Unity Consciousness: Awakening on the Road to 5D Earth

Sam Boomer


A pathway lined with trees, flowers, and crystals leading to a 5d earth, representing the spiritual journey towards Unity Consciousness.

Unity Consciousness.

It’s what we’re all aiming for in this current physical expression. It’s not the be-all and end-all. There are many more levels for us to ascend.

But it does represent a quantum leap in the evolution of our consciousness in this moment.

At present, our perception is limited by our physical 3D senses. We can’t see, hear or interact with anything that is beyond what is immediately in front of us.

At least not without great effort.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything there. Our sight and hearing only operate within the narrowest bandwidth of frequency. And so, too, does our consciousness.

Not only that, it’s limited by current inhibitions caused by our belief systems.

Unity Consciousness will occur when the veil finally drops, and we can experience a whole new layer of our existence.

We aren’t meant to live forever in these physical bodies. They’re just vehicles for experience.

There is a whole new world for us to discover beyond what we can even imagine…

The Veil of Duality Consciousness and Breaking the Program

Ethereal landscape divided in half with stormy skies and golden light.

We currently live in a world of duality. It informs all of how we view the world. It helps us find meaning and reference for our experiences. But on the conscious level, it places a severe handicap on the ability to perceive. We’re beings of unlimited potential. Yet, we think in a dualistic model that creates extremes of polarity. It makes it impossible for us to comprehend the vastness of creation. We can’t always place concepts on opposite sides of the spectrum – even on a sliding scale. That is the great flaw of Duality Consciousness. It’s what keeps us locked in the 3D matrix.

And it’s this mindset that keeps us in servitude to a system that’s designed to suppress us at every turn. Duality Consciousness is what causes us to become polarised. It creates the archetypal response of fight or flight. Everything has a clear definition. And because of this, it leads to fear and judgment. The great challenge of the 3rd density is to transcend this dualistic thinking. It functions as a tool for objective reasoning and choice. But that objectivity often bleeds over into our emotional thought constructs, leading to mind trails damaging ourselves and others.

The Nature of Multi-Dimensional Reality and Infinite Existence

For both duality and unity consciousness to exist, we must live in a multi-dimensional reality. The expression of consciousness is unique. You can’t have two levels of consciousness operating within one sphere of existence. It’s not so much a law but an overarching theme.

These different aspects of consciousness form the basis of our multi-dimensional reality. Because that is the true nature of our existence. The physicality we experience is only an illusion, and consciousness is what defines how we interact with the dimension we reside in at present.

In total, there are 12 dimensions, each with their own unique characteristics. They exist as levels for us to ascend to by raising our vibration to become a match for the frequency they operate on. You wouldn’t normally do this by yourself unless you’re an extraordinary soul. The common route is for collectives to raise themselves up and ascend as a race or species.

This is how we continue on our path of evolution. It isn’t through taking on new physical traits to adapt to our environment. True evolution is the evolution of consciousness. Our true form is spirit. It is only in the lower dimensions that we’re forced to incarnate into physical bodies.

Why Unity Consciousness is More than Just Another “Empty Spiritual Concept”

We currently live with the belief that we are separate from each other. And in many ways, we are. There are clearly defined boundaries where I end and you begin in the physical sense. But that doesn’t take into account the totality of our being.

Unity Consciousness is an accompaniment to the Law of One. We all hail from the same source of creation. We were all birthed from the same universal creator. We’re all aspects of the same whole. It’s only because we have chosen this objective experience as a physical being that we view ourselves as being separate.

The reality is that ‘We Are All One.’ It’s a universal teaching that has been repeated throughout countless religious, mystical and spiritual schools for generations. That is what unity consciousness is referring to, but the experience is beyond our current understanding at this moment.

Unity Consciousness isn’t just a concept. It’s a state of being that we must attain through our own personal development and inner work as a collective. It’s the reason we’re pursuing the ascension to 5D. We can only imagine what Unity Consciousness means here in the third density. Until we ascend, we can’t truly feel the enormity of what it means to be connected with one another.

When we attain this state of consciousness, there will no longer be any form of karma holding us back. Unity Consciousness is the embodiment of pure unconditional love. There is nothing that can exist on its frequency that isn’t a match for its vibratory level. It is the beginning of a quantum leap in our evolution as souls.

The 12 Dimensions of Consciousness: What We Know So Far…

Most people, aside from a few highly adept psychics and akashic records readers can tell you the nature of all 12 dimensions of consciousness. And that’s because the information is so far beyond our limited understanding. That is the nature of consciousness. For the most part, we simply can’t wrap our heads around concepts we have no grounding in, although we can make educated guesses based on the anecdotal evidence available. Most people universally agree on the nature of dimensions 1-5. When we reach dimensions 6-12, things become a little more ambiguous.

  • 1st Dimension: This is commonly known as the mineral kingdom. It’s where all life begins its journey as a soul. Here is where you begin the journey of physicality and become acquainted with life in a semi-incarnate form.
  • 2nd Dimension: The second dimension is of the plant and lower animal kingdom that operate under a shared or collective consciousness. There is feeling and emotions on these plain. But there isn’t yet an individuated sense of identity.
  • 3rd Dimension: This is where we reside at our current level of awareness. The beings that inhabit the 3rd dimension include all humans and animal life that have individuated consciousness, such as our pets.
  • 4th Dimension: This is sometimes better known as the astral world. We already have access to this dimension through our astral/dreaming body. It is a place where time operates differently from our 3rd dimension and is more open to direct manifestation.
  • 5th Dimension: The fifth is where you experience full Unity Consciousness. Here, there is no separation from one another. There is still the individual self, but there is the dissolution of all boundaries. We operate under a shared reality construct free of secrets.
  • 6th Dimension: This is the first of the dimensions where there is no longer a need for a physical. Souls here will often choose to travel as light bodies in their pure form. In the sixth, you have an even greater connectedness with the worlds you’re inhabiting.
  • 7th Dimension: Those of this density usually take up the role of custodians of other worlds. They take on the responsibility of nurturing consciousness as teachers. Time here exists as a totality. It is happening concurrently with itself, and all possibilities are open.
  • 8th Dimension: The eighth dimension is possibly the most mysterious. There doesn’t appear to be much contact or channelled information from beings at this level. It’s assumed that physical bodies are still in use.
  • 9th Dimension: This level is characterised by planetary and solar (star) consciousness. At this level, groups of soul families are able to form huge collectives to create a planetary consciousness which can invite life to come and reside on its surface.
  • 10th Dimension: The tenth dimension represents the galactic level. Here, groups of soul families will come together in a similar way to the 9th to become a prime galactic creator. They’ll do so by creating soul contracts with one another and will then be able to invite other life forms to come and inhabit their newly formed galaxy.
  • 11th Dimension: Once you have attained this level of consciousness, it’s said you’re able to become a being capable of creating your own universe. There are only 18 universes in existence compared to the trillions of galaxies in our own, making this a rare level of consciousness.
  • 12th Dimension: This is the current plateau for souls. Once this level had been reached, there is no further attainment until recently. It would have seen a soul merge with source consciousness from where it came. However, new information is claiming that a 13th dimension is currently being created.

How Do You Achieve Unity Consciousness (And Become a Citizen of New Earth?)

A man reads a book while a cosmic earth and planets circle in the background.

Creating any kind of shift in your awareness involves raising your vibration. It’s an immutable law of the universe. To ascend to the higher dimensions, you must become a match for its frequency. The fundamental way of doing this is through being of service to others. It’s the quickest way you can establish a practice of spiritual development with the end of goal ascension.

You don’t need to adhere to a doctrine of any scriptures to make this happen. Basic goodness isn’t bound by condition. If you’re doing the work, it will be felt with your field. You’ll accumulate this positive energy, and over the course of many lifetimes, will raise your frequency enough to make the next jump in your evolution. It’s a long road. One that takes hundreds and thousands of lifetimes. But it’s all coming to climax – right here, right now…

Unity Consciousness, above all, is about the emanation of love – both towards yourself and the collective. It is the law of this dimension. It’s what we’re here to learn. And the sooner we can embody that feeling in full personal power and authenticity, the sooner we’ll make the jump to the next level of our soul’s journey.

Why Being on Earth to Experience Unity Consciousness is Such a Privilege

A hand holds a globe with a forest world inside.

We’re all on the path towards ascension. It’s an unavoidable event. And the only thing that will be different for some of us is the speed at which it takes place. We’re all on our own path of awakening.

The ascension to 5D is what we’ve all come to this Earth to experience. It’s the party that every soul wants to be a part of, so you should know that just by being here, you’re in an incredibly privileged position. There are souls queueing up to experience ‘the event.’

Once it does arrive in the coming years – claiming any sort of timeframe here would be foolish – it will mark an acceleration in our evolution which hasn’t been seen in our recorded history. It will change everything for us overnight.

There will be no more war, poverty or oppression of any kind. We’ll exist in a utopian society. You may think this is a far stretch given where we’re at now in the current climate in our world. But things are changing at a rapid rate.

Old ways of thinking are being made redundant, and we’re constantly revising what it means to interact with one another in a more progressive manner.

We want to treat each other with more respect, and we’re no longer falling for the false flags and social manipulation that’s designed to create schisms between us.

The old paradigm of ruling by divide and conquer tactics is nearing its end.

The frequency of love is emanating more greatly within us all with each passing year.

It’s the language that we were born to speak and that we are only now just rediscovering how to express in all its beauty.

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