What is Your Heart Space and Why is it Important?

Sam Boomer


A spiritual being with his heart glowing symbolising the question, what is your heart space.

You’ve probably heard your Heart-Space referenced many times by now.

It often makes sense when you hear it in context, but try and give it a definition of its own, and you become a little lost.

And there’s a reason for that…

It isn’t a singular concept, place, or experience. It’s all of those things in much the same way that mindfulness is not just the act of sitting in a meditative posture with your thoughts.

You can live an active life of mindfulness because it’s a lifestyle as much as it is an activity – you can bring that attitude to anything you choose. You can wash dishes – mindfully.

The distinction between the different facets of heart space isn’t as easy to make. It covers a lot of ground, relating to several concepts that don’t have an obvious connection.

So is what your heart space in all its guises, and why is it so important?

Your I AM Heart Space Presence

You may already be familiar with your I AM Presence.

If you’ve read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or used any of the out-loud manifestation techniques – affirmations – you’ll know the most effective ones begin with ‘I AM.’

It’s a subtle way of programming yourself to receive and/or become more capable of doing what you currently believe you don’t have or can’t do.

Your “I AM” Presence works on several levels: the body, the mental, and the spiritual.

Here’s where your heart – and more specifically, your heart space – figures into the equation.

A shell layer surrounds your heart called the pericardium, which is responsible for its protection and is made up of a fibrous and fluid sac. This pericardial fluid is essentially water.

And as you may be aware of the experiments of Dr Emoto, water is programmable.

You can infuse it with your conscious intent.

It is the most basic form of spiritual alchemy you can begin practicing right away, all by focusing your intentions on your heart.

The second layer of your I AM Presence is your mental level of awareness.

When you affirm to yourself that you’re grateful for a particular object, person, or circumstance being present in your life. Again, you make these affirmations in the form “I AM.” So, every affirmation you make would begin with the following:

I am grateful for […]

If whatever you’re expressing gratitude for isn’t in your field, it creates a form of cognitive dissonance.

The mind hears one thing, but your experience doesn’t match.

A form of ‘self-correcting’ then takes place in which your subconscious helps manifest the experiences you’re affirming with your conscious thought, so your inner and outer reality become a match for one another.

Your heart space is ultimately a part of any manifestation you’ve ever attempted. It is a vital part of the process.

Where Does Your Heart Space Fit into Your Inner Being?

Man lies down on a field of flowers with a charged heart floating above him.

This is the non-physical part of you. It is your beingness. Your life-essence flow.

It is the totality of your unseen self and the link back to the non-physical realm you existed in before entering this life – that you revisit during your Dreamtime state of consciousness.

Your heart space is very much a part of this terrain, along with your ego, your mental self, your higher self, your inner child and shadow, and your chakra system.

It is an aspect of the wider whole that makes up your complete spiritual body, and like the other parts of your non-physical beingness, it requires your self-nurture.

You act from your Heart Space when you’re in alignment with yourself – it’s your literal and spiritual centre, physically and energetically speaking. This is your heart chakra – located in the centre of your chest.

You’ll feel this part of your being expand and contract whenever you’re making decisions that are either in alignment with or do not reflect your best interests.

When you’re acting in line with your values, that is what you would call being heart-spaced or taking heart-spaced action.

Because all wisdom is rooted in love, and all love is heart-spaced.

When you act in that loving manner, it is through your heart-spaced knowingness, and when you turn that intent towards others, you act from your heart-spaced awareness.

Why Your Heart Space Is the Key to Your Spiritual Growth

A man sitting in a forest meditating with a glowing heart space.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘Follow your heart?’

It’s a huge cliché and doesn’t sit well in today’s vernacular. It’s at best archaic and, at worst, on the cringey side. But it’s a cliché for a reason – there’s a lot of truth in it.

Following your heart is a relic of 1950s Hollywood – all romanticism and flights of fancy.

But from a practical – and spiritual – perspective, if everyone alive at this moment were to do nothing more than to act in heart-spaced knowingness and awareness – if all actions were from the heart, a paradigm shift of consciousness would take place overnight.

The idea of following your heart is to act in love, so if all your actions came through following your heart’s lead, there would be no more deceit or descent, revenge or resentment.

It’s the highest frequency you can operate on.

And all roads lead back to love and to your Heart-Space.

Love is the highest vibrational frequency there is; it is the experience of this 3D matrix we’re on at this present moment. Love is the language of our spiritual selves that we communicate through our heart-spaced actions.

Living a Heart-Spaced Life

But what is spiritual knowledge without application?

That should always be the thrust of all spiritual teachings. What value can you add to your life and the lives of others with this information?

You need to remember the reasons why you got onto this journey in the first place.

It was for yourself, first and foremost. You most likely got on this spiritual path because there was something missing – some element lacking.

Self-Love. Self-Nurture and Self-Esteem.

At least one of these probably applied – and possibly still apply – to your state of being before you got involved in spirituality.

But how many of these practices do you engage with on a daily basis?

How often do you take the time to do something that is genuinely self-loving? Self-nurturing? Something that builds your esteem?

It’s where the rubber hits the road. Your daily spiritual practice – nurturing yourself relentlessly. 

Forget fried food and piles of stodge. This is the real Soul Food!

Be honest, how much attention do you actually pay to your heart? What practices do you engage in that strengthen the connection between your conscious mind and that physical part of your inner being?

Giving to and being of service to others is great, but if you’re running on empty, what exactly are you offering? You need to fill your own cup before you start trying to top anyone else’s up.

The Most Effective Way to Create an Unbreakable Connection with Your Heart Space

A person meditating in a field with an unbreakable heart space.

I’m going to share something with you now, and I’ll be straight – it’s not my teaching.

But it’s so effective. it can’t not be shared…

It was created by a spiritual teacher by the name of Matt Kahn. Maybe you’re already familiar with his materials? If not, you should check him out.

The teaching is loving your own heart, or as he calls it, whatever arises, love that.

It’s a simple exercise.

You sit comfortably or lie down if you prefer, place your right hand over your heart, and recite silent ‘I love you’s’ over and over.

You do this for ten minutes – or longer – out of your day, every day.

Do this consistently, and you’ll feel a shift begin to take place in life very quickly.

Sharing the teachings of others is something of a grey area. I think they’re meant to be shared; that is their intended purpose. But I try to steer clear of it, as I feel it’s wrong to take ownership of someone else’s material.

So, I share this with you, giving full credit to the creator.

It’s an incredible teaching that has made such a difference in my life and is the purest and most direct way of connecting with your own heart space. Trying to reinterpret it would mean losing the essence of what makes it work.

Say it, or think it with as much conscious intent as you can.

It is basically a three-word prayer to yourself. But bear in mind prayer is more than just the unconscious repetition of words. It is the feeling you put behind those words.

You have to embody the feeling of love and project it to your heart space, compounding the effect of giving love back from your heart with true authenticity.

But you do this without expectation because the act of love is its own reward.

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