Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)

Truly Life Changing Experience

The past life regression session I had with Sam has truly been life-changing. I feel such deep gratitude for Sam and the deep work he is doing. It has been about half a year since I experienced the session and I can attest to the long-term results I have experienced since the initial session. Since the session, I have been able to let go of deep guilt, shame, trauma, and self-sabotaging behaviours. I feel a profoundly deeper connection to my truth and soul’s essence. I have been able to transcend patterns that have existed for lifetimes and truly embody my pleasure, power, purpose, and service to the world.

Before I had my session with Sam I was quite apprehensive. I have experienced a lot of trauma in my life and worried about feeling disassociated during the session. It was a struggle to allow a man to hold that kind of space for me but Sam made me feel so safe and supported through the journey, really allowing me to drop into the experience and trust the intuitive movement of the session. His soothing rhythmic voice supported me to move more deeply into my inner experience while his gentle guidance and prompts supported me in processing my past lives and moving forward with a newfound sense of insight and freedom.

In the session, I was able to heal an intimate relationship by processing a past life experience where there was still a lot of trauma being stored. Sam supported me in communing with his soul, creating a deeper sense of safety, trust, forgiveness, and love between us. We then journeyed into perhaps one of my most traumatizing past lives, one that has significantly shaped almost every life I have experienced since. This was by far one of the most profound healing experiences I have ever had. I was able to recognize that I block so many of my desires because of what happened back then. I was able to truly forgive myself for what happened and deeply understand the links between what is holding me back in this life with what happened in that life. Since that experience, my entire life has changed. I feel so light, fulfilled, free, and happy in myself and my life choices. I was able to step fully into my own intuitive abilities and dedicate myself to the priestess path. I have been able to trust my heart and allow myself to make decisions from my soul and heart’s guidance without so much fear and resistance. I honestly don’t have words for the level of transformation I experienced. It changed not only this life for me, but many many others. I then traveled to meet myself in the future and was able to receive such potent wisdom and advice from my future self. Since then, I have been able to travel back to that place to commune with my future self any time I need support or advice.

What Sam offers is truly invaluable and worth everything. He is an incredible light and anyone would be lucky to work with him. Sam changed my life, in such a pure, incredible sort of way and I just feel so blessed to have shared this experience with him. If you have an opportunity to work with Sam, do it! He has worked so diligently to hone his skills and open his intuitive abilities to be able to provide a safe, caring, expansive, and powerful space for healing and transformation. He balances both diligent professionalism with intuitive expertise and heartfelt caring. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sam. You are truly a wizard angel made human and I am blessed to know you!

Sam Was a Very Competent and Adaptive Guide Along My Journey!

Sam was brilliant in every aspect of the BQH session. He spent time getting to know me before the actual session began to get a feel for what we would focus on. Sam’s soothing voice and clear instructions throughout the process made it very easy to relax and go into a deep state. Even when there was a distraction at one point from a neighbour on my end, Sam was able to adapt perfectly using a deepener to help move back into a deeper state. Sam’s intuitive abilities were on point at every stage of the session. I also felt very supported by Sam throughout the journey.

Since the session (a week ago), I’ve noticed I have been able to go deeper within my meditations and more easily access the quantum field and connect with my higher self. I’ve also been focused on integrating all the knowledge from the session that came to the surface and it has helped me be more clear about my direction in life.

Sam demonstrates amazing competence, skill and expertise in BQH and allows for a very worthwhile healing experience! I highly recommend Sam. Thank you.

Life Begins!!!

It is a great privilege to get to know Sam. When Sam came on my path, it was the most logical next step for me to take in my personal and spiritual growth. It started with back and forth messages, in which I was given the space to ask a lot of questions and occasionally show my uncertainty, where Sam always managed to explain everything very clearly and reassure me that it is nothing to be afraid of.

And he was more than right about that. It was a beautiful special adventure to do. Sam takes all the time for you, he is patient, understanding and clear.

Wow, I don’t know where to start to explain exactly what it meant for me. It took a while before I had this testimonial ready. Because I find it difficult to put into words how special this experience was. Sometimes words lack experience.

Still, I will do my best to describe to you what it has meant to me and what you can expect from Sam. First, I had been under hypnosis or in any trance whatsoever. Occasionally I meditate but this is also not a must. It all goes in a beautiful flow and before you know it you are in contact with your subconscious mind / higher self. It has given me as much confirmation as answers. Many questions that you know, deep within the answer, are confirmed (a whole liberation) and answers to questions with which you can make gigantic steps again, it will help your personal / spiritual growth so much. It has brought me a lot, especially that I now know how I can continue, what steps I have to take to experience my most beautiful life. Blockades are lifted. I wouldn’t have been where I am today without Sam. In my marriage, the relationship with my children, the unconditional love for myself. It has brought me something in every area and it has taken me further then that I could have ever dreamed of!

Also, it was a very positive emotional experience, the love you have for yourself, that your higher self has for you, the love you receive for yourself at that moment, you feel it so strong. This experience I can use for the rest of my life because the love I felt for myself. I always know now I am worth to live my most beautiful life!

Sam, once again through this way I would like to thank you very much for this wonderful journey and special experience. That you gave me this opportunity. This is one of the most special experiences in my life so far. Thank you for being you!

Expect the Unexpected…

During my session with Sam, we were able to explore some really cool scenes and encounter new situations for the both of us! Sam is an awesome facilitator who helped me push the boundaries of what I thought was possible. I believe we both left the session with new perspectives. I would totally recommend Sam to guide you through a BQH experience. 🙂

Total Support and Presence!

Sam is truly there for the growth and expansion of humanity. I appreciated the ability he has to understand and navigate his sessions with understanding of the unique perspective of his client. So much gratitude!

Sam is a Caring and Professional Practitioner

I joined his offer on meeting my galactic family through a BQH-session. He informed me with good information up hand, and was very flexible with scheduling our appointment. We had a 30 min zoom-meeting before the induction to connect. I felt safe and secure. Entering the session through his own beautifully written script to take me to meet my star/soul fam gave a sweet opening to travel through my own consciousness. I had some beautiful meetings and reminders. Sam gave me all the time in the world to explore the scenes. I made great healing and connection with the themes I set out to remember. Highly recommended practitioner!

Contact with Higher Self through Past Life Regressions

Following a period of gentle hypnosis techniques, Sam guided me through my exploration of three different unique life times, each one shedding light on a series of queries I had in the Now. I did not have much opportunity to pose direct questions to my higher self, however I explored life times that were most relevant to my enquiries, thus my questions were answered more allegorically. Interestingly, which is often the case with tarot and other divination techniques, I was shown wisdom that was not asked for and other questions were seemingly overlooked. You get what you need, not what you think you want! Classic. Sam is a very clear soul who is 100% attentive and only wants the very best experience for you. I recommend a session with him! He excels as a space holder. You are safe to explore uncharted territory with him.


I had an amazing session with sam..he was very helpful in assisting my visions come to find a reason or point to why i was experiencing them…very kind spirit that I could actually feel through the screen.good vibes..i received alot of self realization and guidence from my amazing session..i recommend anybody to do this with sam!! It helped me immensely…

Excellent Healing

I had a session with Sam earlier this week. It was excellent.

I received a lot of necessary healing, and since then have been walking around significantly lighter.

The session was not spectacular; I did not go to distant star sytems. It did, however, leave me more optimistic and carefree.

Sam knows his craft. I would recommend him.

Healing with Sam!

My session with Sam was beyond amazing and multifaceted! With his calm and warm voice I was able to connect to my guide who provided a gentle alignment of my spine which I’ve been getting treatment once a week for the past 6 months with slow progress. The next day on my chiropractic session my doctor confirmed that my spine was in alignment except for a few vertebrates. Listening to the audio every night has provided inner-standing on why this continues to occur and the proper steps for complete self healing. My session with Sam has also brought me out of a paralyzing space of vulnerability where I now am able to publicly share my experiences and connect with others. I highly recommend him for a session!

Sam Delivers A Brilliant Session

I could feel that Sam was fully engaged and invested in the process from start to finish. Sam is compassionate, wise, and thoughtful in his attention to detail. Sam expertly delivered a very profound and life changing experience for me. All aspects of the session were amazing! I highly recommend Sam to anyone who desires a deeper understanding of themselves on a soul level.

Transmuting the Darkness

Sam is an individual who speaks and connects to you from a place true respect. Each person is beautifully unique in their journey and Sam sees that beauty in you bringing it to the surface in its full glory. there are a lot of ‘healers’ out there in this day and age, Sam is the real deal. I was able to go deep within myself and pull from the experience a true grounded knowing, something that I felt disconnected from. I can out of the experience a changed person and I will always be grateful for the experience I shared. when people ask about my experience and who should they go see I will point them in his direction.

Thanks a Lot Sam!

It was really an amazing session. I was very stressed at the beginning of the session, and Sam’s softness and kindness made me comfortable. I visited 3 other life, human and non human, and it was so relevant – i feel that what i have gained in this session will continue to give more and more with time. It was really something important. And for Sam, he is quite nice and calm, very dedicate to whats happening and to make a great and very transformative session.

Merci Sam x

Amazing Session!

Sam is a very thoughtful and intuitive BQH practitioner. I had a session with Sam a few weeks back with the intention to gain a stronger connection with my high self and trust in it more fully. I had previously only had one past life session, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from Sam as my guide. I had a story in the back of my mind that I tend to “protect myself” and don’t allow myself to go very deep. Sam assured me I’d go deep – and he was absolutely right.

I visited three valuable scenes. All three scenes related either metaphorically or factually about what I was currently experiencing in my life.

Through these scenes I learned to drop the masculine armor I’d been holding onto most of my life. I disconnected with forces that kept me linked to a societal construct that wasn’t serving me. And I came to a greater understanding of how beautiful it is to be on this planet, with all of its polarities, through a scene that demonstrated otherwise.

These insights have brought me a greater understanding and communication with my high self, which was my intention. I highly recommend Sam and his skill as a BQH practitioner.

BQH Session with Sam

My BQH session with Sam turned out to be different for me because of his deep concentration and patience, which gave me a sense of comfort from the start and I knew I was going to be deeply relaxed.

The rhythm of the session continued to be just as much relaxing and he showed no interest in rushing anything, which helped me connect my mind with my heart deeper and articulate what I received without my conscious mind being too much in the way.

Sam gave me the impression of being the kind of practioner who makes the sessions to be all about the client, their healing, their interest and what they need to receive from the session.

It is very important, I think, that the client can feel they can trust the practioner and a lot of that trust comes from the intention of both of them, but mostly it is provided when the client feels that the practioner can hold the space for them to heal themselves, receive guidance and information and so on. I got that feeling from the beginning and did go deep and received lots of relevant information not just to my own questions and but about things that have been going on globally as well.

This is a kind of work that needs to come from the heart. Without honestly having the client’s best interest at heart there won’t be much achievement in helping them heal themselves and get what they need from the session. When you feel that heart connection (of the practioner to his/her work and their interest in holding the space for you) the subconscious feels safe enough to go deep and let go of other thoughts and just relax. That is what I experienced in my session with Sam, and I’m grateful for it.

Awesome Experience

Very interesting and mind-blowing experience. There were lots of downloads of captivating information that can change your whole perspective about everything. Sam was very attentive during the whole session to make sure I get the best experience. I definitely recommend Sam!


Sam was very attentive and focused on getting to know the core needs of the session. He made me feel very relaxed and his soft gentle voice made it easier to fall into a deeper relaxed state. The water alchemy script is very well structured to add to the trance meditative state of mind. Sam took me through three experiences of my current life and also used several dream methods to assist with my deeper connection. He has an experience of quantum healing which reflects itself in his session.I felt very at peace with myself after the quantum healing, addressing issues from various past experiences and accepting them.Anyone would feel flourished and fulfilled with wisdom from one of Sam’s BQH sessions. Why not try it out? Well worth it, without a doubt! Many thanks Sam. Blessings and light. Tricia xo

A Blessing

Sam and I talked for nearly an hour before we began, which was so helpful b/c I felt very comfortable even tho we’d never met before … and this was my first BQH session! He began by guiding me to create an intention for our session, and this was powerful for me. Sam created an intention for me from the notes and questions I’d sent ahead to him, but he also offered several others that had worked well for others. I chose one of those, as it felt absolutely wonderful. Then Sam lead me into 3 past lives — they rolled out very comfortably, and even when I felt the stress of going into the unknown, his steadiness supported me. I learned a lot from each of the lives, and could see some beautiful connections between the three lives I was shown. I met my guides, we asked the SC some questions, and they gave some terrific answers, and then afterwards, Sam sent me some YouTubes to support me in remembering my dreams. All in all, it was the session of a lifetime. Very beautiful and full of light. Thank you Sam!

Results Far Beyond Expectations

Going into the session I expected perhaps your run of the mill guided meditation. To be honest, I was stressed, downright pessimistic. Then as we progressed I noticed that this would be much more potent than I’d previously imagined. Sam guided me through several different phases and then successfully walked me through three clear visions of two past lives and a vision of possibilities in the future, should I successfully integrate this energy.

Having finished the therapy, to say I felt like a new person, would be an understatement. As cliché as that may read on text. As someone who is by no means, new to the idea of guided meditations and past lives, this was a truly unique experience that I doubt I would have found elsewhere.

I certainly look forward to working with Sam again, in the future.

Sam is An Angel

The universe really brought us together . Sam is a sweetheart . Genuine in what he does . He took me to another level . Unfold more . the experienced i had was really amazing ! Beyond ,amazing ! Truly ! Thank you ! Much love & light to you .

Lots of Gratitude to Sam

I wasn’t feeling well about myself and my path in life for a while. I had issues with low self-esteem and anxiety. Then, a friend recommended that I have a healing session with Sam. At first, I didn’t know what to expect, and I was a bit nervous, but when I sat down with him we had a comforting chat and connected really well. His energy and his voice put me at ease and into a trancelike state… the session itself lasted 3 hours but I didn’t feel tired at all. After the session I was immediately calm and tranquil. Since this session I’ve stopped associating with my suffering and started feeling pure and simple joy for the first time in a long time. Since then, lots of good things have been happening in my life, I feel more confident, and I started seeing a purpose in my life. I’m very grateful for Sam and I highly recommend him to anyone.

Unshakeable Knowing

Before I connected with Sam to receive his guided tour of my higher self, I was feeling stuck.

I had been doing years of personal development in an attempt to heal from past traumas and assemble the pieces of my broken self.

I had reached a point where my progress seemed to have halted, and I felt stuck. I found myself somewhat alarmed and began searching for something to regain the momentum of my growth I had been experiencing. Taking in any teachings I could find in order to get back on track, I quickly found myself overwhelmed, pulled in too many directions.

Falling back to what I had learned during my healing journey, I sat patiently in meditation coming back to the knowing that I was exactly where I needed to be.

In the comfort and peace of that knowing, I began getting a very strong sense that I was on the brink of a massive transformation and that what I needed in the meantime was rest. I find it difficult to find the words to describe the feeling of that knowing that everything is working out and to trust that the next step in my growth is to relax. The best I can find is trust, or faith, a crystal clear unshakable knowing.

A short few weeks after fully committing to relaxing, I ran into Sam in perfect synchronicity. And knew immediately that what he was offering, to connect deeper with my higher self, was precisely what I had been preparing for.

In the months since my session with Sam, I’ve been able to process my experience during that session.

I had previously been focused on actively healing the pain of my past, as my growth. During my session, I was assured that this portion of my journey was complete and my focus was better placed elsewhere. That I was to begin setting aside limiting beliefs and begin focusing on my desires, my excitement, my creative passion.

I’m so grateful to share, that having practiced focusing on what feels good, what excites me, has lead me back to and excitement and enthusiasm for life.

I’m very visual, so to explain with greater clarity. I feel as though I have not only recognized, but opened the door and stepped out from the prison of old limiting beliefs. I’ve stepped out into an expanding world full of excitement, inspiration, and adventure. Where the prison once sheltered my comfort, I am now experiencing the belonging in the unfolding of the world before me. Guided by my intuition which I am quickly learning to trust unconditionally.

I’ve discovered that I’m addicted to this expanded version of me, and I cannot go back.

Thank you Sam, for introducing me to myself.

I know very deeply that everyone has their own path, and pace at which they integrate the lessons they learn, so please don’t take my unfolding as a benchmark.

If you find yourself looking for something that seems missing, or feeling stuck or off your path.

If you’ve done a lot of the self work, self connection, and still find yourself seeking something else. That one thing that you can rely upon as your unshakable guidance.

Then perhaps Sam can introduce you to yourself, or whatever your next step may be.

Much love.

Great Session

This session with Sam has had huge impact on my life. It gave me a new perceptive on my life and enabled me to see the big picture.

I feel more at ease with my decision making, emotion managing, experience intaking.

Sam is a wonderful guide and listener.

Soul line healing is an amazing tool to get a better understanding of your life experience and is a must to bring it to the next level.

Thank you so much for guiding me through.

Amazing Session! New Life has started!

Sam is an unique gifted practitioner. I had BQH/SOUL LINE Session and His session helped me to move forward my life from old to new! I felt the difference a few days later! Highly recommended to everyone!

Galactic Regression Sessions (BQH)

Connecting to my Soul Lineage – Galactic Regression Session

This session was so deeply powerful! Since experiencing it, I have been able to tap into my soul in a much deeper way. I feel connected to my soul’s mission on earth and was able to realize many more of my intuitive gifts.

I was able to connect to my dragon lineage and connect to the creative and protective energies and secret wisdom they hold. I now frequently work with the dragon energies and support others to connect to their powerful wisdom and gifts. I received the codes of where dragon meets dove to create a new experience of peace on earth. I was able to travel to a water planet that I have a deep connection with and learn universal wisdom about the essence of water and how it is connected across the galaxy. This sparked a deep remembrance of my connection to water, which has led me to pursue water priestess training! I also learned so much about my soul’s mission and unique gifts by exploring a planet that is connected to the galactic federation of light. After I made my journey, I was connected to the healing energy of universal source. It felt like receiving a direct download of light into my body while also experience profound healing on all levels. It was one of the most beautiful felt sense experiences of my life.

Sam is genuinely incredible and is able to act as such a powerful channel and guide through these sessions. Both sessions I’ve had with him have been absolutely life-changing and are special moments that I will always remember. You enter a special space in Sam’s session where there is no time and you can connect deeply to your soul and literally explore the galaxy!

For anyone wanting to connect more deeply to their multi-dimensional self, soul-lineage, the star nations, and other realms/universes, I highly recommend this. The insight, cosmic downloads, and felt-sense experience of your soul’s truth is a palpable, powerful healing experience that can provide so much clarity and transformation. Thank you Sam!

Galactic Regression

I had a beautiful Galactic Regression session with Sam, definitely recommend to try it out. This session gave me more deeper insight in my Galactic heritage background and exploration into what my other parts of myself are busy with at the moment. I got to see some things which was a real surprise for me, but I understand that it was very important info for me to receive and acknowledge in my current life. At the end there was very nice and fulfilling healing, I felt so relaxed, connected and filled with golden energy after this session. Thank you to Sam for a beautiful session! 

Great Galactic Session

Sam has a very calming and relaxing energy that greatly supports quantum healing sessions. He listens really well and is patient and skilled at what he does. I had a great galactic session with him where I was able to see, feel and understand more about where I came from and why I’m here. It felt personally tailored to my questions and what I was looking to experience, which is unique and why he has such great results. Highly recommend!

Galactic Regression Review

This was an amazing Journey! I really felt that something deep inside me changed and I got so much healing from the session. A lot of emotions came up after the session and I was able to use healing techniques that I learnt during the session to clear them. I still feel that I have a lot more to learn just by listening to the recording of the session. I highly recommend Sam as a practitioner and his Galactic Regression sessions.

Galactic Regression

Sam was very thoughtful and attentive with his attention during our session. The session was very insightful and had an overall healing effect to the pain in my legs.

Expect the unexpected…

During my session with Sam, we were able to explore some really cool scenes and encounter new situations for the both of us! Sam is an awesome facilitator who helped me push the boundaries of what I thought was possible. I believe we both left the session with new perspectives. I would totally recommend Sam to guide you through a BQH experience. 🙂

Galactic Regression

I recently had a Galactic Regression BQH session with Sam, and it was amazing!

He is very open and genuine. We spoke quite a bit prior to the session, and I felt very comfortable expressing my feelings on what is happening in my life at the moment. He was very kind and gentle allowing me space to open up.

Prior to the session, I had mentioned that I was into crystals, as I had majored in Geology, so he took the opportunity to integrate that into the session with Moldavite on my third eye towards the end. This was a very powerful method!! He has great intuition!

We also spoke about my Dragon guide that I’ve been experiencing for a few years now. So, while I was getting a healing during the session, and as my crown chakra was already healing me, he called in my Dragon energy. Again, what a profound experience! So much so, that he mentioned afterwards the he felt this energy come over him too!!

This gave me so much more confidence to connect to my Dragon guide to dissipate issues I am having.

I’ve been integrating the experience into my life and I’ve been having great realizations, messages, and awareness coming in the past 5 days!

I highly recommend receiving a Galactic Regression session from Sam!!

You’ll be very happy with your experience!

Thank You So Much Sam!!

Galaxy Explorer

Sam is a gentle soul and an explorer of the galaxies. I immediately traveled to another dimension, increasing my “light” quotient, which coincidentally caused his computer to crash behind the scenes. He continued to guide me through a beautiful journey on a spacecraft with Octopuses and beautiful healing with the crystal beings. It was a fantastic experience. Thank you, Sam!

Galactic Session

Sam is a very talented healer. My session with him was flowing and felt very relaxed. He guided me through the session and I received answers I needed. Great session.

Interesting Intergalactic Journey

I was thrilled with my hypnotic intergalactic journey! Sam guided the session with calmness and expertise and I got to understand my star origin and to receive lots of informations about crystals and grids. I would definitely recommend Sam for hypnotherapy experience! Thank you!

Amazing Cosmic Origins Session!

My session with Sam was incredible. My intention was to explore my cosmic origins, dive deeper into my mission on Earth, get a clearer understanding of who my guides are that I’m working with in my own sessions, as a BQH practitioner. Sam is a very patient and gentle guide. He made the entire experience so peaceful, relaxing, and easy-flowing. My entire journey was so vivid and I could physically FEEL my energetic body expanding and radiating throughout my entire session, as I was connecting to this information. His unique process took me through three separate scenes, where I was given information about the questions I had. In the first scene, I met one of my guides, who gave the me a beautiful gift that I integrated within my heart. In the second scene, I was shown my higher self right before incarnating on Earth, and given information about my specific mission that I have signed up for. In the third scene, I was shown a past life, where I had mastered energy work as a light-hearted wizard. I got to see how I helped people heal with this energy and as I witnessed this, I suddenly had a major insight about part of my mission on Earth, which is to teach children across the planet how to work with their own energy bodies in order to heal and empower themselves. This was a major breakthrough for me, as I’ve been trying to figure out how I am meant to help the children of Earth for some time now. I am still in awe at how beautiful and insightful this session was. I expected to have some fun exploration, but I did not expect to have such a profound understanding of who I am on a much deeper level. I feel like I have integrated that Wizard and I am so excited to apply what I’ve learned to my sessions and to my life, moving forward.

An Amazing Journey into My Galactic Heritage!

I had a BQH session with Sam online via Zoom. It was the first time I had done this kind of work online rather in person so was curious to see if it would work and that I would be able to reach the same depth of hypnosis I have experienced in two previous Life Between Life Sessions.

I felt it worked just as well – even though I had to go to the loo part way through. Sam was professional yet very empathic, gentle and kind throughout. I felt totally at ease, relaxed and in good hands.

As a fairly new BQH practitioner myself it was good to be on the receiving end of this fabulous modality. It has helped me gain confidence that I will be able to work online in the near future.

As for the session itself my intention was to explore my Celestial/Galactic heritage as I had been shown glimpses in meditation and wanted to know how the jigsaw pieces fitted together.

I wasn’t disappointed with my experience! Sam was really great at asking the right questions and leading me towards finding answers and revealing gifts I have had in previous lives/dimensions that I am utilizing in this life. It helped make sense of my job on Earth which is really important during these chaotic times of change. I know now where I am of most use and service.

I went to an off world planet where I helped heal Souls traumatized from their physical incarnations. Then I was shown my place in a Pleiadian Council of 9 in an Ambassador role with the Galactic Federation of Light and finally shown just how far back I have been involved in life on the Earth. All these lives showed me key insights to both my gifts and challenges during this incarnation and how best be of service moving forward in this time of ascension.

I highly recommend Sam as a facilitator and BQH practitioner.

Thank you for an amazing experience on so many levels

Much love to all

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