The 8 Stages of a Twin Flame Reunion (And How They Fit Together)

Everyone wants to believe they’re going to meet their twin flame. But in reality, these encounters are rare during a physical incarnation. They may be desirable from the outside the looking in. The idea of a soulmate connection is exciting. But they’re tumultuous and represent a challenging growth experience for both you and your beloved. You don’t just meet your twin flame in every lifetime. It would be asking far too much for you to deal with. A union and/or reunion with your twin flame only happens when you’ve reached a certain stage of your soul’s journey.

The love between twin flames is special. It is unlike any other form of romantic, familial or platonic connection. When you meet your twin flame, sparks fly. For some, they don’t know what’s hit them, and the relationship they enter into seems like it’s both the best and worst thing that ever happened to them. Your twin flame is your mirror. They reflect back to you all of your greatest qualities, as well as your flaws. But the ultimate pay-off is the creation of a bond that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The 8 Stages of a Twin Flame Relationship

Although all our relationships are unique, they tend to follow a narrative path, and twin flames are no different. There’s a series of stages from connection all the way to the integration of both souls. It can be a long and difficult journey. Some of those who have soul contracts to unite with their twin soul in this life can’t make the union work. And that’s despite knowing all of the pitfalls that come with these relationships. It’s tough going. So it pays to be aware of the signs of twin flame relationship to help you navigate the rough patches that you’ll inevitably experience.

1. Recognising That There’s a Missing Part of You

1. Recognising That There’s a Missing Part of YouIf you’ve ever read Joseph Campbell’s the hero with a thousand faces, or are at all familiar with the hero’s journey, you can think of this stage as the ordinary world. You’re at the start of your journey. But you realise there’s something missing from your life. Both parties are unaware of what’s about to transpire. But both you and your twin flame experience an inkling something dramatic is about to happen in your life. You recognise there is a missing part of your soul. There’s something that feels incomplete, and you realise there is an unfulfilled need that only a certain person out there can provide for you.

2. The Search Begins for Your Soul Mirror and Beloved 

You accept there is more to your world than what’s directly in front of you, the call to action becomes too strong to ignore. You have a knowingness that you’ve been set on a path towards finding your twin soul. Although your search has begun in earnest at this point, you may not realise that it’s your twin flame you’re searching for. You’re simply following your intuition. The innate knowing you have leads to an insatiable longing that may see you take up new interests, travel, read more explore new areas of life. All of these actions may be your Higher Self’s ways of creating the circumstances in which you can eventually cross paths with your beloved.

 3. Divine Synchronicity and Meeting Your Twin Flame by Chance

 3. Divine Synchronicity and Meeting Your Twin Flame by ChanceThe first meeting you’ll have with your twin flame almost always happen through synchronicity. You’ll find each other seemingly ‘by chance.’ But the prospect of you coming together will have been agreed long before you both came into this physical incarnation. You’ll recognise a deep connection with one another the moment you set eyes on one another. They’ll be an unexplainable magnetism. You may or may not acknowledge this, depending on your level of spiritual development. In fact, you could write off these feelings. But the deeper part of you will know that this soul has come into your life to have a profound impact on the way you interact with the world.

 4. The Honey Moon Stage of Your Relationship

Once you’ve met your twin flame, it’s inevitable you’ll enter into a relationship of some description. You simply won’t be able to deny your feelings or the circumstances that led to your coming together. This is the honeymoon part of your union. It’s a time of great self-discovery. And as you deepen your connection, you’ll gain an appreciation for each other that transcends physical attraction. You’ll come to realise that you have a true soulmate connection, and the reason for you coming together is to fulfil each other’s needs in a way that no other person could. It will seem almost too good to be true. And in many ways, it is…

5. The Dark Night of the Soul and Reflecting Each Other’s Shadow

5. The Dark Night of the Soul and Reflecting Each Other’s ShadowHere is where the challenge of the relationship begins. The shadow work you’ve been brought together to complete. It’s a true test of your commitment to one another. As once the honeymoon period wears off, you’ll be forced to confront your shortcomings as the dynamic shifts from one of unconditional love to emotional purging. This is the stage at which you’ll each become the mirror for each other’s flaws. You’ll each in effect be playing the antagonist towards one another. Each of you will believe you’re right, and the other is wrong. The challenge here is to recognise this pattern as it’s taking place. At this point, your relationship can either turn into dysfunction or can be the springboard to create a stronger, more lasting connection by each playing a supporting role in the other’s development.

6. The Twin Flame Runner

At some point during the purging of one another’s emotional ills, you may feel the need to withdraw. The energy exchange between might just be too intense to handle over a sustained period, and the best thing for both of you is to take an extended break. That is if you’re both of a sufficient maturity to rationalise your situation in this way. Often times, the separation of twin flames can be a combustible affair. This type of love can be volatile. You might never wish to see each other again, only to reconcile a few days, a week or a month later. It’s quite a common pattern to see in twin flame unions. This dynamic is called the twin flame runner. It’s very similar to how a narcissist withdraws to garner more attention and subdue the complaints of their partner.

7. The Surrender to Your Differences

After the realisation that you’re in a twin flame relationship, letting go of your differences becomes much easier. You see the dynamic as one of growth instead of hardship. And it becomes apparent that you were – and still are – playing a specific role for one another. It doesn’t mark the end of your journey. You’re simply at the start of a new beginning together. You may still have some emotional kinks to work through. But you’ll do so in the knowledge that it’s your purpose for being in a relationship. You’ll still be triggered, but recognising when this happens will be much easier. You can surrender fully to the process of personal development because you’ll have reached a place of non-judgment. You’ll be able to give your permission to be vulnerable in a more authentic, knowing that when your partner questions you, it’s to make you think and not to belittle your character.

8. The Final Reunion and Integration of Your Souls

8. The Final Reunion and Integration of Your Souls

Twin flames relationships don’t exist to cause you harm. There would be no point in being in them otherwise. You want to reap the rewards of doing your inner work and progressing on your spiritual journey. The ultimate aim is to become more heart-centred. You want to act from a place of loving-kindness in all your interactions with your beloved. In the beginning, you’re given a brief glimpse of what you could have before you’re made to do the hard spiritual yards. You want to recapture the magic that brought you together in the first place. And it’s entirely within your grasp. Once you’ve stripped away all of the dense layers that are keeping you from expressing yourself, you’ll be left with the purest essence of your connection. It’ll feel like discovering each other all over again. Your spiritual ego and shadow will be fully integrated, and you’ll have stepped in your collective personal power. You’ll embody the sacred feminine and masculine energies in perfect harmony.

How Do You Navigate the Stages of Twin Flame Relationship (Without Getting Burned?)

The success you have in making your relationship work is going to come down to your capacity for looking at the bigger picture. If you’re someone who’s easily triggered and finds it hard letting of trivialities, you’re going to find it extremely difficult resolving differences with your twin soul.

The nature of being in a twin flame relationship is to act as the mirror of your partner and challenge their old habit patterns which are holding them back. So if you’re of a sensitive disposition, you’re going to find it being tested, frequently.

Don’t let the hard times get you down. All relationships, even those that are between twin flames, have their inflammatory moments. If you’ve been drawn towards your twin soul, know that it’s for a reason and if you can stay the course, you’ll be rewarded with a connection beyond anything you could imagine.

Remember, don’t take anything personally. Your other half isn’t trying to destroy you. They’re simply playing the role of way-shower. They’re guiding you towards a brighter future by encouraging you to let go of what no longer serves you.

Be grateful for their presence in your life

Not everyone gets to experience a twin flame.

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July 20, 2020 3:45 pm

For many years, I was focused on religion as a quest, a pilgrimage, a constant striving to be closer to God. I was too open to things that I thought could bring me closer to Him, instead of focusing simply on my faith in Him. I never would have messed around with a Ouija board, but I didn’t realize that a lot of the things that I was open to were just Ouija boards in another form. I was always looking for signs and messages from the spirit world, and this left me vulnerable to a spiritual attack by an… Read more »

January 1, 2022 9:12 pm

Great write up. This was my experience. And we’re together and growing now!