying to initiate contact with you.

Using Spiritual Protection Techniques

It’s unlikely that you’ll encounter any negative entities while using the techniques in this post. But it pays to be prepared. Everyone operates under a different set of circumstances, and there’s never a guarantee of what will transpire. 99.99% of the time you’ll experience contact with benevolent beings who only have your best interests at heart. But spiritual protection is a preventative measure. It’s proactive rather than reactive. It’s for those rare occasions when something out of the ordinary happens that you’re not prepared for. Here’s a technique you can use before trying to make contact.

The Golden Light of Protection

You can use this technique any time you wish to make contact with spirit in whatever setting you choose. It’s a quick and easy visualisation exercise that you can also incorporate into your daily meditation practice.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Do this slowly. But focus all of your attention on this breathing. Do this for a count of ten, or until you’ve fully grounded yourself into your body.
  2. Then, imagine a ball of white light glowing just above your crown chakra. Take a moment to feel this light radiating the energy of pure loving intent. Become fixated with that vision.
  3. Now allow that light to begin cascading down your body. Let it work its way over your face and neck, down your upper torso and all the way down to your feet, removing any trace of dense emotions as it does.
  4. As this ball of light now encapsulates you from head to toe, imagine an extra layer of golden light wrapping itself around your bubble, creating a protective layer of light that only allows energy that is of positive nature to enter your field of awareness.
  5. Allow yourself a moment to fully integrate within this protective cocoon before moving on with your exercises.

Spirit Guide Communication: 3 Beginner Exercises (And Why They Matter)

Spirit Guide Communication: 3 Beginner Exercises (And Why They Matter)

If you feel you’re already at a level where you can dive right into the more advanced techniques, you can go right ahead. The following exercises are meant to get you going and provide a grounding for you to build off. But they’re all useful exercises to incorporate in your daily spiritual practice, regardless. It goes without saying that a solid meditation practice is a minimum requirement for any interested in furthering themselves spiritually. But automatic writing has been used to great effect to bring forward some incredible wisdom from the spirit world. The series Conversations with God by Neale Donald Welsh was created almost exclusively using this technique.

1. Automatic Writing

In case you’re unaware of what automatic writing entails, it’s a form of channelling in which you enter into a mild trance state and put down on paper the first things that come to your mind. You need a quiet space, a blank sheet of paper and a pen. The key to making a success of this exercise is to let go of all expectations. You want the process to be as unbiased by your conscious mind as possible. That means letting go of all judgments and the need to edit the information to fit your own narrative as it comes through. Just allow it to flow. Allow the information stream to be what it is and let it surprise you. You can attempt this exercise from a standing start, or you can use this exercise to connect with your Higher Self before you begin to see what else you bring through. Try both ways. See what works best for you.

2. Dream Journaling

This is a less direct way of communicating with spirit. It’s more of a one-way street, but it can still yield a lot of relevant information about your journey. Dream journaling is much more straightforward than automatic writing, although there is some element that do apply to both methods. But it’s largely straight forward. Keep a small notebook at the side of your bed, and when you wake up in the morning, start journaling your dream from the night before. Don’t be put off by memory issues, though. Even if you can only remember a small slither of your dream, and don’t think it’s worth your effort, write it down anyway. The act of writing that first fragment from your dreamtime experience will often lead to remembering more of your dream. It may come to you in non-linear order. But just make sure you get as much down as possible. After you’ve been doing this for an extended period, you’ll start to pick up on symbolic messages and circumstances that echo the challenges you’re facing in the present. Your dreams are one of the fundamental ways that your guides communicate with you.

3. Meditation

This isn’t so much of an exercise, but it is highly relevant. It could have been included in the preparation section and even in the advanced section for various reasons. Meditation might seem like a stock answer for making contact with your guides. But there’s no getting around its role in successful communication. It can’t be ignored. There are a ton of meditation exercises out there. To give you more here isn’t the intention of this post. What I would suggest is that you try adapting some of your current techniques to become more exploratory in nature. By that, I mean become more active in your mediations. Once you’ve reached a state of awareness where you’re fully relaxed, try reaching out mentally to see if there is anything/anyone that is willing to connect with you. Your success rate might be the best initially. But treat it like exercising a muscle. The more you practise, the stronger you’ll become.

Spirit Guide Communication: 3 Advanced Techniques (For the Adept Student) 

Spirit Guide Communication: 3 Advanced Techniques (For the Adept Student) Here’s the real meat of how you can start making consistent contact with spirit guides. These exercises aren’t the only way you initiate contact, but they are a very good start, although they will take your full effort to master. The key to initiating contact with your guide – at least in the beginning – is to induce or enter into altered states of consciousness. You can do this through hypnosis techniques, meditation exercises, breathwork or a combination of all three. Using these methods will allow you to enter into the theta brainwave state that makes communicating with beings outside of this physical realm of consciousness much easier.

Opening Your Third Eye

Your third eye is one of your uppermost chakras relating to your spiritual nature. It’s linked to your pineal gland and is responsible for creating far-sightedness. When your third eye is fully open, you’re able to see past the falsities that are standing in your way and make better decisions for yourself. There are many ways you can work on opening your third eye both physical and non-physical. But one of the best exercises you can use to help open yourself up to the subtle energies around you is the mirror technique. It won’t initiate direct contact with your guides, but it will make you more open to receiving messages from the spirit world.

1. The Third Eye Mirror Technique

This technique is best practised in the evening, as it requires low light, although you can easily pull the blinds/curtains to make it work.

  1. Make sure you won’t be interrupted for around 10 minutes. Set the lighting low and position yourself in front of a mirror where you’ll be about to maintain a comfortable position – ideally in a seated position.
  2. It helps if you’re in a mentally relaxed state to do this exercise, so if you aren’t, it might be worth doing some relaxation techniques before continuing.
  3. Once your mirror is in place, focus your attention on the spot in between your eyes just above where your eyebrows meet in the centre of your forehead. Remain as still as you can and avoid making contact with the reflection of your eyes in the mirror.
  4. Continue doing this for roughly 5 minutes or so, or until you feel the beginnings of a warmth on the back of your neck. Once you feel this sensation arising, it’s important that you do not move your head or blink your eyes. This will hinder the internal process of opening up your third eye.
  5. While you maintain your focus on this area in the centre of your forehead, start to visualise yourself open a door in that area where your attention is focused.
  6. At this point, you may notice a slight change in your appearance in your reflection. You may notice this on the area around your forehead. But just allow it to occur and don’t let it break your concentration.
  7. Now, drawing on the golden light exercise from – read it now if you haven’t already – imagine that light encapsulating your entire body. Once you’ve done this, you may notice a profound change in your appearance. You face may change beyond recognition. Don’t be alarmed. This is a normal occurrence.
  8. Just continue to observe without judgement, and allow yourself to see what faces occur.

You can repeat this exercise as often as you like. It will strengthen your connection to the spirit world and allow you to make contact much easier when you attempt further exercises.

2. Astral Projection

Astral projection by itself isn’t a technique for contacting your spirit guides. But it’s definitely worth having as a tool in your arsenal, as it’s served as the gateway for many people having increased spiritual experiences. Astral projection involves leaving your body and entering the astral world, otherwise known as the 4th-Dimension. Here, you have a completely different relationship with your consciousness. You’re able to interact with the world in ways that would seem impossible in the physical and also meet beings that you unable to sense within the confines of your physical senses. There are a plethora of techniques for having out-of-body experiences. Far too many to mention. Here is one that will allow you to test the waters.

3. Connecting with Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is a multi-faceted part of your soul. It’s your connection with source, your soul essence and in some respects your spirit guide, as well. In many ways, there is no more effective guide than your Higher Self. It’s experienced everything with you. It’s the totality of your entire experience as a soul. So what better source is there to tap into than your own higher knowing? The way I would recommend for connecting with your Higher Self is through a combination of visualisation and breathwork. It’s a simple exercise. But as with all that’s been laid out here, it needs to be practised. Detailing all the steps here would take up far too much space. But I’ve created a full tutorial for tapping into the wisdom of your Higher Self which has all the relevant steps you need, in this post.

Important Things to Remember When Making Contact with Your Spirit Guides 

Once you managed to induce an altered state in whatever way you’ve chosen, the next step is the actual contact between you and your guide. That means asking questions, which is an art unto itself. You can’t ask for superficial or materialistic information such as lottery numbers. That much should be obvious. But you’d also be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t frame your questions in the right way, either. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when trying to start a dialogue with your spirit guides:

  • Have a rough idea of what you want to ask before you induce an altered state.
  • Try asking questions that themed around a particular topic.
  • Ask questions that clear and straight forward. Don’t ask multi-part questions. Just ask them one at a time.
  • Try to refrain from asking overly simplistic questions that require a yes or no answer.
  • Avoid questions that are concerned predictions about the future.
  • Monitor your thoughts and don’t become impatient with your guides. They’re here to help in any way they can and intuit your every thought. Be respectful of their time and effort.

7 Ways to Recognise Your Spirit Guides are Communicating with You 

Connecting with your guides may seem like a distant goal. Maybe you’ve already made contact in the past, but it’s been sporadic, or you’ve been left second-guessing your efforts. It happens to everyone. It did to me as well at the beginning of my journey. But there are some easy ‘tells’ that will help you discern whether or not you’re in contact with spirit. You may not be able to apply all of these in the moment, but they’ll give you a rough idea of whether you’ve made genuine contact. The following tells relate to claircognizance. i.e becoming aware of messages on the mental level.

  • The response to your question comes before you’ve finished your thought.
  • The feel the emanation of spirit coming at you from a specific direction. E.g one of my previous guides always used to appear to my right. Other guides will appear to you in different parts of your field.
  • The information you bring through doesn’t fit with your bias.
  • The message comes through using vocabulary you wouldn’t normally use.
  • You feel a strong sense of gender as a message comes through.
  • The voice you hear is a different pitch than your own.
  • What you hear is voice separate from your own. It’s not your sub-vocalisation or conscious thought-process.
  • You feel your vibration raise, either up your spine, through your body or in a localised area.

How to Increase the Connection with Your Spirit Guides

Once you’ve made the connection with your guides, the biggest challenge you face is how you turn it into a repeatable process. You can stumble into contact, sometimes receiving messages with no idea how you can keep the line of communication open. It’s one of the more frustrating parts of working with your guides. You’ve experienced a taste communion, but you still don’t feel you’re in control. The truth is sometimes contact will be fleeting. You’ll receive flashes that are meant to be quick reminders to adjust your path. There isn’t always meant to be a two-way dialogue. That’s just how spirit works a lot of the time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t become a more open channel for receiving messages. Here’s how you can help increase your connection both with practical techniques and attitude.

Raising Your Vibration

This is a cornerstone of all spiritual practises. When people talk about raising your vibration, what they’re referring to is becoming a match for experiences with that will further their development as a soul. The more you raise your vibration, the easier it’ll be to interact with your guides. Everything in the known universe exists on its own bandwidth. Spirit guides are obviously on a much higher vibratory level than us, so it’s up to raise ourselves to their level, not for them to keep on lowering themselves to ours.

Look for Synchronicities

Synchronicities are occurring everywhere. You only need to open your eyes to the number of messages that are being sent your way on a daily basis. Not only are your spirit guides trying to reach you, but the universe is also speaking to you in its own subtle way. If you’ve ever seen recurring number patterns, such as 1111, 1234 and 888 for example, these are clear signs for you pay attention to your thoughts and surroundings. You should also be switched on to ‘chance’ encounters with people, and recurring messages from multiple sources. You can find a full list of synchronicities, here.

Use All of Your Senses

If you really want to establish a strong connection with spirit, you need to use all of your faculties. Your guides may choose to communicate with you in any numbers of ways, and it might not be the way that you’re expecting. Clairaudience and telepathy may be the traditional means that you’d associate with spiritual contact, but it could just as easily be through sight, smell, touch or some other felt sensations within the body. Experiencing emotional responses also aren’t uncommon when dealing communing with spirit guides. It pays to have full awareness of yourself.

Trust Your Intuition

Quite often, the area you’ll most let yourself down is by not trusting your instincts. You may intuit something, but a moment later you’ll second-guess, whatever it is you’ve seen or felt. It’s natural, especially in the beginning. But your first inclination is always the one that you should go with. Stop trying to over intellectualise. It’s your intuition speaking loud and clear, drawing your attention to the most relevant piece of information. The more can learn to rely on this facet of your cognitive process, the greater success you’ll have in connecting with your guides.

Be Consistent with Your Practise

If you do decide to try some of the exercises above for an extended period, it’s important that you give them a fair trial. You can’t hope to achieve anything with a single roll of the dice. You might get lucky first time around. But to continue being successful, you need to keep on showing up and participating. You need to make a conscious effort. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the instant gratification mindset and dismiss the exercises because they aren’t working for you immediately. Like anything, it takes time to master a new skill, especially one as intangible as communicating with spirit. Don’t allow yourself to quit before you’ve even begun.

The Key Element Everyone Forgets About Working with Their Spirit Guides

Everyone has different motivations for wanting to work with spirit guides. Some see it as a curiosity, and a recreational pursuit, other’s see it as a calling and feel a magnetic pull to work with spirit.

Neither of these approaches is wrong. There is no judgment for whichever way you to cultivate a relationship with spirit.

But if you do want to succeed long-term, you need to be prepared to work on at least some of the techniques laid out above. You may not find all of them are to your liking. You may even tweak them or find variations that better suit your own style of learning.

But whatever route you choose, you must be diligent. I’ve already mentioned it as something that will aid you going forward. But it’s so important, I feel I’ve got to put it out there, again.

So many people want to have mystical experiences and contact with their guides, guardians, and angels but are surprised when nothing happens.

The results you receive are nearly always relative to the amount of time and effort you invest in your spiritual practice. Note I said ‘and effort.’ If you’re turning up to do your exercises, but put none of your joy behind anything you do, you’re simply wasting your time.

I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Pick your moments.

If it isn’t there, don’t force it. But also don’t use that as an excuse. Find what time suits you best.

Find your hour of power.

It’s better to do 10 minutes consistent practise daily with your full conscious effort behind. Trying to do spiritual cram sessions where you go for three hours in one afternoon is nothing more than recreational practice.

You’re not going to see progress if you take that approach to any pursuit.

The key to your success isn’t just the time you invest.

It’s the quality of the time you’re able to invest.

Make it count…

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Lana E Dagostino
October 3, 2021 4:58 am

Excellent article….very informative. I cant wait yo read his other works.

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Vickki Baldwin
January 22, 2022 12:43 am

Fab read just what I wanted to find perfect read for anyone starting there spiritual journey. Thnakyou so muchhh