11 Spiritual Protection Techniques That Actually Work

Sam Boomer


A man facing a spiritual cosmic protection shield.

You probably thought you could get away without any spiritual protection.

And now you’ve found yourself stuck in some pretty dense energies – you don’t know how you got this way or how you’re going to get out of them…

The reality is you need to maintain the cleanliness of your spiritual body just as much as you do your physical one. Believe it or not, there is such a concept as spiritual hygiene, and that means being as proactive as it does being reactive and scrubbing yourself after the fact – proper spiritual protection is a must!

You need to protect yourself from other people’s junk.

And as much as you can pretend that’s not the case, that unwillingness to believe doesn’t stop the fact there are a lot of damaged people out there who are projecting all kinds of dense energies.

Whether they do this in unawareness or with intent, if you lack any spiritual self-defence strategies, you will allow others to drag you into their lower vibratory orbit.

Busy office environments and even your home can be a hive of toxic energy if you’re in a shared living situation with people you wouldn’t otherwise choose to be. And if you’re involved in any kind of healing or care-providing position, you absolutely should be incorporating at least a couple of these techniques in your spiritual practice.

1. Tell People to F*ck Off (But Not as a First Resort)

Now bear with me on this one.

I realise the title said spiritual protection, so don’t think this will quickly degenerate into a slew of poorly conceived faux spiritual concepts… There is a meta point being made here…

This obviously shouldn’t be your first resort or even the phrasing you should use. What’s really being said is you need to affirm and reaffirm your boundaries when needed. You should not suffer people any longer than necessary.

There are ways and means of doing so, and sure, you can turn up the heat on people if it’s required. A huge misconception about being on a spiritual journey is the need to always be love and light all the time.

You need to remember that despite all of the spiritual protection you can use, sometimes you need to take the direct approach and remove someone from your field of energy that has no right being there.

No crystals, no mantras and no waving burning sage wands in anyone’s face.

If you’re being caused undue harm – in any sense of the expression – don’t be afraid to tell them to get out of your space.

Cost: Free

2. Fumigating Your Living Space By Burning Sage (Smudging)

A woman standing in smoke performing sage smudging.

Burning sage is a centuries-old form of protection and has been used by countless cultures across recorded history.

It may not be practical in a crowded workspace – unless you happen to run your own business where that kind of thing wouldn’t alienate people. But there is no denying its effectiveness as a go-to space clearer.

Smudging was traditionally used for warding off bad spirits and dense energies that had left their imprint before healing ceremonies by the Native American Indians.

And you’ll probably find it put to use best in your own home or personal space. I personally use sage before sitting down to meditate, before taking a client for sessions and also to clear my dreaming space before bed.

Burning Sage can also be extremely useful if you have domestic issues or a challenging home life where you’re constantly taking on the energy of others. You could burn several sage wands and literally fumigate your house, ridding it of all negative energies.

You’ll also find this method useful if you’re living somewhere with a lot of ancestral energies that haunting your space. It’s a cheap and efficient way of bringing your space back into alignment.

Cost: $5-10 per sage wand 

3. Crystal Tumble Stones, Rings, Bracelets and Necklaces

A woman holds a handful of crystals

Using crystals for protection is something anyone can do. 

Small tumble stones won’t break the bank, are discreet, provide amazing protection, and are low-maintenance. You simply keep them on your person or place them where you’ll be spending the most time as an effective safeguard.

Or, if you want to incorporate them into your outfit, there’s a whole bevvy of hand-crafted jewellery you can find online. I wouldn’t recommend eBay, as I’ve received fake stones and poor-quality pieces from China that had extremely negative energies.

No amount of cleaning would get them right, so I had to throw them out. You’re much better off with a site like Etsy or another reputable local dealer. But if you do want to use eBay, at least make sure you’re not buying moody stones from China.

Some crystals you could look into are Black Tourmaline, Labradorite, and Blue Kyanite, to name a few, but there are many others you could experiment with, each with its own unique qualities.

If you want to enhance the stone’s protective qualities, keep it close to your body. You can do it by wearing spiritual crystal jewellery, putting it under your pillow or decorating the living space. Meditating with them is also a popular practice.

Protection stones can help you in stressful environments, prevent you from taking on the emotions of others and provide psychic protection if you’re involved in any of the healing arts.

Cost: $2-5 per stone (depending on size and variety)

4. The Use of Revocations

The proper definition of a revocation is “the official cancellation of a decree, decision or promise.”

A revocation in this context is an out-loud statement that disconnects you from any person, situation or agreement that you no longer give tacit consent to but still has an energetic connection to you on the unseen levels of reality.

These connections often affect you for years after the original interactions with those events. Emotional trauma and abuse from childhood is a big example of this, or any dysfunctional relationship for that matter.

Revocations work by stating out loud your intentions, which, by doing so, enters them in the Earth’s Akashic record. This is your way of affirming and revoking any further contact with the energies that are holding you back in the present.

You do this by engaging with your “I Am” Presence energy.

Cost: Free

5. Taking Part in Regular Ceremonies

A man sitting in a circle of supportive people symbolising healing inside.

This should be a part of your daily, weekly and monthly spiritual protection routine.

Although you’ll need to set additional time aside to make this happen, don’t fall into the trap of neglecting the act of ceremony. Just as you might think skipping out on your meditation is an effective time-saver in the short term, the truth is…

The time that mediation takes to complete adds so much more value to your day relative to the time you spend on your practice. And the same is true with your ceremonial practice.

Taking the time to connect with yourself in this way is yet another layer of your spiritual protection that allows you to let go of the old and serves as an armouring technique against any future interactions with others. They help reinforce your boundaries.

In short, the work you do in ceremony carries over to your personal life.

Ceremonies are not self-indulgent. They’re about making a moment sacred and by doing so invites that energy into all aspects of your life. It helps raise your vibratory energy, connect with your guides, and ensures that anyone who is not a signature-frequency match cannot influence you.

And they don’t need to be on a grand scale, and they don’t even need to fit a specific definition. You can create your own form of spiritual ceremony to invoke protective energies in any way you choose.

If you have the space to do so, having a fire ceremony is an incredible way of dispelling any lingering energies, but if this isn’t possible, you can’t just as easily work with whatever tools you have at your disposal.

The key to ceremonies is to put your consciousness and full personal power behind it.

Cost: Free

6. Protecting the Four Corners of Your Home

A person sits on salt, surrounded by salt, protected.

This provides all-around protection to your home, and there are multiple ways you can do this.

The first is by placing sea salt in all four corners inside of your house and letting it sit there for around 24-48hrs. Sea salt is similar to other crystals, as it also has a crystalline structure of its own. But rather than emitting positive energy, it absorbs negative energies like a sponge.

After the salt has done its job, you can throw it away, and if necessary, you can go for another round until you feel like you’ve cleared your space.

For maintaining the energetic balance in your home, you can also try a form of alchemy that involves putting herbs (of your own choosing) inside a mason with water and placing them at the four corners of your house.

Crystals can also be used in this way and stacked on top of the jar alchemy method. So you can have your mason jars filled with herbs and water, and your crystals sat on top of them.

Then, if you want to take this practice to the next level – which I totally recommend you do – you can try compounding the effect.

So, for example, you would protect the four inside corners of your house, the four corners of your bedroom and finally the four corners of your bed. This layering of protective energies creates a powerful vortex that makes it nigh on impossible for any low vibrational energies to even approach, let alone enter.

Cost: Sea Salt ($2-$5), Mason Jars ($12-$15 for four), Herbs ($10-$15 per 1lb)

7. Reflecting People’s Negative Energy Back at them with Mirrors

This is a fantastic way of protecting yourself if you’ve been the subject of any abusive correspondence whether by email, texts or letters – and it’s really easy.

You take the negative message that has been sent to you and place it with the writing face down on top of your mirror. This is a form of alchemy that reflects the intention of those words that were aimed at you back to the sender.

It neutralises any of the harmful intent and negative energetic imprints that may have themselves to your being. Any of the entanglement with that person dissolves completely.

In the case of email, just print it out and place it on top of the mirror. You’ll have to get a bit more creative if it’s a text message and do a copy and paste before printing it off. But the good news is you don’t need individual mirrors for every message you receive.

You can stack as many as you want on top of each other.

It’s simple, low maintenance, and it works a charm.

Cost: Free, or Cost of Printing (0.05¢ – 0.10¢)

8. Feather Wands

A person using a feather for protection.

Another form of alchemy.

Feathers invoke the elemental energies of air and are fantastic aids for clearing the stagnant energies around yourself and your living area.

Feather wands have been used in Native American traditions for countless generations to clear and set the space for healing rites and ceremonies.

They’re often combined with the use of sage to create the smudging effect by gently brushing the smoke onto the receiver, starting with the crown chakra and then working downwards through all parts of the body.

However, if you’re looking to do some quick spiritual clearing, you can just as easily use the wand by itself to dispel any dense energies. All you need to do it waft it around your space – no affirmations or additional steps are required.

Although you’re always free to make the process you own.

Cost: $10-$30

9. Salt, Silver & Sage

This can have a transformative effect on yourself and your environment.

The big advantage is that it’s a portable method you can take virtually anywhere. We’ve already talked about the benefits of using sea salt as a psychic sponge for negative energies, but when combined with silver and sage – and a crystal as well, if possible – you can really take your spiritual protection to the next level.

All you need to do is put 1 Cup of sea salt in a zip lock bag along with either some fresh or dried sage from a smudging stick, a small piece of silver – I stress small, it doesn’t need to be huge and the optional crystal.

You then place this pack on your tailbone. If you can find a way to do so while you’re at work, that’d be amazing, but if not, you can use it when you’re at home and during your dream time. You should aim to wear this pack for at least 6hrs a day.

Your tailbone is the centre of your kundalini energy and how you create new spiritual armour, so the longer you can keep this salt pack there, the better. You’ll probably want to swap out the salt every couple of days or so, and 2-3 days is usually good enough for a round of clearing.

This technique will clear so much out of your field. But it’s wise to revisit it regularly to keep on top of your spiritual cleanliness and re-armour yourself.

10. Spiritual Techniques (White Light Meditation)

Calling on the source light of protection is something that can be done anywhere at any time. It is a form of visualisation and meditation, but it can be performed quickly and is an ideal choice for incorporating into your morning routine before the start of a hectic workday.

There are many variants of this technique, and they all work – there is no absolute way of creating a source-light connection. But the one we’re going to talk about is the golden bubble of protective energy.

To call in this form of protection for yourself, all you need to do is visualise a light on top of your head and slowly bring it down, stretching it over the rest of your body, creating a cocoon of protective iridescent white light.

As you invoke this light, you’ll be able to feel the shift in your auric field. Your vibration will rise noticeably, and this will provide you with protection from those who’d try to overstep your personal boundaries.

This is very much a grounding technique and will allow you to come back into your energetic centre, but it also requires you not to be pulled into negative polarity. You still need to exercise a certain amount of neutrality. This technique won’t do all the work for you, but it’s a great addition to your spiritual practice.

You incorporate it into your morning routine and before you go to bed at night to protect your dream space.

Cost: Free

11. Using Essential Oils 

Essential oils in a diffuser giving spiritual protection.

You might think that essential oils are only for beauty and aromatherapy, but they can absolutely be used to enforce your spiritual protection.

The essential oils of the plants represent their concentrated essence and are many times more powerful than just the regular whole herb itself.

These plant extracts are already of a high vibration and resonate at even higher frequencies in their concentrated form, making them ideal for clearing negative energies.

By using these oils on yourself and in your personal space, you’re creating an environment whereby anything that is not a signature frequency match for the high vibrations of the oils are forced to leave your space. They simply can’t co-exist when you’re working with these high vibrational energies.

There are several ways you can work with these oils. You can apply them topically and diffuse them into the air. But if you want to take their use to the next level, you can create – or purchase – special blends and infuse them with various crystals, depending on your intention. Working with the oils in this way adds additional layers of protective energy than just using the plain ‘vanilla’ versions.

Cost: $8-$15 (Depending on the oil and brand) Diffuser ($10-$40)

The Key Thing to Remember About Spiritual Protection (Especially If You’re a Healer)

If reading about spiritual protection has instilled the idea you need to shield yourself from any and all negative influences, don’t let it.


You’ll do more damage to yourself using all of these techniques from a state of fear than you would if you did none at all.

For most people, spiritual protection isn’t a minute-by-minute endeavour.

You don’t need to live in a state of fever pitch. Simple maintenance strategies will be more than enough. You can sage your living space once or twice a month and approach ceremonies the same way.

It’s not life and death.

However, you might need to up your game if you’re involved in any kind of healing work. If you’re constantly entangling with other people’s energies, it’s likely you’ll find them affecting you negatively if you don’t practise proper spiritual hygiene.

Many healers fall into this trap. They’ll take on clients back-to-back-to-back and neglect their own self-care. It usually ends one way – burnout. But it can be so easily avoided.

Fortunately, many of these suggestions are low-maintenance, protecting the four corners of your space, carrying crystals, and the salt, silver and sage technique are all essentially ‘plug and play.’ They require little to no effect once you’ve set them up.

These are all fantastic ways to add additional layers of protection to your environment. They’re not to be discounted because of their relative ‘ease.’

But I do want to drive home that if you start incorporating the revocations, ceremony, and meditation practice into your routine, you’ll notice a marked difference in what can and, more importantly, can’t affect you on an energetic level.

If you view your spiritual protection as a chore, that’s precisely what it’ll be.

You may do it once or twice, but it’ll be nothing more than recreation. Find the joy in your practice. Make it mean something.

Make it personal to you – Make it your time when you choose to affirm and reaffirm your own sacred space and boundaries.

Make your practice sacred.

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Sam works to assist others in their transformative journey, enabling them to tap into their fullest potential and embrace the best version of themselves.