What is 5D Earth and How Do You Get There?

Ascension to 5d and the transition to the new Earth is inevitable.

It’s an unstoppable cosmic event that’s going to happen whether you’re conscious of it or not. The times we’re going through on this planet is one of immense change. And make no mistake, a revolution is coming. You can feel it in the air – there’s a quickening that’s leading us towards a new frontier.

But what is 5d?

How do we even begin to grasp a concept that most people doubt is real and virtually no one alive has conscious experience of?

The 5d Earth is of a much higher frequency than we’re used to in the 3rd dimension. It is a place that’s free of the pitfalls, keeping us rooted in our limiting beliefs. The 5D experience, by contrast, is one of pure joy and unlimited potential.

Our Earth was originally conceived as a 7th-dimensional seed planet intended to spread life throughout the galaxy and the universe. But over the past 50 million years of linear time, its life force has been co-opted by malevolent beings, attempting to co-opt the ascension process for their own agenda.

Because of this, the Earth has taken a massive hit. It’s been forced to descend into much lower densities than it was ever meant to occupy – all way down the 3d expression we’re in now.


The resonant frequency of the planet is rising once again, along with the Collective Consciousness of humanity.

There have been several false dawns when ascension could have happened in our recent past. But this time is different. Many of the incarnate beings responsible for the systems of control are being forced out.

And because of that, the shift to 5d is almost upon us.

How Many Spiritual Dimensions are There?

How Many Spiritual Dimensions are there?

In total, there 12 dimensions in existence with a 13th currently in development to accommodate the souls who’ve progressed so far, they’ve plateaued and need a new frontier to explore.

Although we’re aware of the existence of these higher dimensions of Consciousness, very little is known about how they operate.

Many people claim to have contact with guides and soul family from these planes, but how they operate is a mystery.

It is beyond our level of 3d comprehension. We don’t have the points of reference to understand the intangible nature of their reality construct.

At present, it’s hard enough to accurately portray 5D Consciousness, let alone anything above that…

3D, 4D & 5D: How Are They Different?

Each dimension has its own particular theme that must be understood before a soul/collective consciousness of souls can ascend to the next level. The ones we’re most familiar with are 3d, 4d, and 5d. But assuming you’re unfamiliar with the concept, how do they differ from one another? 

3rd Dimension – The Realm of Pleasure

3rd Dimension – The Realm of Pleasure

The 3rd-dimensional experience we’re currently in is a necessary part of our development as souls.

It’s a challenge to incarnate into these human bodies from the spirit world. The weight of emotions we have to deal with can be too much for some to handle. But the rewards for testing yourself in this way are great.

Believe it or not, it’s a learning experience that many are queueing up to have themselves.

The 3d Earth is a rare planet of incredible beauty, and many choose to come here for recreational as well as educational purposes. The problem we face is the systemic corruption that has engulfed the planet.

At present, the Earth we inhabit is not a free world and does not enjoy the same utopian lifestyle that other liberated planets do. We still have our free will. But it’s been weaponised to create a normalcy around the culture of inequality.

We’re species unified by our thirst for pleasure at the expense of one another. But only because we’re playing someone else’s game.

Fortunately, the collective is becoming more aware of its position as subordinate to a system that does not care for us.

There is a mass awakening taking place on the planet right now. And the push for true sovereign rights and the freedom that comes with it is being fought for by an increasing number of souls.

It might not appear so from where you’re standing. But humanity is waking up to its birthright as a species. We’re not meant to be living in fear, from paycheck to paycheck. We’re infinite beings capable of acts of unconditional loving-kindness.

4th Dimension – The Realm of Time

4th Dimension – The Realm of Time

The 4th dimension is often referred to as the Astral Plane.

It is characterised by a shift in the way times flows and how you’re able to interact with it. 4D is very much like a dream dimension.

It still retains much of the physicalness of the 3rd dimension below it, but is more ethereal. And because of this, it’s much more responsive to our conscious intent.

In much the same way you’re able to control the flow of a dream, you can use your thoughts to shape your reality in the 4th dimension. That doesn’t mean you can manifest at will and perform what might be thought of as magic in our 3d reality.

But it is a much more co-creative plane of Consciousness than we’re currently used to in the 3rd density.

It is, in fact, this fourth 4th dimension/astral plane that our Consciousness travels to during our Dreamtime state of awareness.

But although this plane of existence might seem idyllic, and it does offer some incredible experiences, it is not the place of fantasy you might think.

The 4th dimension is still very much a place of duality consciousness, meaning there are both light and dark beings that reside there.

For every ten people that have reported have a transcendent experience in the astral, they will be at least one who’s endured a negative encounter.

And if you asked a group of seasoned astral travellers, almost all will have experienced something undesirable while out of the body. The 4th dimension is not our final destination.

5th Dimension: The Realm of Unconditional Love

5th Dimension: The Realm of Unconditional Love

The 5th dimension is a place of pure love.

There is nothing that can exist within its vibratory frequency that isn’t a signature match for it.

In short, that means when we integrate fully with 5th-dimensional Consciousness and the 5d Earth, we will not encounter the same malevolent beings attempting to co-opt the planet for its own ends.

It’s impossible.

It’s light personified as a tangible experience.

When we eventually go through the ascension process, we become a part of what is called unity consciousness. It’s the state of oneness we experience as disincarnate souls before we arrive on Earth.

You’ll remember exactly where you came from, and experience the connection with source consciousness that you have interpreted as the need to return ‘home’ for so long.

The 5d Earth experience will be many times more potent on a spiritual level than anything you have ever known on the 4th dimension/astral plane.

Your body will be lighter, and there will be a complete absence of fear.

You’ll be acting directly from the wisdom of your Higher Self and will have full integration with your light body. It will be such a radical departure from our 3rd density that you may no longer even need to use a physical body – some may choose to abstain from food.

But regardless of the variables, it will bring about a complete paradigm shift.

It will create a whole new layer of understanding of how it is possible to live as fully awakened spiritual beings. It is inevitable we will reach this state of Consciousness. 

The Real Truth About Ascension to 5D Consciousness

The Real Truth About Ascension to 5D Consciousness

The ascension process is a cyclical event that takes place when the Consciousness of a planet/species has reached a tipping point, which forces an evolutionary jump. We are very much on the precipice of this right now. But there is still some way to go before it arrives.

So how do we speed up this process? How do we get to the 5d Earth?

It’s a collective as well as an individual effort.

The ascension to 5d is one that requires our conscious effort. It involves us doing the inner work and being consistent with an attitude of service to others as well as raising our own vibration.

But it will come – in its own time.

If you’re desperate to experience the new Earth energy and want nothing more than to leave these dense 3rd-dimensional energies behind, I’m with you all the way.

I want it, too.

But the whole point of being on a journey is the journey itself. The 5d Earth will undoubtedly be incredible. But even that isn’t the end.

There are even higher dimensions of Consciousness as we hit on before.

The path of ascension is infinite.

They’ll always be a bigger, better experience. So don’t get too hung up about when or how it’s going to happen. Just know that it is, and continue with your daily practises.

You’ll see the changes manifest all in good time. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to the 3d trap of instant gratification and spiritual materialism. Enjoy the ride!

What is 5D And What Does It Mean to Live in the 5th Dimension?

What Does It Mean to Live the 5D Experience?

Some people speculate on what the 5d experience actually means. You’d be inclined to think it’s a place and that at some point in our future, we’ll enter it as a place called the 5th dimension. Others state the ascension to 5d is a consciousness revolution – an increase of awareness that doesn’t necessarily change our physical perception or experience of reality.

I actually believe there’s room for both ideas to co-exist with one another, which is, in fact, the true nature of the experience.

We’re already going through the shift from 3d to 5d. It is happening right now.

The Consciousness of the planet is elevating. And as a collective, our vibratory frequency is raising – there’s no denying it. The Schuman Resonance Frequency that measures the magnetic field of the Earth has increased dramatically in recent years.

Yet, we’re still on the same Earth…

But not quite…

We’re very much in the 3.5D phase now and are entering the final stage of ascension.

The reason we haven’t made the physical crossover into the 5th dimension is that we haven’t reached the tipping point of Consciousness needed for us to enter the 5th dimension both individually and collectively.

The jump to unity consciousness isn’t quite possible at our current level of awareness.

But that change is coming.

The consciousness revolution is well underway, and once it has reached its peak, it will push us over the threshold and create a quantum leap of expanded awareness. That is when we will truly make the shift to 5d and gain full understanding of the 5th dimension.

The ascension to 5d is a state of mind as much as it is a destination.

And the collective rise in Consciousness is our ticket to the promised land.

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