How Does the Spirit World Really Work (Outside TV & Movies?)

Sam Boomer


Spirits in a forest in spirit world with earth.

The stars…

For generations, they were viewed as the portal to a world of spirit by ancient cultures around the globe. There’s so much lore concerning the idea of transcending our physical body.

We now know this isn’t quite true.

But it’s an unending source of fascination.

We all want to know what the spirit world entails. Where does it start and end? How do you get there? But the information remains elusive because it’s a concept that sits outside of our physical reality.

The intrigue is real…

Religion has long been at the head of the queue to argue for the existence of a spirit realm. But the depictions we get from their texts are rooted in duality. It’s either heaven or hell – eternal pleasure or damnation.

What’s more, it’s simply conjecture and myth. There’s no evidence.

But all that is changing…

With the advances made with modalities such as Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Life Between Lives Hypnosis, the picture is becoming clearer. The work of pioneers such as Dolores Cannon, Michael Newton, and Brian Weis has all shed light on the subject.

We can now say with more certainty than ever what lies beyond our physical perception.

What is the Spirit World?

A cosmic backdrop filled with galaxies, stars and ethereal cities of light with spirits travelling between them.

The spirit world is a non-physical and sometimes non-local aspect of our reality. It’s our true home. Some people think of the spirit world as an endless void – even that it’s an oppressive environment. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s the source of great beauty and is capable of mirroring any setting you want based on previous incarnations.

Many people report the spirit world to present itself as a grand colosseum or even match the culture in which they had either their most fulfilling or most recent life on Earth. The way it is about to achieve this is through your conscious interaction. It’s a thought-responsive environment, one that’s unbound by the limits that we’re beholden to in the physical 3d matrix. Anything is possible in the spirit realm because you have full access to your potential as a manifesting being of spirit. You’re free of the conditioning that you’re saddled with by your social and cultural programming in the physical. You’re free to express yourself from an unlimited point of view

The spirit world is a place of infinite capacity and expansion. It’s the embodiment of unity consciousness and our connection with the divine source that sparked us into being as soul fragments. What it is not is a heaven or hell. These are concepts we have brought into being through our perspective of duality. They were designed solely to create fear. There is no exclusion from the spirit world based on faith or religion. It welcomes all souls – there is no condition for entry. We all feel the pull to return after we transition from the physical.

Where is the Spirit World Located?

The spirit world exists as its own locality but also as a mirror copy of the physical plane we reside on. It’s a multi-dimensional concept, existing as a parallel world to this one. In some respects, you could even think of the spirit world as the fourth dimension – or astral realm. It operates on the same vibratory frequency. So to give you an answer… There is no definitive location. The spirit world exists all around us and also separate from us. It is a higher plane of consciousness. However, there are some examples of places that do not have an equivalent in the physical. Places such as the staging area for incoming and outgoing souls as well as the study area and lecture halls, which we’ll expand on later.

How Do You Enter the Spirit World After Death?

Before you enter the spirit world, you must go through the separation from your physical body. If you’re someone who’s experienced either an out-of-body experience or near-death experience, you may be familiar with the sensation. But when your soul separates from your body for the final time, it’s different. There is a sense of finality. You know it’s the end. People often report a glowing light that envelops their surroundings and is overcome with an indescribable feeling of euphoria. This is accompanied by a white tunnel of light, which you’re invited to step into by those who’ve come to greet you.

The Spirit World vs The Physical World: Two Sides of the Same Coin

A man stands at a lake which looks out into the natural and spiritual world.

Many people believe that the spirit world is a dreamscape separate from the material plane. You may also think about it in the same way – that it’s intangible and not part of our reality. But that’s duality thinking. From the physical perspective, we seek to compartmentalise everything, especially when we’re unsure of existence. Things are so much easier to understand when we can look at them individually. But the truth is, these worlds are one and the same.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some differences between the spiritual and physical realities. This world we inhabit is far more tactile. We experience touch in a way that just isn’t possible in the spirit realm. The same goes for taste and smell. Both these senses are greatly enhanced through being a physical body. So while being in our soul form does augment certain abilities, it can weaken others. There is something of a trade-off.

And this is no more apparent than in the sensory nature of the physical world. It’s why we choose to come here to have incarnations in places like Earth. You can have experiences here that you can’t have anywhere else within our known galaxy. It’s a place of unique beauty and opportunity. The spirit world, for all its wonder, doesn’t offer the same excitement.

When you’re a disincarnate soul, you have unlimited access to universal knowledge. You have a level of consciousness which is incomprehensible to us right now. But it comes at a cost. There is no mystery. The joy of discovery and creating genuine ‘aha moments’ are harder to replicate in the same way as we experience them when we’re in Earthbound consciousness.

In the spirit world, there is a shared knowing and collective consciousness between all beings that makes communication much faster. There is still a strong sense of individualism, but there are no secrets. It does have its advantages. But it makes the learning experience less effective. If we’re in constant awareness of absolute morality, there can be no breakthrough experience.

The difference between the spiritual and physical worlds is like the difference between a training ground and a battlefield. The training ground is our home base. It’s where we live. But occasionally, we have to go and do a tour of duty in another country. We go in with a specific mission, and when it’s accomplished, we then return home to prepare for the next call to action.

***I didn’t want to use a war-based analogy. But it was the one that seemed to fit the best. I’m not in any way suggesting our physical incarnations are like battles – although some might beg to differ! – I’m simply drawing the parallel between the two different worlds.

What Does Life in the Spirit World Look Like?

Spirit animals in a spirit world forest.

Despite the image that people have of the spirit world as an endless void, it’s actually a dynamic and varied environment. It’s an infinite space that’s unbound by the regular structures of our physical reality construct. Of course, the spirit world can be a vast open space if you want it to be. It can be anything you want within reason. You can bring anything into being that will provide you comfort from a past life or aid you in preparing for your next incarnation. There are, however, some places that remain unchanged no matter what the circumstances. They’re vital way stations and public access points for souls to create community with one another.

Staging Area 

The staging area is the central hub of the spirit world. It’s not the final destination of your soul upon arrival, but functions more as a train station come highway that leads you to your soul group. You will rarely spend very long in this part of the spirit world.

Study Areas 

Introspective, reflection and hindsight are all an important part of the incarnation and reincarnation process. It requires your study. And the spirit world is full of areas for you to review your past lives and make future plans. These spaces can mimic any style of architecture from our history. They most often resemble great temples or libraries.

Recreational Areas 

Although much of the spirit world is influenced by your thoughts, there are special areas where you can create simulations using your mental thought constructs to experiment with different aspects of consciousness. Some people refer to these areas as the rooms of recreation or the space of transformation. These areas allow souls to create sentient life, re-experience past lives and project in the future to assess how a variety of future lives might play out.


The classroom setting is where you gather with other souls to take part in lessons and orientation relating to your past and future lives. Many people describe the classroom area as being a large dome structure with a long hall shooting off, creating a star layout. The classrooms themselves then spring off these halls.

The Akashic Records 

This is where every thought, word, and action you have ever created in the entirety of your physical incarnations is stored. Each planet has its own hall of Akashic record, with each soul also having its own book. The setting is perceived by many as being a large hall or library. You come to this place in between lives to review your progress, study and plan your next incarnation.

Why the Spirit World is Central to Your Progression as a Soul

Without the spirit world, there would be no incarnation or reincarnation cycle.

Spiritual evolution, as we know it, just wouldn’t exist.

It would be impossible for us to integrate everything there is to know about the nature of existence within a solitary life, even if we had the ability to live for thousands of years.

We need the experience of living through multiple personalities to attain a true understanding of what it means to relate to one another. The experience of being a poor man is just as important as being a thought leader.

Each life path has its own particular lessons that are only possible for them to learn.

That is what the concept of the spirit world and reincarnation offers. It gives us the opportunity for infinite growth and expansion in a non-judgmental, non-conditional form of consciousness exploration.

The spirit world is the matrix that unites all sentient beings. It is the underlying force of the universe.

It’s our true home.

You’ll never be turned away or shunned.

And just to reiterate an earlier point…

It doesn’t recognise race or religion as a means of creating a hierarchy amongst souls. In the spirit world, all are equal, and the prejudices we fall victim to during our physical incarnations hold no power over our mental thought processes.

It’s the ultimate liberation.

You are simply allowed to be as you are, provided you bring no harm to others.

You’re free to explore the vast potential of consciousness in equal co-creation with your soul brothers and sisters.

The spirit world is what makes it all possible.

Safe travels.

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